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realistic bondage-fiction/non-fiction
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Name: Mr Pantyhose bondage
e-mail: My Andrea
Comments:My story goes like this I have a very serious pantyhose
fetish but not just any hose they must have reinforced toes!
I am also very much into strict bondage and drooling

I was in college and dating this girl an upper class type
parents gave her all she asked for.
I come from and am a working class guy with a bad boy image
I have a lot of tattoos and play in a punk band.

Andrea and I met in a lecture class at first I could tell
she was very nervous sitting next to me, I could see her
staring at my Tats.
I noticed her though she had on a nice skirt and light tan
colored hose and flats her perfume smelled so good she is
about 5ft 8in and around 135 pounds perfect body and short
brown hair she looked like a business woman.
Anyway during the lecture I happened to notice she had her
feet on top of her shoes I looked at her feet and there I
saw reinforced toes for the rest of the lecture I managed
to steal glances of her feet and watch her toes do there
own thing as she listened to the lecture.
I had to know this girl so after class I introduced myself
and she seemed not as nervous she liked my first name she
said it fit me I thought so we walked and talked I gave her
my number and e-mail using the old if your ever not in
class you can have my notes thing.
She gave me a big smile and went to her next class, I went
back to my place thinking of her and her sexy feet
wondering hoe they smelled and tasted.
The rest of the day and night I thought about her I could
not want for the next class on Friday.
The next day I got home from class and there was a message
on my machine it was Andrea she wanted to meet me at the
local pub, she left her number I dialed and she picked up
we set the time I cleaned my apartment which is furnished
in fetish/punk I am a very clean person but I made sure
nothing too strange was laying around.
We met at the pub and we talked for the sake of the story
she was wearing a black leather skirt a white dress shirt
black hose and boots she looked hot we talked about all
kinds of things she told me she was attracted to me because
of my look and her parents would hate me>
I told her thanks for the honesty but I am not out to be
used to piss off parents or get used to play some game.
She looked at me and said she didn't want to use me she
wanted to get to know me she said all her friends are
boring she wanted to explore new and try new things.
I have had to many things like this in my life so I
approached with caution because I found myself very
attracted to her but didn't feel like getting burned or
used to satisfy some rich girls curiousity about the
working class.
I told her we could be friends and I would try and show her
what ever she wants to see and maybe somethings she never
thought of and with that I asked her if she would like to
walk to my place she smiled and said ok.
Once at my place she looked like a kid in a candy store so
amazed at the posters and things I had she asked can I see
your bed room I told her I don't think she would like to
see it she said why not got a body in there no I just don't
think your ready for it she then begged and said I am a big
girl I can take it she followed up by saying you show yours
and I'll show you mine fine ok I took her to my room which
is really only used for bondage I sleep on my couch so I
said here it is and opened the door she looked puzzled
then said what is all the rope for she entered i stayed in
the door way so I wouldn't spook her she looked at my
collection of ballgags and whips paddles and rope I had
bondage photos on the walls she looked at them she was
blushing but kept touching things she said what do you do
with all this stuff I told her I enjoy tying up my girl
friend she said you have a girlfriend no not at this time
she said I have never seen things like this she held up a
ballgag whats this for I said it's a ballgag a what she
said a ballgag you put it in someones mouth so they can't
talk she looked at me and smiled an evil smile she opened
her mouth and put the ballgag in she then tired to say like
this yes I said she had a mouth made for a ballgag her lips
were kinda pouty anyway but the ballgag made them even more
She took it out she said did you like that oh yes I said
well maybe once we spend more time together I do it again.
I couldn't wait and for the next two months we dated I
showed her everything I could she met all my friends and I
met her mom and dad they had the look of disgust of their
daughter dating a blue collar worker with tattoos.
Well I never pushed the bondage thing I just loved the fact
she always wore pantyhose or tights and almost all had
reinforced toes I loved to massage her feet I told her of
my foot fetish she smiled and would tease me with her feet
sometimes she would leave her soiled pantyhose for me to
use but i had to wash them and return them the next time we
met we were always together.
Then it all fell into place one night the begining of our
3rd month I had taken her out to a club to watch my band
play afterward we went to eat she told me she had something
she wanted to give me when we got home.
I never pushed sex with her even though I really wanted her
from day one I just had a feeling that if I pushed this
would all end so I only did the kissing and hugging thing
and holding hands you should have seen the looks we got the
preepie and the punk rocker her friends couldn't understand
it and mine saw it as a way to fuck the rich.
She was very protective of me when others would ask her why
she was with me or when her friends would make fun of me.
Anyway we got in the door she grabbed me and kissed me
fully and told me she loved me and that she wanted to have
sex with me I was shocked I kissed her back and said ok are
you sure she said yes you are a the one for me she said
most guys would have tried to fuck me from day one but you
never did and that means you like me not just my body and
the truth is she was right she followed up by saying but
before we do it I want you to show me what all that bondage
stuff is for.
I swallowed hard and said are you sure you may not be ready
for it she smiled and went into my room she said here I am
and I want to make you as happy as you make me plus I don't
want to be the only girlfriend you had that never got tied
I told ok I gave her a safe word and a hand sign to use
when she was gagged.
She was wearing black jeans and one of my punk band t
shirts she looked cute like a new wave girl and she had on
some Doc Martens.
I told her I would like her to strip to her bra and panties
she took off her clothes so fast I almost didn't see that
she had on black pantyhose I told her stop leave on the
pantyhose she smiled and said I know why she said I'll
leave on my hose but no bra sure I am I going to argue with
I took some rope and tied her wrists behind her she was
breathing heavy like she was already having sex I tied her
elbows I then told her to pull the ropes to see if they
were to tight for her she tugged no they are fine I then
had her lay on her stomach she looked so hot I took more
rope and tied her tighs and above and below her knees then
her ankles I then connected another rope and pulled her
feet toward her wrists a nice hogtie I told her to struggle
she did I asked everything ok yes I told her no gag yet I
then went to her feet i massaged them for a bit then kissed
them and smelled them she was enjoying this she made sounds
as if we were having sex and rubbed her tighs together and
wiggled her toes she was to hot I told her if she didn't be
quite I would have to gag her sexy mouth she let out a
strange moan I took the ballgag she had tried on so long
ago and placed it in her mouth and buckled it tight she
made more sex sounds and I asked her show me the hand sign
she did so I went on I took a small mirror and put it under
her chin then put another floor length in front of her so
she could she herself she stared at herself and soon she
was performing not for me but for herself she made sounds
that I never heard and she humped my floors struggling and
soon from all her noise she was drooling I was so turned on
she noticed this and made herself drool more I then
stripped naked for her she saw my body piercings and all my
tats she made coooing sounds I told her how sexy she was
and how wonderful it was to tie her up and she made the
hand sign I removed her gag she said take me now!
I had to untie her and then she and I had sex once we were
done she put her pantyhose back on and said I want to be
tied up again I tied her to the bed and then to a chair I
put up my swing and took her well she was secured in the
swing she loved that so much she later told me.
After that night we spent the next day talking about the
night before I told her my whole fetish scene she told me
she enjoyed it too that if I hadn't noticed she loved to
wear pantyhose and she told me she would only wear
reinforced toes and she felt so sexy tied up that it gave
her an orgasm watching herself and she enjoyed the ballgag
saying that she noticed I seemed to like to see her drool
on her breasts yes I did.
Well that was 7 years ago today and since then Andrea is
become my wife and she still loves bondage and still wear
pantyhose for me.
I got so damm lucky when I met her that I just had to share
this story and of course Andrea is sitting next to me tied
to a chair wearing a pink ballgag and shiny tan reinforced
toe pantyhose she has nodded her approval for me to post
this enjoy!
Monday, October 9th 2000 - 05:22:45 PM
Name: M&M
e-mail: Not slim shady
Comments:Hey I love your story Mr Pantyhose Bondage;)
I hope you most more!
What do her feet smell like?
Monday, October 9th 2000 - 05:24:47 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:I gather that you and andrea are NOW INSEPARATABLE----good
story but is it the feet or the pantyhose you liked to
Monday, October 9th 2000 - 06:50:10 PM
Name: Mr Pantyhose bondage
e-mail: My Andrea
Comments:To bondager:
I love to smell her feet with the pantyhose on them:)~
It is such a wonderful smell leather,perfume and foot sweat
to make kinda sweet sour smell:)

I hope this answers your question;)
I will post again soon!
Tuesday, October 10th 2000 - 09:47:37 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:thanks for the answer but any chance of a little more detail
on the sexual side while she was tied up....not graphic but
not skimpy.
Wednesday, October 11th 2000 - 07:41:17 AM
Name: Andromeda
Comments:Home Invasion Chapter 1
by Andromeda

The following is a fictional story. Some of the
descriptions however, and in particular the descriptions
of bondage, are based on a real life experience.

My name is Holly. I’m 44 years old, divorced and I have a
21-year-old daughter, Beth. I’m a schoolteacher. My
daughter is a beautician. This is the story of what
happened to us a little over two months ago. It was a sunny
Sunday. Beth was visiting with me and both of us were out
on the patio of my home, enjoying the afternoon. We were
having a good time, chatting and having a couple of drinks.
Because of the warm weather we were both barefoot, dressed
in beach-type short shorts and matching halter-tops. It was
back to work the next morning but this was my day. It was
perfect. Beth and I have a wonderful relationship and we
were sitting, chatting and laughing, basking in the warm
sunshine bathing our bare limbs, enjoying the last few
minutes before the nightmare began. At about 4 PM, we heard
noises coming from inside the house. I got up and went
inside to check it out. When I got inside I froze. There
were two men in black ski masks going through my living
room. I found out later that there was a third man with
them but he was upstairs at the time. One of the men, short
and stocky and wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, came
toward me. He had a gun in his hand and it was pointing
right at me. As I stood there, frozen in my tracks, he
clamped his gloved hand tightly over my mouth. ‘Not a
sound, bitch, or you’re dead,’ he whispered, jabbing his
gun into my stomach. I nodded my head and he shoved me
until my back was up against a wall. I was paralyzed with
fear. ‘Anyone else with you, bitch?’ he asked, still
whispering. I could feel his hot fetid breath on my face.
Terrified as I was, my first thought was to shake my head.
But then I decided it was no good lying: Beth was sure to
come in looking for me and then we would be in even worse
trouble. So I nodded yes. The man made a quick gesture to
his companion, a tall slim man dressed in a turtle neck
sweater and chino pants. The taller man pulled out a roll
of duct tape from his pocket and went out to the patio, gun
in hand. Meanwhile my assailant removed his hand from my
mouth and pushed the barrel of his gun up against my
neck. ‘Not a sound,’ he ordered and put his finger across
my lips. I nodded again. ‘Take off your top,’ he
whispered. I shook my head frantically and was about to
open my mouth when he dealt me a sharp slap across my face.
The shock of it made me start trembling and I felt my tears
starting to flow. ‘That’s just a warning,’ he hissed. ‘Get
that top off now!’ I quickly undid my halter and let it
drop to the floor. The man eyed my bare breasts hungrily
then he spun me around to face the wall. I wondered
fearfully what was happening to Beth. There was no sign of
her. ‘Get your hands behind your back, bitch. Keep them
there while I get some rope,’ the man growled at me. I was
terrified. The slap to my face had crushed any will I might
have had to put up a fight. As I put my hands behind my
back, I dreaded what would come next and I had a sudden fit
of uncontrollable sobbing. I had never been tied up
before. It was something outside my experience, something
that happened to other people. The thought of being bound
and helpless at the mercy of psychopaths made me cringe.
And there was still no sign of Beth. As I watched anxiously
over my shoulder with my hands behind me the man moved back
and picked up a bag that was lying on the sofa. He dumped
the contents of the bag on the floor: rolls of duct tape,
hanks of rope neatly coiled and frapped, cloth strips,
gags, plastic ties, all the stuff that robbers use to
restrain their victims. He picked up a hank of rope,
uncoiled it, doubled it up and quickly fashioned a noose at
one end. He saw me looking at the rope. ‘This one’s for
you,’ he grinned. As he came back toward me, holding the
noosed rope and tucking his gun into his belt, I saw Beth
being pushed into the living room by the other man, still
dressed in her shorts and halter but with her hands behind
her back. I couldn’t tell if they’d been roped or taped but
the man who had gone for her had been carrying duct tape
and there were strips of the stuff across her mouth gagging
her. Her eyes were wide with fear and she froze when she
saw me standing there stripped to the waist and holding my
hands behind my back waiting to be bound. ‘I’m OK, Beth,’ I
called out to her, ‘are you...?’ I was interrupted by a
sharp backhanded slap across my cheek that spun my head
toward the wall. ‘Shut the fuck up. And keep your eyes
front,’ the man growled. He grabbed my hands roughly,
crossed my wrists and slipped the noose over them, pulling
it tight with a quick tug. He bound my hands swiftly and
tightly and I winced with pain as I felt the ropes bite
into my wrists. I didn’t utter a word though while I was
being tied. My last outburst had earned me a quick painful
slap and I wasn’t eager to have it repeated. I felt the
knots being tied off and a feeling of utter helplessness
seeped into me as the binding was completed. What a
difference five minutes can make! Just five minutes ago
Beth and I were on the patio enjoying the sun, the drinks
and the conversation. Now both of us were bound and
helpless, caught in a nightmare that was only just
beginning. I sneaked a quick look at Beth and saw that she
had been forced down on her knees facing the sofa. I could
see the duct tape that had been wrapped tightly around her
wrists behind her back. Her hands fluttered uselessly as
her ankles were roped back to her thighs, left ankle to
left thigh, right ankle to right thigh. Over the years I’d
seen a lot of bondage in movies and TV but I’d never seen
anyone bound like that. I’ve learned since then that that
particular bind is called a ‘frog-tie’ and that it’s often
used by rapists to tie a victim’s legs in a way that gives
him easy access to her privates. But even without knowing
that, seeing my daughter’s legs bound that way set warning
bells ringing in my mind. It was my first inkling that
things were going to get a lot worse. Quickly I turned my
head back to face the wall. I was afraid I would receive
another slap for having moved my head but my assailant was
too busy removing two diamond rings from the fingers of one
of my bound hands. I was wearing a Rolex watch. That too
was taken from me. Then I was spun around to face my captor
and asked if I had any other jewelry. I shook my
head. ‘Everything else I own is costume jewelry,’ I told
him. I tried tentatively to move my wrists inside my bonds
but the ropes were unyielding. They allowed no play. They
hurt. ‘What about a gun?’ he asked. I did have one up in
the bedroom. I nodded. ‘It’s in the chest of drawers in my
bedroom,’ I said. ‘Show me,’ he muttered. He gripped my
elbow and pulled me over to the sofa where he picked up the
roll of duct tape the other man had left there. ‘Move,’ he
growled. He hustled me up the stairs holding the duct tape
in one hand. His other hand gripped my elbow. On the
landing I saw the third man for the first time. He too wore
a ski mask and was dressed in a pair of overalls. He was
carrying my TV set. ‘What do we got here?’ he exclaimed. I
reddened when I saw him pause and examine my bare
breasts. ‘Yeah, we got company,’ said the man who had tied
me, ‘and there’s another chick tied up downstairs.’ ‘Good-
looking?’ the man in overalls asked. ‘A knocker,’ my captor
said, ‘and she looks even better tied up and gagged.’ The
other man grinned. ‘All RIGHT!’ he said, ‘how about this
one? You wouldn’t be bringing her up here to party all on
your own, would you?’ ‘No way, Jose’ my captor replied. ‘I
took her upstairs so she can show me where she keeps her
gun. We’re gonna have us a party with these chicks later
on, right?’ ‘You bet your ass we’re gonna party,’ the man
carrying my TV exclaimed, ‘what’s your name,
honey?’ ‘Holly,’ I said, stunned and terrified that my
worst fears were being confirmed. ‘And the other chick
downstairs?’ he asked. ‘Her name’s Beth,’ I
answered. ‘She’s my daughter.’ ‘Well Holly, you’ve got
great tits,’ the man commented. He put the TV down and
gripped my chin, forcing my head to one side. ‘And you
don’t look too bad yourself for an older chick.’ He grabbed
both my breasts and fingered my nipples for a minute or so.
I was too scared to protest. Then he looked down at my bare
legs. ‘Nice legs too,’ he said, then he turned me around
and examined my bound hands, running his fingers over my
ropes. ‘Nice ropework,’ he commented, ‘good and tight. I
bet it hurts. Who tied you?’ I stayed silent. My captor
answered him. ‘Me. I roped her up. Slim took care of the
other chick,’ ‘Good work,’ the man in overalls clucked
appreciatively. ‘She needs a gag though.’ He chuckled and
ran his hands over the back of my thighs. ‘Hey, I like
those cute little short shorts you’re wearing, Holly. Makes
things a lot easier for a horny guy like yours truly.’ I
stood there sobbing helplessly as he slid a hand up my ass
under my shorts and panties and stroked my butt cheeks.
Then he moved his hand down between my legs. I cringed as
he slid a finger slid past my lips into my pussy, probing
deep inside. He fingered me as though he was testing
merchandise. Then, after about a minute, he withdrew his
finger. I breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived.
Before I knew it, his finger was at the entrance to my butt
hole. ‘Please,’ I begged him, sobbing, ‘please don’t do
this.’ I was standing on the tips of my toes in a futile
attempt to escape his probing finger. I could feel his
erection pressing against my bound hands. Suddenly he
clamped his hand tightly over my mouth and I gasped as I
felt the stabbing pain of his finger being shoved roughly
through my sphincter and up into my ass. He held it inside
me for more than a minute then slid it out. He released my
mouth and I stood there gasping and sobbing from the pain
and humiliation. The man turned to my captor. ‘Her cunt’s
wide and ready but her butthole needs slicking up. Can you
take care of it?’ My captor replied, ‘Sure. There’s some
stuff in the car. I’ll go get it after I get her back
downstairs.’ ‘Great, the man in overalls said, ‘in the
meantime get her gun and get her fixed up. She’s still a
little overdressed. Bring her down when you’re done. I’ll
finish up here and go and check out the other chick.’ He
bent down and picked up the TV. ‘Oh,’ he added, ‘and make
sure you put a good tight gag on her. Not just tape,’ he
pointed at the roll of duct tape my captor was
carrying, ‘find something to pack her mouth with
underneath.’ He shouldered the TV and walked past me. ‘See
you downstairs, cunt,’ he sneered, his lips curling into a
smile through the opening in his ski mask.

Wednesday, October 11th 2000 - 01:18:17 PM
Name: Mr Pantyhose Bondage
e-mail: My Andera
Comments:Bondager here is a little juice for you.

Well I first would give her some oral thru her pantyhose
crotch, then without her hose.
I would also get her to perform oral on me well still
wearing her hose usually in a postion where I could see the
soles of her feet or in a way where I could smell her feet
after that I would regag her and do the intercourse thing.

Thursday, October 12th 2000 - 07:40:02 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:Mr. Pantyhose Bondage

How would she be bound and gagged while you had intercourse
and what would she be wearing?
Friday, October 13th 2000 - 01:04:33 AM
Name: Mr Pantyhose Bondage
Comments:Bondager well usually tie her to the bed spread eagle or
when I learned how the frog tie.
Once in a while i would tie her feet to the head board so
she was kinda bent in half to allow me to enter her and
smell her feet

She knows I enjoy a good tight ballgag and she likes her
penis plug gag so we flip flop her gags as part of our game
and she always wears pantyhose during intercourse so i may
enjoy the feel and smell of her feet and legs of course a
slight modification to the crotch panel to allow entry.

Friday, October 13th 2000 - 08:26:47 PM
Name: Bondager
Comments:Mr. Pantyhose bondage

GOD.....you are one lucky man.......I envy you
Saturday, October 14th 2000 - 07:03:49 AM
Name: Ex Club Kid
e-mail: Friend
Comments:I don't know if anyone will like this story but it is true
all I did is change the names.

I was around 17 and a club kid really into it.
I am straight but would cross dress as part of my club
chacter and not in everyday life.
I had messed around with bondage and S&M and things like
that so I knew the game so I thought.

One of the guys in our club crew had an older brother who
was 22-23 named Joe.
Joe would drive us to clubs or underground parties all the
time everyone liked Joe in our crew he would party with us
and buy for us we had all been a crew for a couple years so
we had trust so I tought.

One weekend my parents were gone for the weekend and I had
the house to myself I got dressed up for the scene it was a
gothic party so I wore black opera stlye pantyhose and a
patent leather skirt with biker boots and a patenet leather
top very shiny and squeaky I painted my face white and used
black makeup to apppear dead.
I am a very skinny guy so if I wanted to look like a girl I
could but I never went all the way I would always leave a
sign I was a guy to prevent problems at clubs people on
drugs are hard to deal with.
So Joe picked me up and all of us partied in his van we had
a great time a the club I was feeling kinda sick so i asked
Joe if he could give me a ride home he said sure lets go we
left and headed to my house he pulled up and said hey
where's your parents oh they are gone for the weekend.
I got out of the van and Joe said hey I am going to the
store you want me to get you anything yeah some asprin ok
he left and I went in my house I removed my makeup and the
door bell rang it was Joe he came in with a bag of stuff
junk food and some liquor he gave my asprin I took 2 and we
sat around and talked Joe said how you feeling ok I said
then lets drink why not I had a couple of drinks and
blacked out!

I kinda woke up for a minute and felt like I was riding in
a car but passed backout.
The next thing I remember was Joe was carrying me into a
house and I was out again.
Then I woke up after I don't know how long I tried to move
but couldn't I tried to speak but felt something in my
mouth I tried to spit it out but couldn't I got scared and
tried to focus my eyes were bleary and a bright light was
on me I laid back and my eyes began to focus and I realized
I was in a basement then I saw my feet were tied to a metal
bed frame I looked up and my hands were tied too I paniced
and pulled and then I saw Joe he was naked and had a huge
smile on his face he said glad your awake relax your not
going anywhere until I am done with you!

I thought it was a joke but found out it wasn't Joe told me
he was sick of me dressing so sexy around him and he was
going to teach me a lesson!
I was freaking out he had me stripped down to my pantyhose
and cut the crotch out so my penis and balls were exposed
Joe took a rope and tied it to them and pulled them tight
then pullled it up and tied it to a pipe he told me I was
going to suck him off or he would burn me he pointed to a
soldering iron plugged in on a table he removed the gag and
put his cock in I was running on survival I made myself
not think about it then he regagged me with a ballgag he
whipped my thighs and soles of my feet and then untied my
feet and rolled me over on my stomach I felt him retie my
feet and touch my back I knew he was going to rape me I
again forced my mind to go blank i can't remember anything
after that the next day I woke up I was in my house on my
living room floor but I was hogtied and gagged Joe was
sitting on the couch he said I will untie but I have a
video of you last night and pictures too so if you tell
anyone or call the cops I show them all the video and
pictures and ruin you!!
He said you were a good fuck but work on youe cock sucking
it is sloppy he laughed and asked if I was going to tell i
shook my head no and made a no sound through my gag I
really wanted to puke I could feel the burning taste in my
throat but if I did I would have had to swallow it!
Joe untied me and removed the gag he then left.
I was shaking I crawled to the bathroom and puked my guts
out my body hurt I had bad rope marks and my thighs were
bruised and I crawled into the bathtub and ran water over
me and washed with everything thing in there I felt so
dirty and sick when I finally could stand up I looked in
the mirror I had a black eye and a mark around my mouth
from the ballgag strap I went to my room and fell a sleep
My mom woke me up monday morning she told me I was late for
school I thought maybe it was all a bad dream but when I
went to shower I could see the bruises and still felt sore
all over.
I have never told anyone this until know I have gotten
older and moved on but it still bugs me and I tought maybe
by sharing it I could get rid of these demons.
Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 09:43:22 AM
Name: Bondager
Comments:Not exactly the best experience but are the demons inside
you gone now that you've shared it on this website.

Did Joe ever use the pictures against you? Is he still
holding it over your head after all these years?

Just tell anyone else that no one will have the right to
ridicule or debase you on this site as I need more stories
for this site

Just for the record I have had quite a few people tell me
the same or similar story in real life so you are not alone.
Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 12:14:48 PM
Name: Ex Club Kid
Comments:Hey Bondager thanks I was worried that my story wouldn't be
welcome because I have seen other sites with sories like
mine and other guys don't want to read that they can be
just as an easy target as any woman.

No after the incident Joe never tried to use the pictures
to get me to do anything else with him for that I am glad
although a friend in our crew told me that Joe touched him
but I never told him about me because I was afraid he was
trying to get me to admit something so I just stayed quite.

I feel better having been able to share this story here
Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 01:27:54 PM
Name: Ex club Kid
e-mail: Thanks
Comments:Thanks I will.
I met someone who had a even worse experience then me!
I hope he will post it sometime.

Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 06:08:14 PM
Name: SHY
e-mail: Ex Club Kids Friend
Comments:I was told by Ex Club Kid I was welcome to post here.

I had a similar experience like club kids but mine is well
here it goes.
I worked for this guy I met at a punk club he owned a
business and offered me a job and looking the part of a
punk mohawk and tattoos and not being able to get hired
really anywhere without cutting my hair I took the job it
was a auto repair shop so I was pretty good with cars and
he was impressed we became great friends we hung out and
I was living from friends house to friends house my mom
threw me out because of my lifestyle a little background I
was 17 but had been into punk since I was 10 by 17 I had
developed my own sexual prefernces I liked bondage and
pantyhose sometimes I would wear them I enjoyed the feel on
my legs I dated all kinds of freaky punk girls who had
fetishes most thought my pantyhose fetish was cute compared
to what they liked so they would wear hose or thigh hi some
only had tights whatever it was good for me.
I would go to fetish balls at this club and would dress up
like a girl well my girlfriend dressed like a guy it was
fun we never had any problems.
Back to the story I worked with this guy Chris I'll call
him for about a year in a half he was a new waver he liked
the cure skinny puppy and those kinds of groups I liked
them to but perfered harder groups.
Well my girl bailed out on my so he said he lets get high
and talk about life which we always did so we got high and
we talked about things and then sex came up he knew alot of
my sexual things already he would go with us to the fetish
balls and just talking about likes and dislikes.
Chris said he liked having me for a friend I told him he
was pretty cool too, he asked me if I was going to the ball
coming up I said I don't know he pushed me and said come on
you know you will like it so I said ok.
The next day Chris came in and said hey I bought you
something to wear to the ball he handed me this box I
opened it and in it was a leather skirt and a pair of fake
boobs I said what is this he said it's for you to wear I
said hey I dressed like a girl for my girl but your a guy
and this isn't me if you know what I mean he got nerveous
and said hey I was just joking he took the box back and I
felt a strange feeling for the next few days like something
was going to happen but I thought I was just being weird.
The day of the ball Chris comes to me and says hey I am
sorry about the other day but I wanted to dress up like a
girl and figured we could both go as girls to compete for
the door prize.
I told him ok if he was going as a girl I would dress up
with him he went and got the leather skirt and boobs he
said you wear the black one and I will wear the white one
He said you could get ready at my place so we could drink
and you could help me dress.
I went to his place and showered and got went into the
other room and on the bed was a bra and pantyhose and some
heels I yelled to chris I would wear everything but the
heels I don't want to break my leg he said ok but hurry up
or we will be late I plastered make up on to look slutty
and dressed when I came downstairs there was Chris naked
sitting on a chair he looked at me like a mad man I felt
scared he said you look hot I said why aren't you ready he
said in due time I got nerveous he said why aren't you in
the heels i got for you I told you I can't walk in them he
looked mad he said bitch put on the fucking heels now!!
I was shocked I stood there trying to figure out what was
going on and before I knew it Chris slapped my across the
face and said the heels whore put them on I sat down and
put on the heels he said stand and walk i stood up my face
hurt from the slap I wobbled around Chris was aroused and
he said sit down and don't move or I 'll kill you!
I was now very afraid i was shaking like a leaf i had to
try and get out of here but Chris had other plans for me he
came in and said get upstairs and he held out a large
hunting knife I slowly stood and began to walk toward the
stairs he said don't even think of doing anything stupid or
I 'll gut you!
Once upstairs Chris told me to put my hands behind my back
he then took rope and tied my wrists and elbows very tight
he tied my penis and balls pulling the rope up and tying it
to my elbows he then pulled off the skirt and said you like
to wear pantyhose so this will be you outfit he then bent
me over the foot board and tied rope around my body holding
me to the foot board he then took a belt a whipped my ass I
was screaming and crying he laughed and said you haven't
felt pain yet bitch!
He shoved a ballgag in my mouth and then tied my ankles to
the bottom of the footboard he pulled my pantyhose down and
I felt something greasy in my ass then pain as what ever it
was went it and then began to vibrate he laughed and left.
I struggled and tried to yell but I was trapped the
buttplug was hurting me I felt sick and actually dry heaved
but soon Chris was back with his Cam corder he filmed me
then removed my gag and videotaped me sucking his cock he
was enjoying this alot he told me he had planed to kidnap
someone but I was perfect because I had no home and no one
would miss me he told me I was going to be his sex slave!
I was so scared I pissed all over myself and the floor
Chris beat the hell out of me once he was done he untied me
and dragged me into the shower and washed me down he lead
me to his room and gave me a new pair of pantyhose and told
me to dress I put them on as I was pulling them up Chris
did a line of coke and then turned on me again he told me I
was going to be punished for pissing on his floor he took
me back to the other room tied me to the bed and put a
rubber bit in my mouth he went into the closet and came out
with a battery charger he hooked it up and put some wires
on it I cried and struggled he laughed and began to touch
my penis and feet shocking me I jumped from the shocks my
jaw locked tight as he touched me.
After he was done he raped me then beat me again all of
this caught on film.
He tied me on the bed and left me about an hour later he
came back he put a bag over my head and untied me he lead
me down to his basement where I could here him moving
things around he pulled me and began putting cuffs around
my wrists and I heard pad locks click I heard chains
dragging I felt the cuffs being connected to a pole holding
my arms apart then something connecting it then I heard a
motor buzzing and felt my arms being pulled up over my head
then my feet were off the ground i was being hung Chris
pulled the bag off my head I was hung about 2 feet off the
ground he spun me around and then used his belt on my back
and stomach he laughed as my feet kicked and I cried he
took a plug gag harness and put it in my mouth he connected
the ring of the harness to the bar above my head so I could
not put my head down he put cuffs on my ankles and then
used another bar to keep my legs spread he then connected
that bar to a rope which ran through a pulley he pulled my
feet straight out he put a penis cage on me and said he
like girls with ripped pantyhose so he took his kinfe and
put runs in the hose I was wearing.
Well this is getting long and you have the idea of this
To sum it up I was raped and tortured more times then I can
put a number on but it turned out to be three days i was
held!!!!It felt like a year!!!!!!!
Chris came home and had me give him oral and then handed me
my clothes and said get out of here before I kill you I
walked out of his house it was night only wearing the
pantyhose he had me wearing and carrying my clothes I
dressed in an alley about 1/2 a block away!
I hid for 2 days and even tried to kill myself but my
friends mom found me she saw the burns and bruises on me
she told the police at the hospital and the doctor did some
tests and told her I was raped repeatedly which I had to
have surgery to fix my rectum.
Well I managed to stay awake long enough to tell the cops
but Chris was gone when they showed up but he got caught
about 3 months later in Canada for molesting two teenagers
so I had to go to Canada and testify against him because
they refused to send his sorry ass back to the US.
HE smiled as i had to retell what he did to me his lawyer
had the video of me and they played parts of it saying that
I wanted and enjoyed this treatment!
But the judges didn't go for it the 2 teens he molested
felt even more sorry for me I was humilated he got life
with no parole ever and I got years of shirks and pills and
more attempts to kill myself because this guy should have
killed me but he had the final win by letting me win to
deal with all this sexual bullshit.
I have put somewhat of a normal life together i enjoy
reading the stories on these sites and have a girlfriend, I
still love my pantyhose and even started bondage but I have
to do the tying I can't allow myself to be tied anymore.
Sorry so long and and thanks to my friend Ex Club Kid for
the referal to this site
Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 07:21:12 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:Shy-----a damn good story and I'm glad you got the fucking
bastard........don't worry about non-acceptance here and any
ridicule because I monitor the site daily. I hope that
telling me has been able to relieve your mind and your

I only make one request and that is if you can recommend
this site to others like your friend recommended my site to
you. I can use the stories and I won't change the criteria.
Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 07:38:18 PM
Name: Shy
Comments:Yes she excepts my fetish in fact she encourages it she
wasn't bothered that I sometimes wanted to wear pantyhose
when we had sex.

I have some suggestions for you post your e-mail address
and I will talk with you via e-mail.

Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - 08:41:30 PM
Name: Friend of Shy& Club Kid
e-mail: Thanks for the address friends
Comments:I like this site the last two posts shook me up a bit not
in a bad way but I wonder how some people can do such awful
things to each other!!

I enjoy bondage and could not think of hurting anyone or
using bondage to allow me to hurt them!

I must say I am sorry to those two guys who were having a
good time growning up and experimenting and had two jerks
who used friendship to hurt and ruin your outlook on your
sexuality those kinds of people give all the real fetishs a
bad name.

I hope to read more stories here I like the variety but
wish the real ones were just a dark fantasy not reality.
I wish all of you the best here and my thanks to my friends
SHY and Ex Club Kid for the address here I'll be in touch!

Also Bondager thank you for protecting my friends and
others who wish to share their story here from the jerks
and the Z people this will be a great story site maybe you
can archive once you get more that would be neat.
Monday, October 23rd 2000 - 08:41:13 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:Friend of Shy & Club Kid

I'm glad you approve of my website and I must say I'm
looking forward to you telling others about this website.

Look forward to your postings
Monday, October 23rd 2000 - 08:52:40 PM
Name: Tommy M.
e-mail: fashiongirl@astrosfan.net
Comments:let me know if my "seven Signs" Series is appropriate to
post. no sex is involved. it does involve my childhood
experiences when I was punished for extremely bad deed, I
had to wear tights/pantyhose, smell feet, and be tickled.
sometimes simultaneously! There are a total of seven
different incidents I recall--which I can translate into 7
different stories. I posted the 1st two in the "Tie up
Games" site only to have them deleted after 1 or 2 people
referred to it as "horrifying". The same 1 or 2 kept posting
under different names (you could tell by the same incorrect
spelling and grammar). Let me know now if this would cause
a stir. Thank you
Tuesday, October 24th 2000 - 03:09:55 PM
Name: Matt
e-mail: Last Adventure Of Damsel Matt
Comments:My name is Matt and I posted a rather long story of playing
a bondage damsel for my bestfriend Tom on The Tie up Games
site OCT3.
But that's not why I am writing here I wanted to share
another of Tom and My adventures and I a bad hit on the
other site and a friend referred me here.

Well as I said I would dress up and be a damsel for my
bestfriend Tom.
Tom was alot bigger and stronger then me and I felt so
submissve being around him even if I wasn't dressed for our
This day Tom and I were at his house his mom and dad had
gone camping.
Tom had the whole place to him for a week!
Tom had asked me if I would be wiling to be his hostage for
a week while his parents were gone I told him let me get
the ok from my mom to stay the and we will go from there we
were into our games pretty heavy by now and even added some
light punishment.

Well my mom gave me the ok I knew she would I packed my
clothes and my damsel clothes for the game.
I got to Tom he was ready to play he said yes when I told
him he said hurry I want my hostage ok ok I said he laughed
and told me he jerked off twice already thinking about
holding me hostage and I too had to jerk off at the tought
of the game.
I went to Toms room to shower and dress Tom had some
clothes on the bed he said I want you to wear these ok it
was a corset with garter belts and tan thigh hi stockings
and long black satin gloves and black satin panties I asked
him whos clothes these were he said yours I bought them for
I was used to wearing a dress and pantyhose for our games
this would be a lot different I showered and dressed and
put on some makeup and my wig Tom gave me a pair of his
moms old black pumps to wear.
Once Tom saw me he said Matt you look great and I hate to
be a dick but can we get started OK I said Tom was always
in a hurry because he wasn't the one being tied and gagged!
So I was to pretend to be a a hooker and he was going to be
a pimp looking for revenge we needed to have a set up to
lead in for punishment.

I went down the basement to my pretend corner then Tom
walks up on me and asks for a date and then pulls a gun he
gives me a light slap on my face and then pulls me to a
different part of the basement there he ties my wrists
behind me he then tape gags me and blinfolds me then after
some pinxhing he leads me upstairs he takes me to his
living room where I am tied to a chair and made to tape
record a ransom demand he then gags me again and prepares
the next step he then unties me and forces my on my knees
where he makes me jerk off into a cloth once i come he has
me lay on my stomach and he then hogties me and ballgags me
once this is done he removes then blindfold and verbally
abuses me he then jerks off in front of me once he comes he
then removes my pumps and begins to whip the soles of my
feet and he swats my hips I play the damsel roll to the tee
I sturggle and squrim I cry out in my gag as I am punished
Tom is so dominate I can feel his power over me.
I remanied hogtied for about an hour then i am forced to
jerk off again and retied to Toms bed and watch as he did
his homework he put clothes pins on my arms and nipples to
make sure I didn't sleep.
After that Tom had me prepare and serve him dinner after
which came the forced blowjob on a dildo after which I was
spanked and frog tied Tom also used a bigger ballgag on me
at my begging This went on for the rest of the week I was
in heaven I really enjoyed being bound and gagged and Tom
was the perfect partner he started the game and it worked
for us I know people will say it's not normal or we are gay
but I a sure you we are both straight and we were Teens
back then who had girlfriends but we lived in a part of the
country in a place where everyone knew everyone elses
business so it would have been very hard for Tom and I to
tie up any girls in our school.
Tom and I still friends we discuss our game no we don't
play it anymore but we talk about the feelings and how it
has affected us but we feel for the better seeing as how we
are both professionals and enjoy being dominate now and I
tie up my girlfriends and give them light punishmet and Tom
says he is a switch he likes so submit more then dominate.
Wednesday, October 25th 2000 - 11:02:13 PM
Name: Teenage DOM
e-mail: Slaves
Comments:When I was in high school I was dating this girl I thought
things were going good she knew I had a foot fetish and she
would wear pantyhose for me and give me her old ones
unwashed so I could smell them and jerk off.

Well about 6 months into this relationship I wanted to tie
her up and have sex with her so she allowed me to tie her
to the bed and sex her I really enjoyed it and she was
moaning and making akot of sex sounds so i took her ditry
panties and stuffed them in her mouth telling her she
better not spit them out she looked at me in shock but she
kept them in her mouth as i pumped her she started moaning
again I was so turned on by seeing her with her panties in
her mouth and a look of humiliation that I came and told
her to hold the panties in her mouth until I get back I
used the restroom and returned she had them still in her
mouth I said good girl and removed them she said nothing I
untied her and that night I decided to make her my slave
seeing that she did as I said.

Well I began to start train her when she would come over I
would have her in just her pantyhose nothing else and she
would be tied and gagged from easy simple postions to
harder stricter ones I would give her spankings not very
hard just enough to get her attention and everytime we had
sex she would have her panties stuffed in her mouth when I
was ready to come I made sure the crotch was the part on
her tounge so she had to taste her self .

I spent 3 months training her thinking wow I am good
sexually she was a perfect slave in real life we were
equals she really enjoyed it so she said i took alot of
pictures of her in bondage and fucking her self.

One day her bestfriend comes over looking for my girlfriend
who to my knowledge was at work but her friend sent me a
warning that something was wrong by coming over looking for
her so that night she never came over the next day she said
she was sick and couldn't come over I went to visit but her
mom said she was really sick the doctor just left!
I was worried but then that night her bestfriend comes over
she was high and she lets it slip out that my girlfriend
cheated on me with her ex boyfriend and they are going to
get back together that's why she never showed up tody or
yesterday she told me she saw her sucking him off yesterday
at his house but she forgot and came to my house the power
of drugs and air headed high school girls who use them her
friend relates all these things that have been going on
since we got together so I said I need revenge and so I
showed her friend some of the picture of her friend tied
and gagged she looked at them but was to high to know what
was up so I was feeling evil so I decided to get my revenge
using my girlfriends best friend so I began to work on her
soon we were kissing then I had her sucking my cock the I
had her top off and then the pants and much to my delight
she was wearing pantyhose she had puffy socks over them so
once the pants hit the floor i pulled off her socks and
tasted her feet much better then my girlfriend then I gave
her oral she was ready i took some rope and tied her wrists
to the head board she was having fun I pulled off one leg
of her pantyhose and got her panties which I made sure they
were very wet with her sex I tied her feet spread and
mounted her she was really into this but I had the suprise
and soon I felt that she was having to much fun and as she
was moaning I made sure the crotch was right and stuffed
her panties in her mouth she just opened her eyes wide I
told her she better not spit them out she just kept moaning
and then she was kinda sucking on her panties I was so
stoked by this I came I then told her she better keep them
in her mouth until I get back I went to get my camrea and
she still had them in when I returned I took several
pictures of her too I hogtied her and took pictures she
didn't seem to mind anything I did to her or made her do to
me she had lost her high and she ended up staying the night
with me.
The next morning she said she had a really good time and
she wanted to play again so how about today she said ok I
told her about her uniform pantyhose and she said ok I then
kissed her and gave her a hickey on her neck for my soon to
be ex to see.

Well my ex saw it and never confronted me so after school I
had my new slave in her pantyhose learning the ropes when
my now ex girlfriend walks in my house and sees her best
friend tied up in her pantyhose with her mouth around my
She starts yelling and then I tell her I know she had been
cheating on me for the 9 months we were dating she knew her
bestfriend told me she went for now ex bestfriend but I was
quick and caught her before and I decided to get my revenge
now I held her she was wearing a skirt and white hose I
pulled her skirt down and put her on the bed on her stomach
she knew she was going to be tied she never struggled as I
tied her wirsts a littler tighter then her elbows and the
her tighs I pulled her bra down my new slave watched as I
was setting up I tied he ankles and used a rubber ball
rolled up in some pantyhose to gag her I finished the
hogtie she laid there quite so I had my new slave finish
sucking my cock as I smelled my exs feet she was still
quite I then had sex with my new slave next to my ex my new
slave began sucking her bestfriends tits so i decided to
let my new slave take her best friend I untied my new slave
and she took her best friend she removed the ballgag and
had her eat her and she dominated my ex I was impressed and
then my new slave took her panties and shoved them in my
exs mouth I was floored!!!
I decided to tie them up together side by side and on top
of each other they were bith ballgaged and I was able to
get plenty of pictures of them my ex left after 2hours she
said she was sorry to both of us and begged me not show the
photos to anyone I agreed and went back to my new slave who
was bound and gagged in my room.

I had fun with my new slave stayed with me for 1 year until
she moved away my last year of high school sucked I had
lost 2 slave but I had plenty of pictures and tape
recordings of them in bondage and getting sexed.
Wednesday, October 25th 2000 - 11:53:47 PM
Name: cool breeze
Comments:Cool Site I dig all the posts;0
Thursday, October 26th 2000 - 08:35:36 AM
Name: bondager
Comments:Matt.......a good story but I'm curious about one thing....
are you still submissive to Tom or are you now with women?

If Tom is now submissive do you tie him? Were you ever able
to get the gags off or did you not want to?

Can you give me your e-mail address as there is more I'd
like to know
Thursday, October 26th 2000 - 05:40:04 PM
Name: Bondager
Comments:teenage Dom

I'd like to know how you were able to convince these girls
to be your slaves as most girls wouldn't even consider it.

You can be graphic without recrimination
Thursday, October 26th 2000 - 05:42:36 PM
Name: matt
Comments:I have been with women ever since we started High School we
both dated and sexed and tied up our girlfriends.
But Tom enjoyed tying me up better then his girlfriend
because I knew the damsel role he wanted.

I am very much a dominate now my submission days ended long
ago my girlfriend wishes she was in control:)
Tom lives in another state but we talk and visit he told me
his dominate days are over and he now enjoys playing a
submissive slave to strong women!

We always used ballgags or a ball in my mouth with tape
over it or saran wrap even a old pair of pantyhose, I never
tried to shake the gags off if fact Tom made sure they were
tight and mouth filling enough to discourage me from trying
and he tied me very well so there was no way to attempt gag
removal I did my best damsel sounds gagged anyway.

I am sorry I cannot post my e-mail at this time I use alot
of different computers and I am trying to buy my own but I
am just to picky but once I get set up with my own and set
up my account I post it for you.
Friday, October 27th 2000 - 10:32:47 PM
Name: Teen Dom
Comments:Teenage Dom back in the house.
It wasn't hard to get them to play along for a lot of
1 they really wanted to do it but needed to kinda be pushed
so the forced role play was great for them to full fill
their fantasy without guilt " pretending to be forced"

2 they were pretty wild I had done my homework and found
out what thses girls had done long before I even made the
move to date one and I knew they would stray but I was out
for myself in a way!

3 they were very much party girls if you had booze and
their drug of choice they would well party in a lot of ways
if they thought you were cool and somewhat good looking.

And I have always been very good at manipulating people to
do things for me so it was very easy for me to pull this
stunt if they had been good girls who never did bad stuff
it would probably never happened or it would have taken
many months.
Friday, October 27th 2000 - 10:42:43 PM
Name: Ray
e-mail: ret@mtnworks.net
Comments:I loved the story Andromeda sent in dated Oct 11. Can you
find out if and when Holly will send the remaining parts to
this story. I would love to read it in full. Thks, Ray

PS - Is it possible for you to send me the addresses of the
other Dreambook sites as I lost the ones I had.
Sunday, October 29th 2000 - 09:02:36 PM
Name: Allie Boo
e-mail: arianwen@celticmail.com
Comments:Hi! Bondager, i love your site. I can't wait to read more
stories, fiction or non-fiction. I also enjoyed Andromeda's
story and i can't wait to read the rest. That's about it...
remeber, nothing but praise!
Monday, October 30th 2000 - 11:16:49 PM
Name: Andromeda
Comments:My thanks to Ray and Allie Boo for the kind words about my
story. I’m glad you both enjoyed it. Yes, I do have more
chapters on the way. The next two are almost ready and
should be ready for posting in a day or two. Please bear in
mind that the story is definitely fictional and that
applies to Holly as well. She’s a fictional character. The
only thing in the story that’s based on reality is the
bondage. I was the victim of an assault, a robbery, that
happened some time ago and I still have very vivid
recollections of it. Like Holly in the story, it was the
first time in my life I had ever been bound and, in a way,
writing this story has been therapeutic for me. It’s helped
me work out some of my feelings about bondage. The next
chapter takes up the story from the viewpoint of one of the
assailants, the man called Slim. The third chapter carries
on from Holly’s point of view. Please do continue posting
your responses to my story as it goes on. It’s frustrating
when you work at writing a story and post it and get no
response at all. So I’m grateful to both of you for your
Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - 08:06:28 AM
Name: Ken Kinif
e-mail: Checkin in
Comments:I dig all these storys.
If they are real man you all got CRAZY LIVES!
If they are made up then you all got CRAZY MINDS!
But I dig this game called bondage it's just mind blowing
and I hope you all post some more things for ol Ken to read
can you dig it!
Peace Out!
Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - 02:50:14 PM
Name: Andie
Comments:Hello everyone... I'm a first timer to this site and i was
just reading some of the posts... I know that this is for
stories and stuff but i can't find help from anyone else...
I'm a 19 year old girl who likes bondage.. The only thing
is i don't mind being tied up but i also happen to like
male bondage.. Not girls tying boys but boys tying up boys!
I've pondered this for a while knowing that i wouldn't want
to tie up a guy but i like seeing a guy tied... I was
wondering if i could get some feedback about what you think
of this... webmaster if this is unappropriate feel free to
remove the post.. I just need some help because i feel like
a weirdo... Thankyou.
Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - 10:06:21 PM
Name: Andie
Comments:Hi all... Bondager i luv your site!... I have a bit of a
dilemma... i feel like a total weirdo because i like
bondage and i don't mind being tied up but i also like
seeing guys tied up too... But i like the male bondage
thing... I'm a girl and i still find it sexually
stimluating.. I've had this sort of problem on my hands for
a while because i'm really confuesd.. Because i know i'm
not into domination and yet it's not the excitement of a
woman overpowering a man or vice versa really... it's
looking at male with male bondage... I mean i'm a girl... I
wouldn't ind any feedback at all good or bad... you can
confirm my weirdness or you can help me figure it out...
I'm open to all suggestions... Thankyou! By the way if this
is unappropriate for the page please don't hesitate to
delete the post... I just can't get help anywhere else.. my
partner doesn't really know what to say i think...
Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - 10:13:14 PM
Name: Andromeda
Comments:Home Invasion, Chapter 2.

She was real cute, a lot younger than the chick Jerry was
busy with inside. She’s standing out there on the patio
dressed in a blue halter and a cute little pair of short
shorts like the other chick inside and she freezes up when
she sees me come out with my gun on her and my finger
pressed over my lips. Her eyes are wide and frightened,
they’re going back and forth from the gun to the duct tape
and you can see from her face she knows what the tape is
for. I order her to turn around and she does it real quick.
I don’t have time to look at her cute little ass, I just
get behind her ready with the tape when she turns her head
with a quick toss of her hair. ‘Please, what’s happening to
my mom?’she asks. I’m about to let her have it for talking
but then I think, hey, it doesn’t hurt to be civil so I
tell her not to worry, her mom’s gonna be OK, somebody’s
taking care of her.’ ‘What do you mean, taking care...is
she being tied up?’ she asks. ‘Yeah,’ I say, ‘same as you,
sweetheart. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a robbery.
Now shut the fuck up and press your lips together.’ I let
her have a quick couple of strips of tape across her lips,
just a temporary gag to keep her quiet for the
binding. ‘Hands in back, honey, wrists crossed,’ I tell
her, and she’s nice and cooperative about it, just does it
without giving me any trouble. She gasps slightly as she
hears the tape getting ripped off the roll. That’s one of
the things I like about using tape, the harsh ripping sound
it makes. It’s nasty and intimidating and it helps subdue
the victim while she’s being bound. Half a dozen quick
turns of tape pulled tight around the crossed wrists gives
me a good secure bind and elicits a short little spasm of
quiet sobbing from the chick. Victims often do that when
they suddenly discover they’re tied up and helpless. I give
her a friendly little pat on her bound hands. ‘Relax,’ I
tell her, ‘you’re gonna be OK. You’re doing fine. Just keep
on cooperating and nobody’s gonna get hurt.’ I do a quick
check on her bondage, testing for lateral mobility of her
arms behind her back to see if I need to put her in a waist
tie for extra security. I decide against it. She’s
relatively short limbed and the crossed wrist bindings are
enough to immobilize her arms and deny her any freedom of
lateral movement. She’s well trussed up. I take a quick
break and step back to take a good look at her. She’s got a
cute pair of jugs and they’re pressing up against her
halter from the way her arms are forced back. Her legs are
OK, not spectacular but OK, and her cute little shorts are
cut so short you can see the asscheeks peeking out from
under them. What I specially liked was her ass, round and
firm and well shaped under the shorts. If I’d had a camera
on me I’d have taken a picture of her. She looked like a
million bucks standing there in her cute little outfit,
mouth taped, hands bound behind her, nicely subdued.
Anyway, it’s time to upgrade her gag, make it a little less
wearer-friendly and I’ll be needing her panties for that. I
tell her to kneel down on the floor facing one of the
chairs on the patio. She gives me a funny look but bound as
she is she knows she can’t give me much trouble so she
kneels down. It’s kind of awkward for her with her hands
behind her back so I help her down. Once she’s on her knees
I give her a quick shove to get her facedown on the chair.
I like the way her shorts ride up her ass when she’s bent
over and I cop a quick feel on her nice firm cheeks. Then I
grab hold of the shorts and quickly pull them down around
her knees. Right off the bat she tenses up and starts
bucking up and down, kicking her legs and mmmphing through
her gag, she’s even twisting her wrists around frantically
inside the tape binds trying to slip out of them. Not much
chance of that, but to keep her from hurting herself I
squat down behind her and pin her ankles to the floor with
my knees. She’s still struggling and twisting her hands
around trying to slip her bonds but she’s under control.
Squatting down gives me a nice close up view of her ass and
her cute little panties. She’s wearing this sexy white
thong, nice and skimpy with a little lace trim on the hem
and from the way she’s bent over, the panty crotchband is
buried deep in her asscrack. I fish it out and pull out my
knife. A quick clean stroke cuts right through the thin
fabric of the crotchband just below the T join to the
waistband and another quick cut through the side loosens
the thong so I can slip it off her ass. I take a quick
minute to check out her holes and feel up her crotch. Nice
and easy I run my finger up from her cunt to her asshole
and shove my finger in just a little way to give her a
foretaste of what she’s gonna be getting later on. Then I
go back down and tease the cunt lips open and finger her
inside her fuckhole checking for tightness and lubrication.
Her cunt is tight and dry so I finger her clit a little to
see if I can tease some juice out but I draw a blank. It
doesn’t really matter anyway because she’s gonna be getting
pretty thoroughly slicked up before she gets boned. All
this time she’s sobbing and whimpering into her gag and
from the way she’s bawling she probably figures she’s gonna
be getting boned right here and now. And hey, it’s not like
I don’t want to. I’m hard as a rock from the binding and
the stripping not to mention the once-over-lightly I’m
giving her holes but that’s not the way we work it.
Whenever me and Red and Jerry we bag us a couple or more
chicks during a job we like to make sure each chick gets
the treatment in full view of the others. It’s a lot more
humiliating for them that way and a lot more fun for us. So
I pull my finger out of her cunt, give her a couple of nice
friendly pats on her buttcheeks and get up. ‘You’re gonna
be OK, sweetheart,’ I tell her, ‘let’s get you up on your
feet,’ and I help her up. I pull her shorts up around her
waist with an extra little tug to hike them up over her
asscheeks as far as they’ll go and I turn her around. She’s
mmmphing through her gag and there are tears in her eyes. I
guess she’s missing her panties. I hold them up like I was
examining them. ‘OK, honey,’ I tell her, ‘I’m gonna be
changing your gag. If there’s a peep outta you I’m gonna
have to hurt you. Don’t make me do that.’ She’s eyeing her
panties with a kind of horrified look so I guess she’s
knows what’s coming. Just for kicks I pull up the mouth
hole of my ski mask an inch or two and press the crotchband
of her thong up against my nose to take a quick sniff. The
smell is pungent and raunchy. OK, so it’s a hot day and
she’s probably been sweating a little but it’s not just
sweat I can smell. ‘How long you been wearing these?’ I ask
her. Her face is red as a beet with embarrassment but I
mean hey, there’s no excuse for a chick to be wearing the
same pair of panties for so long. Carefully I fold the
thong into a wad making sure the crotchband stays up on top
where it’ll go in and press up against her palate. I grab
her head and rip the tape off her mouth with a quick hard
tug. Her lips are probably stinging and smarting but who
cares? As soon as she has her mouth free she starts begging
me, ‘please, not inside my mouth, please don’t put...’ but
I shut her up with a good hard smack across her
mouth. ‘That’s for talking,’ I tell her. I grab her jaw and
force her mouth open. The wadded thong goes in, smelly
crotch on top, and I follow it up with five or six fresh
strips of tape across the mouth, pressing down hard on her
cheeks with the heel of my hand to get a good tight
seal. ‘Be thankful it’s just a thong,’ I tell her, ‘if I’d
wanted it to be real uncomfortable I’d have used your
shorts to gag you.’ By now the tears are streaming down her
face. ‘OK, you’re all set to go,’ I tell her, ‘let’s get
inside.’ I grab her elbow and steer her into the living
room. As soon as she’s inside she freezes up again. There’s
her mom up against the wall, standing there in her shorts
naked from the waist up, hands in back ready for binding
while Jerry’s behind her, noosed rope in hand, getting set
to slip the noose around her wrists. She’s bending forward
a little and you can see a hint of her lacy white panty
hemline peeking out from under her brief little shorts. She
sees me come in with her daughter in tow and starts saying
something to her and Jerry gives her a good hard smack to
shut her up. I’ve got a good tight grip on the chick’s
elbow, which is a good thing because she starts struggling
all over again, kicking and trying to pull away from me.
I’ve practically got to drag her ass over to the sofa. I
get her there, force her down on the floor on her knees
right by the pile of ropes and tape and stuff Jerry dumped
there and shove her face down on the sofa, kneeling with
her ass up. I’d been planning on putting her in a simple
ankle tie to keep her warehoused while we get things set up
but now I’m getting a little fed up with her bullshit so I
figure a little punishment is in order. I weigh up the
options. I wanna keep her fresh and ready for fucking when
the time comes so that pretty much rules out the heavy
stuff like whipping or clamping her nips. But, hey, chicks
hate being uncomfortable so I figure a good tight frogtie
is just what the doctor ordered. I grab a couple of long
lengths of rope from the floor and get to work. I pull both
of her legs up behind her and bind each ankle to its thigh,
using plenty of rope and cinching it up tight so the rope
bites good and hard into the sensitive flesh at the front
of her thighs. I hear a lot of mmmphs and whimpers coming
out of her gag while I’m working but I ignore it. I figure
her legs are probably gonna cramp up on her pretty damn
quick but hey, that’s part of the punishment. ‘You asked
for this,’ I tell her as I tie off the final knot on the
leg bindings with a quick tug, then pull out my knife and
cut her halter off so she’s naked from the waist up just
like her mom. When I’m done I look over to see what Jerry’s
doing with mom. Mom’s being steered up the stairs, wrists
roped up good and tight behind her back, bare breasts
bobbing up and down, white panty hemline plainly visible
now below her shorts as she climbs the steps. Jerry’s left
her ungagged though which is pretty careless but I notice
he’s carrying tape so I figure he’s gonna take care of it.
While I’m waiting for the main event I figure I might as
well look around and see if I can locate the chicks’
handbags. I find them in the foyer just by the front door.
There’s $53 in one of the wallets and like $40 in the
other. Not much but I pocket the cash and riffle through
the wallets looking for driving licenses. The one belonging
to the chick I just got through frogtying shows her name as
Beth Butler. There’s a cute picture of her smiling sweetly
at the camera. I figure her address could come in handy
some time so I pocket the license and check out the other
wallet. Mom’s name turns out to be Holly Butler and there’s
a not-so-nice picture of her on her license looking a lot
older than she looks in real life. I leave her license in
the wallet and go back to the living room where I see Red
coming down the stairs carrying a TV set and he looks
unhappy. He’s shaking his head. ‘Jerry’s fucking up again,’
he mutters, ‘can you believe he’s walking a vic through her
house without a gag on?’ ‘Yeah,’ I tell him, ‘I noticed.
That’s Jerry for you. He can be fucking careless sometimes.
He’s got her roped up good and tight though.’ ‘Yeah,
whatever,’ Red says.

Wednesday, November 1st 2000 - 04:40:38 AM
Name: Ray
You are an awesome writer. I truly love your story so far.
I am amazed that you can write a story like this after
being assaulted. Please continue story ASAP as I am waiting
for the remaining chapters. It is terrific so far. Ray
Wednesday, November 1st 2000 - 08:38:02 PM
Name: Allie Boo
e-mail: eorrego@vtown.com.au
Comments:Hello again!... Andromeda loved part 2 can't wait for the
next installment! Glad to gve any positive feedback to
anyone... :) By the way if you want to talk or e-mail me
feel free to use that one i provided... It's my dad's but
he NEVER checks.... I kinda stole it...
I'm going to write about one experience i had a babysitter
a few years ago when i was 17 ( i was desperate for cash)
I'm currently 19... Andie in response to your THREE posts i
don't there is anything weird about getting turned on about
male bondage you don't take any part in... that turns me on
a bit too... Don't feel like a weirdo. We bondage fanatics
are all in this together and i think i ca safely say that
no one will ridicule you for your likes... we all
a 'strange' side to us all... keep those ropes tying and
keep those hands writing.. look forward to more stories...
mine will come soon... I should let you know first hand
that this is a true story to a major extent.. i've adjusted
some parts for your reading pleasure.... Ciao.. will post
story soon...
Wednesday, November 1st 2000 - 11:19:34 PM
Name: Andromeda
Comments:Ray and Allie Boo. Many thanks again for the great
feedback. I'm really pleased you're both enjoying the story.
And Ray, thanks for the compliment. It's undeserved. I'm
not really much of a writer at all. I still remember how I
used to get C's and D's for my essays in school. Chapter 3
is a little behind schedule because of RL concerns. It
should be ready in a couple of days.
Thursday, November 2nd 2000 - 11:21:38 AM
Name: Andromeda
Comments:Home Invasion, Chapter 3.

‘Move it,’ my captor barked. With my butt aching and
smarting from its brutal penetration at the hands of the
man in overalls, I was marched, shuffling and stumbling,
along the corridor to my bedroom, my captor’s hand tight at
my elbow. I was sobbing and my eyes were blurry from the
tears that kept streaming down my cheeks. With my hands
bound behind my back I couldn’t even dry them. The
calculated and deliberate humiliation I had endured in
these terrible few minutes on the landing had been nothing
less than a foretaste of rape and I knew the ordeal was
only going to get worse. I could tell this wasn’t a normal
armed robbery tie-up. Robbery victims are usually bound and
gagged to stop them from interfering and to give their
assailants time to make their getaway. What was happening
to us was different. Beth and I had been earmarked for
humiliation and rape and the harsh, painful bondage was
part and parcel of the humiliation. As my captor shoved me
into my bedroom I winced as I saw my reflection in the full-
length mirror on the wall by the bed. I never thought I
would ever have to see myself that way, hands tied behind
my back, eyes red from crying, naked except for the brief
pair of shorts I was wearing. ‘OK, bitch,’ my captor
growled at me, ‘we’re here. Where’s the gun?’ ‘In the
dresser, bottom drawer on the left,’ I sobbed. As he bent
down to get the gun he looked up at me. ‘Cry all you like,’
he said, ‘I don’t think you get the picture. What happened
to you out there was nothing, just a routine preliminary
check for tightness and lubrication. A T&L we call it.
Every chick gets one before we service her. Every fucking
chick we bag gets to have her fuckhole and butthole
T&L ‘d. Hey, that cute little daughter of yours down
there, what’s her name, Beth, she’s probably getting hers
done right now as we speak. Unless, of course, Red decides
to wait until I get you down there so you can watch.’ He
turned his back and got my gun out of the drawer. It was a
snub-nosed 38. He hefted it in his hand. ‘Nice piece,’ he
said. I had stopped crying; the shock of hearing him talk
about Beth had me trembling inside. At the back of my mind
I had known that whatever happened to me was going to
happen to Beth as well but to hear him talk about it like
that suddenly made it real. ‘What do you do for a living,
Holly,’ he asked me, as he examined my gun, checking to see
if it was loaded. His tone was easy and conversational. It
was the first time I’d heard him use my name. ‘I’m a
schoolteacher,’ I told him. ‘Oh yeah? How about your
daughter? Beth is it?’ ‘She’s a beautician,’ I
said. ‘Hey, that’s pretty good. She have her own business
yet?’ ‘No,’ I told him, ‘she works in a large beauty
parlor.’ I had a sudden image of Beth as I’d seen her
before I’d been marched upstairs, on her knees by the sofa,
gagged, her hands taped behind her back, her legs cruelly
bent back and roped ankle to thigh. We were exchanging
pleasantries as though nothing out of the ordinary was
going on, as though this horrible and obscene atrocity
wasn’t really taking place. Maybe I can get on his good
side, I thought hopefully. I asked him what his name
was. ‘It’s Jerry for you. The guy who gave you your T&L out
there, you can say his name’s Red. The other guy’s name is
Slim. They’re fake names anyway. You don’t wanna know our
real names, just like you don’t wanna see our faces. All we
wanna do is give the two of you a good hard fucking, leave
you hogtied and gagged and get the fuck outta here. We
don’t want to have to kill you too. So behave yourselves
and nobody’s gonna get hurt.’ So much for pleasantries, I
thought bitterly. Reality had snapped back with a
vengeance. Somehow I had to find a way of getting out of
these ropes. The man kept on examining my gun, he seemed
fascinated by it. ‘Got any bullets for this piece?’ he
asked me. ‘I keep them in a separate drawer for safety,’ I
answered, ‘bottom drawer on the right.’ I had tested my
bonds before, just after he had tied me up. This time I
tried harder, twisting my hands against the harshly tied
ropes, oblivious to the sharp stabs of pain that lanced
through my wrists. I knew I had to be injuring my wrists
but I had to find out if there was any slack in the ropes,
any slack at all that I could use to try and free myself.
There was none. The bonds held tight. All I had succeeded
in doing was hurting myself. I saw the man rummaging
through my drawer for the bullets and as he did I edged
closer to the mirror and turned around. I wanted to see the
rope bindings on my wrists from close up. There might some
hidden weakness in the binding, something I could see and
use. As I bent forward and peered over my shoulder I
couldn’t help noticing my butt. My underwear was showing
badly. My shorts had ridden up my cheeks and exposed the
lacy white hemline of my panties. They were sticking out by
an inch, maybe more. I cursed myself for having selected
the wrong pair of panties to wear under my shorts that
morning. I couldn’t do much about fixing my underwear the
way my hands were tied so I ignored the embarrassing panty
peek and concentrated on my bonds, swallowing the stinging
humiliation I felt at having to see my own hands imprisoned
in ropes behind my back. White cotton rope had been wrapped
four or five times around my crossed wrists, the wraps
brutally cinched tight by additional loops threaded between
the wrists. The knots were good. They’d been placed right
at the V join of my arms where I wouldn’t be able to reach
them. There were no weaknesses that I could see. It looked
exactly like it felt on my wrists, harsh, unyielding and
inescapable. It sank in: I had been bound me much too
professionally for me to even think of slipping my ropes. I
felt the helplessness and the hopelessness seep through me
again, just as it had when I’d first been bound. I saw him
looking at me, grinning widely. He had loaded and pocketed
my 38. ‘Hey, slut,’ he called out, ‘looking at your butt?
Shorts a little too short for those panties? I kinda like
it that way. Gives you a nice sloppy-slut-in-her-shorts
look. Cool.’ I reddened but then, I suddenly thought, what
do I have to lose? I turned around and bending forward, I
presented him with my butt and my bound hands pushed out,
shorts riding up to expose my panties, bound hands
fluttering helplessly. ‘I’m so embarrassed,’ I purred at
him over my shoulder in a little girl voice that was
charged with sexual innuendo, ‘I know my panties are
showing. I really want to fix them up but I just can’t, not
with my hands tied up like this. Please, couldn’t I just
ask to untie my hands for just a little tiny bit? You can
tie up again after I’ve pulled my panties up, really, I
promise I won’t try to get away or anything. Actually...’ I
lowered my voice even more, ‘you know, I almost like it,
having these ropes on me. I hated it at first, I’d never
been tied up before, but now...I don’t know. It kind feels
nice and sexy being bound like this and waiting to be
taken. But I’m so embarrassed about my panties. Couldn’t
you untie me just for a minute so I can fix myself up?
Please?’ My loaded 38 was in his pocket but he still had
his own gun tucked into his belt. If I could get him to
untie me even for a minute it might give me a chance to go
for his gun. It was a long shot, risky, but the way I saw
it the alternative was much worse. I was desperate. And
very soon I would be gagged. It had to be now. My captor
was looking at me intently. ‘Nice try, slut,’ he said at
length, ‘give it up. Those ropes stay on just the way they
are.’ It wasn’t working. I persevered. ‘Please, Jerry,’ I
said, using his name, ‘you and I could have a good time up
here alone together. Red and Slim would never have to know.
I like you a lot. You’re strong and you know how to control
a woman. I like that in a man.’ I wiggled my bottom at him
seductively. ‘I’d love to give you a hand job. I know I’m
going to be serviced later but that way you and I would
have gotten to know each other first. That would be fun.
We’ll have our little secret that we share.’ I felt like a
cheap whore, prostituting myself like this but I was doing
it for Beth. Again the man looked at me. ‘You really are a
little slut, aren’t you. No wonder you dress like that. And
Red was right about you. You really do need a gag on you,
more than I ever figured. OK, little slut, gag time.
Anything else you wanna say before I shut you up?’ ‘No,
please...’ I was getting increasingly desperate, ‘if you
won’t untie me, even for a minute, couldn’t you just fix me
up yourself, you know, tuck my panties for me? Please?’
Nothing was working. But maybe if I could get him to touch
me sexually, maybe it would change his mind. It was
strange, I thought, that he had never touched me except to
tie me up and slap me around. The other man, Red, hadn’t
hesitated to penetrate my privates in the most brutal way,
yet Jerry had never touched me at all, not even once. The
thought flashed through my mind that maybe he was impotent,
that he could only get aroused by violence and even then
probably only to masturbate. ‘Oh sure,’ he answered, ‘I’ll
fix you up. But first you get gagged. Where’s your
underwear drawer?’ ‘My underwear drawer?’ I asked, ‘why?’
But I knew why. He was going to gag me with my underwear,
probably my panties. It was dreadful. Suddenly, without
warning, he slapped me hard across both cheeks, backwards
and forwards. The blows left my cheeks stinging and once
again, tears welled up in my eyes. ‘Conversation time is
over, slut,’ he barked, ‘I’m gonna ask you just one more
time. Where’s your fucking underwear drawer?’ ‘Second one
from the bottom on the right,’ I sobbed. He pulled open the
drawer and located a pair of my panties. He held them up to
inspect them, grinning at me. The panties were one of my
favorites, black, lacy and very sexy. I’d worn them on
special dates that I knew in advance would end up in
bed. ‘These’ll do for your gag,’ he chuckled. ‘Let’s do
this the easy way, slut. Open wide.’ He balled up the
panties and held them in front of my mouth. I turned my
head to one side, tears streaming down my face. ‘Please,’ I
pleaded with him, ‘please don’t put those in my mouth. If
you have to gag me, couldn’t you just do it with the tape?
Please, I’m begging you.’ He shook his head. ‘Sorry, slut.
No way. I’m only gonna say this one more time. Open wide.
NOW!’ But I couldn’t bring myself to open my mouth. I kept
my lips pressed together and my head turned away. ‘OK,
then,’ he said nastily, ‘we’ll do this the hard way.’ He
grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it viciously hard
until I cried out in pain. As my mouth was forced open by
my scream, he fed the panties in and shoved the fabric deep
inside, packing my mouth until I retched. He released my
nipple and seconds later, I heard the nasty ripping sound
of the duct tape as it was wrapped over and over again
around my head and across my mouth, sealing the panties
inescapably inside. It was the first time in my life I had
ever been gagged. It felt awful. The humiliation of having
my mouth packed and sealed was worse, much worse even than
having my hands bound. Through my tears I saw my captor
step back and study me for a moment, his head cocked to one
side, his eyes watching me intently through the holes in
his ski mask. Then suddenly he bent forward again and
seized my nipples, both of them this time. As I struggled
futilely to free my nipples from his grasp he began
twisting them around and around until the pain became
unbearable. I screamed again and again into the gag but
practically no sound came through, just faint muted noises.
He twisted my nipples for over a minute then released them.
He seemed satisfied. ‘Just checking to make sure your gag’s
OK,’ he said evenly. ‘Kind of like quality control if you
know what I mean. You can cry as much as you like. Doesn’t
bother me.’ I stared at him through tear-soaked eyes. I’d
always known there was no limit to how cruel people could
be but I’d never experienced that cruelty first hand. How
could I deal with the fact that this animal had tortured my
nipples and forced me to scream, not out of anger or to
punish me but coldly and deliberately, just to check if my
gag did what it was supposed to do? I waited hopelessly for
the next humiliation. It wasn’t long in coming. ‘OK, little
slut,’ he said, ‘I want you down on your knees facing the
bed. Once you’re on your knees bend forward with your head
down on the mattress. Do it!’ he barked. Hopelessly, I
knelt down awkwardly by the bed, unable to use my bound
hands to balance myself. When I was down on my knees I
looked up at him over my shoulder, my eyes pleading with
him not to humiliate me any further. But I knew it was
hopeless. ‘I said bend over, slut. I want to see you
facedown down on the bed. Do it NOW!’ he snarled. I
hesitated, fearful that he was going to give me his own
private, what did he call it, T&L? My anus was still sore
and aching. I couldn’t bear another penetration. I
hesitated and my brief hesitation earned me a punishing
pair of slaps, this time to both sides of my head. It left
my ears ringing. Then came a brutal shove that threw me
forward on the bed. As my head hit the mattress I saw him
pull a short thin folding knife out of his pocket and open
it. The sight of the knife terrified me. I panicked,
bucking up and down on the bed, raising my head and
screaming desperately into my gag, my hands twisting
futilely in their ropes, my legs flapping up and down on
the floor. The man watched me flail around for a few
moments then knelt behind me and pinned my calves down to
the floor with his knees. His hand pushed down on my bound
wrists to pin my torso to the bed. ‘Relax, slut,’ he
said, ‘I’m gonna fix that little problem with your panties
you asked me to fix.’ He let go of my bound wrists and with
his knees still holding down my calves I felt his hand move
down between my legs. In my bent over position, the crotch
of my shorts had lodged itself tightly inside my crack.
Clawing fingers tugged at the narrow strip of fabric and
pulled it out. I felt the cold steel of his knife against
my buttocks and as I held my breath and willed myself to
lie still, I felt more tugging at my shorts and heard the
sound of ripping fabric as the knife sliced through the
crotch with a few quick strokes. Then his fingers were at
the hem, pulling what was left of my shorts up inside out
over my hips and tucking the hem under the
waistband. ‘There you go, slut,’ he said, ‘your problem’s
been solved. Your little panty hemline isn’t showing
anymore. Your whole panty's showing. Feel better? It sure
looks a lot better. Told you I’d fix you up.’ I began
sobbing heavily. ‘Go ahead and cry, slut,’ he said and I
felt his fingers on the crotchband of my panties pulling it
to one side to expose me. He fingered my outer lips then
ran his finger up my crack to my anus. Please God, not
again,’ I prayed. I tensed up, waiting for the pain of anal
penetration. But it never came. Instead he released my
panties and his hand went to my elbow. ‘You already had
your T&L,’ he said, ‘we never give a chick a second one.
You’re ready for servicing. Let’s go. On your feet.’ He
pulled me up and led me out of the room. On the way out I
caught a final glimpse of myself in the mirror. I reddened
when I saw what he had done. It was obscene. He had
effectively stripped me down to my lacy white panties,
leaving my shorts uselessly bunched up inside out around my
waist as a mocking reminder of what I’d been wearing. As I
was marched down the stairs, obscenely stripped to my
underwear, my hands bound tightly and painfully behind my
back, my tears streaming down my face and my mouth
degradingly packed with a pair of my panties, the stinging
humiliation of my appearance merged with dread at what was
to come next.
Sunday, November 5th 2000 - 07:22:19 AM
Name: Ray
Comments:Andromeda, I must say it again; this is a terrific piece of
writing. I have checked this site daily for the continuing
chapters and have not been disapointed when new ones
arrive. I find it hard to believe you got C's and D's in
your essays. I said it before and I'll say it again I
admire you for being able to write a story like this after
what had happened to you earlier in life. Keep the chapters
coming as each one just gets better and better.
PS: If you wish you can contact me from previous posted
address. Thks again, Ray
Sunday, November 5th 2000 - 09:36:01 AM
Name: bondager
Comments:Andie..there is nothing weird about your desire to see men
tie men as many men like women to tie women....my e-mail is
on this site so if you have anymore questions don't hesitate
to use it
Sunday, November 5th 2000 - 12:28:19 PM
Name: Andie
Comments:Thanks bondager and Allie Boo! I feel ALOT better now i've
also had a few assurances from my partner... it turns out
he likes to see women tied by women (i guess bondager has a
point)... thanks very much i thik i can resume my fantasies
in peace now...
Sunday, November 5th 2000 - 11:50:17 PM
Name: Cliff
e-mail: Cliffcavein@yahoo,com
Comments:Bondage in Stages...................

I am glad to finally find a site that has true bondage
tales where you can weed out the ones that are so obviously
fake. Many of the other sites, while great to read have
some obviously fake experiences or very colorful
exaggerations in them. This I can tell you is all true. It
is my latest bondage experiences (and greatest to date) of
a nice female friend I met and have gradually introduced
to bondage over a year or so. I have chosen to change her
name only, the description, times and ties will be as
accurate as I remember.
I first met Rose when I moved in to the condo next to her.
I was dating another girl at the time and had two roomates.
We had put in a Hot tub and invited Rose and her friends
over often to have cocktails in the tub at all hours of the
night. My first intent was to have Rose and a friend of
hers (well call her Kim, but she is not in this story much
more) hook up with my roommates, I was happy in my
relationship and had actually had some minor bondage play
with this girlfriend. Rose was a good looking girl in any
ones book. Not Spectacular, cant keep your mouth from
drooling, but good looking and her friend Kim was gorgeous.
Kim and Rose soon parted ways over a male whom Rose did not
think was a good person (Drugs, Crime and the like) but Kim
had fallen for them and soon Kim was no longer in the
As for my roommates, Rose did not hook up with either of
them, not that they did not try, but all the card games and
a lot of booze was for not. Rose would hang out all the
time, but no action for the guys. It was obvious that Rose
and I got along well, she adored my dog, and whenever I was
just hanging out in the hot tub by my self, Rose would seem
to wander by and join me in some light conversation and a
few drinks......
After several months passed, I eventually broke up with my
girlfriend and saw a few other girls over the next few
weeks but nothing serious. .....
It was during this time that I began to really notice Rose.
Rose is 26 years old. She has naturally dark red hair to
her shoulders that she often highlights with a brighter red
coloring. She is fair skinned and has high cheekbones, her
lips and neck remind me of Shania Twain but she has no
accent and her eyes are green. Rose would best be described
as skinny, but not in an unhealthy way. She stands 5’8” or
so and probably wears a 35 B cup or so (Just a guess) her
breasts are quite nice and while you wouldn't call her
busty, she has one of those chests that stand out with out
a bra, but when she does wear a bra, it makes a bit of
cleavage on a low cut shirt. Up until this point, I had
obviously not seen her naked, but between the bikini’s and
zippered bathing suits, I had a good Idea about her body
and it was nothing to scoff at.............
Rose an I spent a lot of time going to play pool and darts
over pitchers of beer. Between that, late movies and hot
tubs, we began to become close and eventually, frequent
lovers. Rose was an experienced lover and liked to try
different positions and techniques which wowed me (I had
been around the block a few times my self). We would not be
considered dating but she shared my bed and I hers a few
times a week.......
After a year, one roommate had moved out, my other roommate
and I had begun to be comfortable in our jobs and earning a
good living. We decided to lease a house so that we would
have more elbow room. The house was only a few miles away
and I would still see Rose on the weekends or so. ..........
It was once we had moved in to this new house that I began
to get more bold. With a house comes distance between
bedrooms and I did not wish to share my occasional bondage
lifestyle with my roommate, though he would, I am sure be
understanding. ..............
Rose also became more bold, perhaps the distance from her
own roommates or distance from me brought it on but things
began to heat up in the bedroom. Once Rose brought with her
a battery operated dildo and asked me to use it on her. I
did with great pleasure and she moaned so loud that she
took a pillow and covered her face to drown out her cries.
I was so turned on.........
The next week or so she brought back the dildo and again
asked me to use it on her. I smiled and began to strip her
down, when she was in just her panties, I grabbed a sash
from my window curtains and tied her hands together in
front. Rose just smiled and made some comment about kinky
behavior that she enjoyed and I pleasured her, again she
placed the pillow over her face when she climaxed. When she
was done, she asked if I had just happened to find the rope
or had prepared it for her. I explained that it was just a
sash from the curtains. I got the distinct impression that
she would not have minded if I had prepared it.......
Another few weeks passed and when the dildo was brought
out, had some longer rope ready, I tied her hands in front
of her again, but this time secured the end of the rope to
the top of the bed. Rose tugged on the rope and smiled as I
began to pleasure her with the dildo slowly. I remember
that she said “yes....oh Yes” louder and louder. when she
began to reach ecstasy she was rolling from side to side,
trying to smother her increasing tempo of cries. I reached
up with a free hand and placed my palm over her mouth. Rose
Immediately let out louder moans that were now muffled by
my hand and I could feel her teeth lightly biting my skin.
Her climax was greater that any other than I had seen her
have before. and when she was done I removed my
hand.. “Wow.....Wow” was all Rose could say. I untied the
end of the rope from the end of the bed but before I could
untie her hands Rose reached forward and grabbed my crotch,
pulling off my boxers. On her knees with her hands tied and
the loose end I my hands she gave me the most amazing
blowjob that I had in a long time.........
Now Christmas time was approaching and she and I did not
see each other for several weeks, thought we occasionally
spoke over the phone. it was probably three or four weeks
later when Rose and I got back together. This time she had
not brought the dildo, but when we started fooling around
we were standing, I was unbuttoning her shirt after I had
dropped her jeans, and suddenly I spun her around facing
the wall. When I reached around her front to fondle her
breasts, she reached both hands behind her back to grab at
my crotch. I spun her back around and she kept her hands
behind her back. I knelt and kissed her breasts and began
to lick her. She held her hands behind her back and arched
her back moaning. I stood and continued to fondle her
inching toward the closet where I managed to fumble for a
tie. I turned Rose around and found that she held her hands
together crossed at the wrists. The tie was wrapped twice
around the wrists and then twice between them knotting it
at the end. Rose was effectively bound from behind. This
seemed to make her tempo even more enthusiastic, she moaned
and arched and tried to give me a hand job as I walked her
toward my bed kissing and fingering and fondling all the
way. Rose lay on the bed on her back and I entered her, I
was as hard as I had ever bed and she was wet as I had ever
seen her. Rose was becoming louder and louder with each
thrust ad I was finding it hard to keep key balance and
hold my hand over her mouth.........
I removed my hand and pulled out, Rose exclaimed for me not
to stop, to keep going, and I explained that I just needed
to make some adjustments and grabbed a light green pillow
from the head of the bed I removed the pillow-case and
quickly twisted it into a thick rope. Rose opened her mouth
wide and I pulled it between her lips. She MMMMPPPHHHed in
to it and tilted her head forward allowing me to make a
quick and loose knot behind her head. I then re-entered her
and Rose reached a new stage of her ecstasy. We both came
with in seconds of each other and I could not take my eyes
off this gorgeous girl who was having sex with me with her
hands tied behind her and gagged (though a sloppy gag at
that). when we were done Rose commented on how the “gag was
quick thinking” and when I asked if she minded her hands
tied behind her back, she said that she did not and that it
was an ‘interesting’ feeling........
The next few times we had sex were similar in that I tied
her hands behind her and always managed to find a gag to
pull between her teeth. Though the gag progressed from a
pillow case to a ripped towel, to a bandanna to a bandanna
with a knot..............After a few weeks, when I was at
roses house, She brought out the dildo again, said that it
had been quite some time since I had used it on her and
asked if I would. I said that I would, but only if she left
the room for a few minutes and then returned....rose
smiled, made a comment on wondering what my devilish mind
was up to and then left closeting the door being
her.......I frantically began to search the room . I first
moved a strait backed chair has had with a writing desk
into the middle of the room. In her closet I found a cloth
bathrobe belt, two cloth belts and three scarves, one a
dark silk and the others cotton and multi colored. I also
found a land leant of clothing line in the corner of her
closet in an unopened plastic bag. I strategically placed
these items around the room and awaited for Rose to
When rose opened the door slowly I met her with a long and
passionate kiss. Rose returned it and I began to strip her
of her clothes. Rose wore no bra this evening and had
jeans, a button up oxford with the top buttons undone and
sandals. The jeans and sandals came off and I left three
buttons (or so) still attached to her shirt. I turned rose
around and she brought her hands back as soon as I touched
them. smiling I could see her watch me bind her hands
together with the bathrobe belt. She then
exclaimed “uh...Oh”... when I brought up the silk scarf up
to her eyes. She leaned forward, allowing me to tie it
tightly around her eyes. I held her from behind and walked
her toward the middle of the room. She asked where I was
taking her and I had her go to her knees. She realized what
I was getting at and took me in her mouth working her lips
and tong back and forth... back and forth.... after a few
minutes I stood her up. “done already?” she asked “hardly”
I replied. “googol” Rose said. I backed her up and lifted
her arms over the strait back of the chair. Rose sat down
and I Bound each leg by the ankle to the chairs legs. Rose
made another comment of mock surprise as I massaged her
breasts with my hands then my lips. She began to moan and I
turned on the dido so that she could hear the humming. Rose
arched as I touched her with it over her panties. I told
her to be patient, that she would get it soon. Rose made
mock disappointment sighs. I straddled her and placed
myself in her mouth again. Rose rhythmically bopped her
head back and forth faster and herded. While this was under
way I pulled one of the other scarves from my back pocket
and folded it into a long strip. I dismounted and walked
behind her. I clearly remember saying, “next a gag for you
marvelous lips” Rose opened her mouth up wide and accepted
the scarf between her teeth. She then leaned forward and I
lifted her hair to tie it I back of her
neck. “MMMMPPPHhH?” Rose inquired. “Not quite yet, almost.
I replied” I opened the pack of cloth rope and wrapped it
several times under her chest. This made her breasts stick
out even more and I pulled the shirt off her shoulders
exposing them entirely. I then wrapped rope around each
thigh and upper calf. Rose moaned into her gag as I turned
on the dildo and entered her with it under her panties. I
pulled the panties up over the shaft holding it in place
and Rose began to moan and struggle against her bonds. As
the moans increased I pulled out the third scarf and made a
long flat strip which I placed over her lips and tied off
behind her head. I then sat on her bed and for the next ten
minutes I watched her rhythmically move and squirm and moan
as she reached climax........
When it was over and I had untied her I asked how she liked
it, rose was out of breath and could only nod her head and
mumble something about stars and coming more than once. We
both collapsed into bed and the next morning I left........
A few weeks after that I met another young lady that I
started dating.....I am not one for infidelity and did not
play with Rose for almost 6 months after that (this May
actually) and that is where I really let my inhibitions get
loose. If you would like to hear of these adventures please
let me know...thanks..... Cliff.
Monday, November 6th 2000 - 02:23:51 AM
Name: Allie Cat
e-mail: allie_cat_18@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/thealliecat/main.html
Comments:Hello Everyone! I love reading these stories! In fact I
love writing them too!
I have just created my own dreambook... Not in any
contention with other site! Especially not this one... I
love this one!.. You give me a fantasy (which includes
bondage) and I will write it for you (allow a week or so)
they can be X-rated (which I send to oyu via e-mail) or
just something you can laugh at.... there's no charge and
you can in fact write your own experiences no age limit! I
also have many stories to share and those will also
appear.... I hope to see some posts the URL is above....
Thankyou and Keep Tying! Love that story Matt
Wednesday, November 8th 2000 - 02:06:18 AM
Name: Shelly
Comments:i like this site good variety of story's here!

i enjoy being tied and ballgagged by my boyfriend sometimes
he even spanks me.

he likes to tie me up roughly like an attack thing he will
wear a mask or nylon over his head and grab me and tie me
and gag me and he usually ends up fucking me or jerking off
on me.
i really don't mind the bondage but the rough things scares
me it's like he's raping me or whoever but acting it out on
when i ask him about it he says it's just a game but last
night he grabbed me as i came home from work and mmy friend
was with me and he got her too.
i walked in and he grabbed me and tied me up and gagged me
before i could say anything about my friend then he heard
her come in but instead of untying me he grabs some rope
and goes and grabs her he carries her into the living room
where i am hogtied and i can see she is scared to death he
is loving this.
i try and make some sounds to him and he says shut up bicth
now i am getting pissed but can't do crap!
he pulls up her skirt and removes her shoes he finishes
hogtying her and he shoves a ball in her mouth and tapes it
in place the he comes over to me and tears off my pantyhose
and starts spanking me i am crying and she is too from
watching this then he unties my legs and pulls down his
pants and fucks me in front of my friend who thinks she is
next to be fucked but isn't!
i was humiliated he finishes up and leves us there but he
left his knife on the floor next to me it took me about 20
minutes to get loose and untie her she was so freaked out.
i had to explain it was my boyfriend acting out some sick
fantasy he comes in carrying his mask and says he is sorry
that he thought she was in on the game and we spent the
next hour explaining thins to her she felt better and
promised not to tell our co workers about this and we took
her out for dinner and drinks.
when we got home i let him have it about his game telling
him he was lucky he didn't touch her or he would be in jail
for rape right now i woukd have turned his ass in and by
the time you read this he will be my EX boyfriend and good
riddance for that if he was not so into this attack thing
he would be ok!
I enjoy good bondage even a little spank but no RAPE
Wednesday, November 8th 2000 - 09:39:36 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:Shelly...thanks for the compliment and good for you standing
up to him.....every woman wants a man to possess her but in
a loving fashion.....if you want any more advice or
encouragement just e-mail me at p-e-p@home.com
Thursday, November 9th 2000 - 10:12:11 PM
Name: Allie Boo
e-mail: arianwen@celticmail.com
Comments:Hey I want a commision done too! Has anyone been to that
new dreambook yet?
Anyways I'll post up amy story later this afternoon...

Behold! A tale of deception, winning and feminization!!

Friday, November 10th 2000 - 08:19:59 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:to Cliff:

Bring on the stories we could use more of your imagination
Sunday, November 19th 2000 - 03:37:53 PM
Name: Gag Lover
Comments:Right on. Let's have some more stories.
Monday, November 20th 2000 - 08:04:15 AM
Name: Mike
e-mail: gyrfaulcon@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://www.egroups.com/group/caught-in-selfbondage
Comments: Subscribe: caught-in-selfbondage-subscribe@egroups.com
List owner: caught-in-selfbondage-owner@egroups.com
URL to this page:

I will cross post your group in mine to reciprocate.
If interested , you are invited to join :
Founded July 17, 2000 Members: 672
This is a place for ALL of us who enjoy self bondage,
(even if your not about being found,
or are still in denial !!)
& those who have been caught at it by accident as well as
those who like and/or plan being caught.
An exchange of ideas & views, pics and stories.
A place to meet and/or discuss with like minded adults.
All orientations & genders are welcome.

whether in word; pictures or intent.
( we can discuss our own childhood
experiences & experimentation,
but NOT in a manner that would constitute child porn
or child luring)
That is NOT what this list is about

Self bondage is far more creative & challenging
than bondage w/ a partner.
(& mybe a little more "dangerous" as well )
So lets talk and share, unless your still "stuck"!(& gagged !)
Saturday, December 23rd 2000 - 10:27:01 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:Hello All - This is my first post on this site I hope you
like it! This was really embaressing to me though! Ok so
heres my story: My Boyfriend, whom I will call Mark, came
over to my hosue one night. (by the way, i am 14, with
brown hair and brown eyes, and am 5'4) My mommmy left the
house to go grocery shopping for the night, so naturally,
what were me and Mark going to do!!! of course make out!
So we got on the couch and mark said lets do something
different this time. I said ok. He pulled my shirt up over
my head and said lay down on the couch, I will be back in a
little bit ok? So I waited for about 5 minutes, pretty
turned on by this point! When he came back, he was only
wearing his boxers, and he was carrying a bag. He told me
he wanted to do this for a long time, and asked if I could
be tied up. I said sure. So he took off my shirt, bra,
pants, shoes, and socks, leaving me only in my cute white
panties, and made me lay stomach up on the couch. I did as
he told me. He sat on me up and pulled my arms towards him,
and tied my wrists with a piece of rope. I struggled a
little bit, but there was no way I was going to get lose!
After that he made my kneel on the floor. He took another
piece of rope and tied my ankles with it. After that, we
started to kiss, and I bit his lip really hard (thats our
little thing, hehe). He said thats it, not you will be
punished. I am going to have to gag you! I was now
starting to get excited by this, because I have heard of
other people playing games like this. So he opened up my
mouth and stuffed my dirty socks in. Then he took a big
piece of duct tape out of his bag and put it over my lips.
Then he put another one on over it. I mppheed and grunted
through my gag for him. I could tell he really enjoyed it!
Then he came behind me, and told me it was time to be
punished. I mpphedd a little through my gag. He started to
squeeze my butt. Then he moved my panties up my butt, so it
looked like I was wearing a thong. Then he took his hand,
and started to spank me! I moaned through my gag for him.
He wasn't hitting me incredibly hard, but they realy stung.
By the end of my spanking, my butt had gotten really red
and really sore. After that he carried me up onto the
couch, and pulled my panties down to my thighs. He then
fingered me, well I pulled down his boxers and gave him a
handjob. By the end of this I was really tired. He asked me
if I needed a rest, so I mpphhed yes and nodded my head. He
said ok. He untied my ankles, then brought me over to the
chair, and tied my arms behind me. Then he spread my legs
and tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair. He
pulled of his boxers, so we were both naked, sat on top of
me, and started playing with my breasts and my nipples. I
moaned and grunted through my gag some more. After a little
while, the door opened, and my mommy entered the room! Mark
pulled his boxers up, and my mom took his arm and threw him
outside in the snow! She yelled at him and told him he
could never see me again. Then she came back in the house
and ungagged me, and asked if I had agreed to play. I said
yes, and said I was sorry. She then untied me from the
chair, and made me lay down on the bed. She pulled my hands
behind my back so I coudln't get away, pulled my panties off
my legs, and started spanking me so hard I began to cry.
After that, she retied my ankles, and my wrists behind my
back. Then she tied a rope around my neck, and connected it
to the headboard. I kept yelling at her to stop, so she
gagged me with my panties, and wrapped duct tape completely
around my head, going all through my hair. Then she said
"you will never see that boy again, ever!". Then she turned
the lights off and left me until morning. I was allowed to
put my panties and bra on. Then she had me sit in the
kitchen chair. She tied my ankles and legs to the chair,
then gagged me. In front of me was a pen, and a lot of
paper. She made me write 5000 times, I will not play
bondage games ever again. And she said if I didn't get it
done by the end of tomorrow, I would be spanked again. So I
did what I was told. The next week, I saw Mark in school,
and his parents just laughed at him, and said serves you
right! They took it as a joke! And I was so mad! And I
don't care what you people think about this story, it is
totally totally true!!! Please post guys, I am new to
Monday, January 1st 2001 - 11:28:29 AM
Name: bondager
Comments:Amy-Good story and well written and the way your mother
gagged you is one of the three gags you cannot get out of.
I know from experience and you were effectively tied and
Saturday, January 6th 2001 - 03:46:02 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:Yes, I know! I was really mad to! But it was kind of fun,
I am so into bondage now! Shes never done anything like
that to me before, I almost wish she would do it again!
Please post guys! Don't be lil chickens!
Saturday, January 6th 2001 - 10:19:56 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:Oh, and Bondager, why don't you share your experience?
Saturday, January 6th 2001 - 10:21:13 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:Bondage, can you please post some of your experiences!!!
Wednesday, January 10th 2001 - 07:11:14 PM
Name: ligateurre
e-mail: ligateurre@aol.com
Comments:Hi there! Great page. I carshed my computer and I lost
all my favorite sites. Does anybody have the address for
the Damsels in Pantyhose Bondage site? I would really
appreciate it thanks.

Wednesday, January 10th 2001 - 08:02:07 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:http://books.dreambook.com/mattj/pantyhose.html and

can you please post something, whoever you are! mwa! you
are the absolute best if you do!
Thursday, January 11th 2001 - 07:42:30 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:Just to let all you guys who read this know, i am REALLY MAD
WITH YOU GUYS! look you just gotta post something for me!
PLEASE! I am new to all of this bondage stuff, and I love
reading these stores, and if you don't post any new ones,
I'll never get a chance to!

But anyways, this happened this friday night - I am really
embaressed to admit this, but I think that my mommy used
tieing me up as my punishment now. And although I liked it,
and it kind of turns me on, I don't want my own mommy doing
it to me! My daddy went on a business trip last night, and
my mommy went to a friends house. She said she was going to
be gone all night, so I decided to throw a party! It seemed
like an awesome idea at idea at the time! So I invited
about 15 people over. At about 1:00, she came home, and got
really mad! She kicked everyone out of the house, and told
me to wait in the living room. She came back in with a
duffel bag, and said I am going to have to start
disciplining you more, I can't believe you did this tonight!
She told me to take of all of my clothes. After I did that
she said give me your panties, and I did that. She made me
kneel down and put my arms behind back. She took some rope
and tied my wrists and my elbows. Then she tied above and
below my breasts, and then around my waist and my already
tied wrists. Then she tied my thighs, above and below my
knees, and then my ankles. She took a roll of string tied
my big toes together after that. Then she pushed me on the
ground. I couldn't move an inch. She took my dirty panties
and put them in my mouth. She took a really thick cloth and
tied it between my lips and around my head. Then she took
out the roll of duct tape, and wrapped it around my mouth at
least 10 times, going all through my hair again. Then she
did the same with my eyes. I tried to scream through the
gag, but almost nothing came out. Then suddenly, something
really hard hit my butt, and it wasn't her hand, i didn't
get to see it, but i know it was a paddle. After about 50
spankings, she stopped. Tears were streaming from my eyes,
I was in so much pain! Then she roughly stood me up, and
took pictures of me! I heard the snapping of the camera,
and start mpphing and trying to get her to stop. Then she
laid me back down and spanked me some more. I was too tired
and hurt to even moan anymore. After that she carried to
the basement. She put me in a hogtie, and then wrapped more
ropes around my body. She connected a rope to the rope
around my waist, and pulled it through my butt and through
my vagina, and tied it around my neck. She pulled it so
tight! She brought my cats literbox up to my face and put
my head in it! Then she wrapped ducttape around my head and
underneatht he box, so I couldn't get out of it! Then she
told me I was going to spend the night like this, and not be
untied until 3:00 Saturday. I coudlnt' sleep at all I was
in so much pain. And I had to go to the bathroom so bad! I
moaned all night trying to get her to come get me, but she
wouldnt. Finally, i couldn't take the pressure anymore, and
I peed all over the floor! It was so sick, and it smelled
so bad. She came down at 3:00, and said awww my big girl
had to go to the bathroom. Maybe I should buy you some
diapers, take pictures, and show them to your friends?
Would you like that? Then she untied me, and took amm the
tape off slowly. She carried me up to my room, and told me
not to come out.

Anyways, this was all last week, and shes been nice to me
the rest of the week - Please post guys!!!
Saturday, January 13th 2001 - 02:55:44 PM
Name: Bondager

Did you get back at your mother? She went too far, in my
opinion. I admire the guts that you showed by not breaking
completely. Did you ever tell your dad or would he not
believe you
Saturday, January 13th 2001 - 03:23:24 PM
Name: Amy
Comments:No, my daddy wouldn't beleive me - i don't know if i would
even want to tell him though! Because I like what she does,
not the literbox part, but everything else is great! I jsut
don't want my own mommy to do it, ya know? I would LOVE to
get her back, but I don't know if I should? Have you ever
done anything like that? AND YOU STILL HAVEN'T POSTED
ANYTHING BONDAGE I'M MAD AT YOU! hehehe luv ya guys :)
Sunday, January 14th 2001 - 10:17:50 PM
Name: Tish
e-mail: tishytoshy@hotmail.com
Comments:Here is a story of mine. It is fictional, but Bondager said
that it was ok to post it here. Comments are welcome,
since I'm new at the fiction and have only posted things
that have actually happened to me on other sites.

It started like any other night. Discrete phone call,
short list of things to bring, and a meeting time. It took
only a couple hours to get home, changed into the desired
outfit, and drive to the hotel room. The hotel room was
nothing fancy, just a single king sized bed, a table with
three straight-backed wooden chairs, a short dresser with a
TV setting on top, and a simple bathroom. The colors were
nice and bland, shades of blues and browns every where. I
was early, which was fine by me. My jacket was hanging on
the rod by the bathroom, and I was sitting in one of the
wooden chairs. My feet, wrapped in leather up to my knees
in glossy black, high heeled granny style boots, were
resting comfortably on the bedside. My eyes trailed from
the boots up my legs, encased in jet black opaque thigh high
tights, which disappeared under my black polypro dress. It
had a skirt that hugged my legs down to my knees, or rode up
to mid thigh when I was seated. It was a one piece dress
with a zipper in front that started at the skirt edge and
went all the way up to my neckline. Right now it was
unzipped down to show enough cleavage and let any viewer
know that I had no tan lines between my breasts, let alone
no bra. The dress was made to resemble a tank-top around
the shoulders, leaving them bare down to the black spandex
gloves that stretched from my fingertips to my biceps. I
had a black scrunchy holding my black hair in place behind
my head, allowing the tail to fall freely to the middle of
my back. The hair, along with the medium tan, set off my
bright green eyes and ruby red lips. The jewelry was
minimal, studded gold earrings and nothing else.

A key rattled outside the door, and then found it's way into
the lock. The door opened to reveal my lover. He was
slightly taller than I was in my 4 inch heels. His build
was of medium size, and his features were plain, brown hair
and brown eyes. I like to think of his looks as above
average, but nothing to faint over. But then, I wasn't here
for his looks, it was his mind that kept me coming back. He
was dressed in a suit, with a long coat over that and
carrying a nice sized suitcase. He set the case down on
it's flat side, next to the TV and walked over to the rod to
hang up his coat. I dropped my feet to the floor and stood
up, pulling down my skirt, and then walked over to meet him.
We embraced and kissed long and passionate. When we broke,
I immediately placed my finger over his lips and whispered,
"No formalities. Let's just start."

He nodded his approval and walked back to the suitcase,
guiding me by my arm. He ushered me by the suitcase and
told me to stand still. I did as I was told, listening to
him open up the suitcase. He gently guided my left hand
behind my back and placed a leather cuff over the wrist,
cinching it tight. My right hand was guided behind my back
and cuffed to my left, leaving maybe an inch between the
wrists. I couldn't help it, and began to squirm in my cuffs
just a little. Stepping close behind me, I could feel his
slacks with my fingertips and began to feel around the front
of his pants as my lover placed a blindfold over my eyes,
and cinched the leather tight. I was now without sight and
had to rely on my hearing and touch to find him. I found
his manhood and knew instantly that he was aroused. He
leaned back to retrieve something from the suitcase, and
then leaned back into me and started kissing me around my
neck and cheeks while I stroked him through his pants.

I could feel his breath on my left ear as he whispered to
me, "Open up." I did at once and felt the large rubber ball
force it's way between my teeth. I mphhed a little as he
adjusted the ball and then tightened the strap underneath my
scrunchy. This got me struggling a little more. Again in
the same ear he whispered, "Stand still." I stopped most of
my struggling, but still fidgeted with my wrist cuffs. The
ball kept my mouth pried wide open, forcing my lips to
stretch across the front, sealing my mouth shut. After
collecting some things from the case, my lover guided me
back to where I was seated and turned me around, helping me
to sit back down into my chair. My arms were pulled behind
the backrest, and a rope was tied to the connector piece
holding the cuffs together. The rope was pulled down to a
bar or something in back, and he continued pulling down
until I was forced to lean back over the top of the
backrest. When I was to the point of lifting my butt off
the cushion, he stopped pulling and tied off the rope. The
rest of the rope was brought up from the bar and looped
around my waist a few times and then tied off, trapping my
bottom to the seat cushion. I felt rope encircling my arms
just above my elbows, drawing them closer to each other.
Once they were to the point of almost touching, the rope was
knotted off and the rest was wrapped around the backrest of
the chair, pinning my arms to the chair. I moaned as each
rope was wrapped around me and tightened, occasionally
getting a moan of approval from him in return.

My lover moved to the front of the chair, placing his hands
on my exposed knees and lower thighs. He stood there for a
little while, messaging my legs between the skirt and the
tops of my boots. He started to message the insides of my
thighs just above my knees, forcing them further apart. I
felt the skirt of my dress stretch tight across my thighs as
he spread my legs to the edges of the seat, and up against
the armrests. I felt his hands lift off my legs and then
rope being wrapped around my right leg, just above the knee.
He looped it around my leg and the forward post of the
armrest, pinning my leg to the armrest . He moved to the
other side and repeated the process. I moaned into my gag
and couldn't help but to struggle against the backrest of
the chair. I could feel my nipples pushing against the
polypro material the held them back under.

From his position between my legs I felt him run his hand
from my waistline up to my cleavage, and then around both my
breasts. I moaned my approval as his hand glided over my
breasts. He then took my right leg and positioned my foot
next to the forward chair leg, on the outside of the leg.
He tied it to the leg, making it impossible for me to bring
my foot around the chair leg. My left leg was secured the
same way, now making me helpless to his whims. With one
hand he began to repeat the process of rubbing my breasts
through the polypro material, and with the other hand he
played over my thighs and hips, planting little kisses on my
thighs and knees. I moaned into my gag and again squirmed
in my bonds as he kissed my hosed legs. He kept this up
while rubbing my breasts through the material of my dress.
I was feeling like the temperature was starting to rise in
the room.

My lover stood and walked away from me, allowing me to cool
down just a bit. I heard the familiar sound of a match
being struck and eventually the smell of burn sulfur made
it's way to me. I could hear him walk up to me and then
stand over me as he began to knead my breasts again. I was
moaning happily and completely lost track of what he had
just done until the first drop of hot wax fell on my skin.
It landed in between my breasts and a hot flash of pain
jolted through my body. I jerked an yelped into my gag,
struggling to get loose. It wasn't happening, the tie was
secure. More drops started to fall into my cleavage before
the first one started to cool. It was maddening. The pain
was increasing, but the fire that felt like it was burning
on my exposed flesh was also rekindling in other areas. I
was starting to get hotter than the wax that was falling
onto my chest.

Do I keep going? Let me know!!!
Tuesday, January 23rd 2001 - 08:45:30 AM
Name: Tish
e-mail: tishytoshy@hotmail.com
Comments:It started like any other night. Discrete phone call,
short list of things to bring, and a meeting time. It took
only a couple hours to get home, changed into the desired
outfit, and drive to the hotel room. The hotel room was
nothing fancy, just a single king sized bed, a table with
three straight-backed wooden chairs, a short dresser with a
TV setting on top, and a simple bathroom. The colors were
nice and bland, shades of blues and browns every where. I
was early, which was fine by me. My jacket was hanging on
the rod by the bathroom, and I was sitting in one of the
wooden chairs. My feet, wrapped in leather up to my knees
in glossy black, high heeled granny style boots, were
resting comfortably on the bedside. My eyes trailed from
the boots up my legs, encased in jet black opaque thigh high
tights, which disappeared under my black polypro dress. It
had a skirt that hugged my legs down to my knees, or rode up
to mid thigh when I was seated. It was a one piece dress
with a zipper in front that started at the skirt edge and
went all the way up to my neckline. Right now it was
unzipped down to show enough cleavage and let any viewer
know that I had no tan lines between my breasts, let alone
no bra. The dress was made to resemble a tank-top around
the shoulders, leaving them bare down to the black spandex
gloves that stretched from my fingertips to my biceps. I
had a black scrunchy holding my black hair in place behind
my head, allowing the tail to fall freely to the middle of
my back. The hair, along with the medium tan, set off my
bright green eyes and ruby red lips. The jewelry was
minimal, studded gold earrings and nothing else.
A key rattled outside the door, and then found it's way into
the lock. The door opened to reveal my lover. He was
slightly taller than I was in my 4 inch heels. His build
was of medium size, and his features were plain, brown hair
and brown eyes. I like to think of his looks as above
average, but nothing to faint over. But then, I wasn't here
for his looks, it was his mind that kept me coming back. He
was dressed in a suit, with a long coat over that and
carrying a nice sized suitcase. He set the case down on
it's flat side, next to the TV and walked over to the rod to
hang up his coat. I dropped my feet to the floor and stood
up, pulling down my skirt, and then walked over to meet him.
We embraced and kissed long and passionate. When we broke,
I immediately placed my finger over his lips and whispered,
"No formalities. Let's just start."
He nodded his approval and walked back to the suitcase,
guiding me by my arm. He ushered me by the suitcase and
told me to stand still. I did as I was told, listening to
him open up the suitcase. He gently guided my left hand
behind my back and placed a leather cuff over the wrist,
cinching it tight. My right hand was guided behind my back
and cuffed to my left, leaving maybe an inch between the
wrists. I couldn't help it, and began to squirm in my cuffs
just a little. Stepping close behind me, I could feel his
slacks with my fingertips and began to feel around the front
of his pants as my lover placed a blindfold over my eyes,
and cinched the leather tight. I was now without sight and
had to rely on my hearing and touch to find him. I found
his manhood and knew instantly that he was aroused. He
leaned back to retrieve something from the suitcase, and
then leaned back into me and started kissing me around my
neck and cheeks while I stroked him through his pants.
I could feel his breath on my left ear as he whispered to
me, "Open up." I did at once and felt the large rubber ball
force it's way between my teeth. I mphhed a little as he
adjusted the ball and then tightened the strap underneath my
scrunchy. This got me struggling a little more. Again in
the same ear he whispered, "Stand still." I stopped most of
my struggling, but still fidgeted with my wrist cuffs. The
ball kept my mouth pried wide open, forcing my lips to
stretch across the front, sealing my mouth shut. After
collecting some things from the case, my lover guided me
back to where I was seated and turned me around, helping me
to sit back down into my chair. My arms were pulled behind
the backrest, and a rope was tied to the connector piece
holding the cuffs together. The rope was pulled down to a
bar or something in back, and he continued pulling down
until I was forced to lean back over the top of the
backrest. When I was to the point of lifting my butt off
the cushion, he stopped pulling and tied off the rope. The
rest of the rope was brought up from the bar and looped
around my waist a few times and then tied off, trapping my
bottom to the seat cushion. I felt rope encircling my arms
just above my elbows, drawing them closer to each other.
Once they were to the point of almost touching, the rope was
knotted off and the rest was wrapped around the backrest of
the chair, pinning my arms to the chair. I moaned as each
rope was wrapped around me and tightened, occasionally
getting a moan of approval from him in return.
My lover moved to the front of the chair, placing his hands
on my exposed knees and lower thighs. He stood there for a
little while, messaging my legs between the skirt and the
tops of my boots. He started to message the insides of my
thighs just above my knees, forcing them further apart. I
felt the skirt of my dress stretch tight across my thighs as
he spread my legs to the edges of the seat, and up against
the armrests. I felt his hands lift off my legs and then
rope being wrapped around my right leg, just above the knee.
He looped it around my leg and the forward post of the
armrest, pinning my leg to the armrest . He moved to the
other side and repeated the process. I moaned into my gag
and couldn't help but to struggle against the backrest of
the chair. I could feel my nipples pushing against the
polypro material the held them back under.
From his position between my legs I felt him run his hand
from my waistline up to my cleavage, and then around both my
breasts. I moaned my approval as his hand glided over my
breasts. He then took my right leg and positioned my foot
next to the forward chair leg, on the outside of the leg.
He tied it to the leg, making it impossible for me to bring
my foot around the chair leg. My left leg was secured the
same way, now making me helpless to his whims. With one
hand he began to repeat the process of rubbing my breasts
through the polypro material, and with the other hand he
played over my thighs and hips, planting little kisses on my
thighs and knees. I moaned into my gag and again squirmed
in my bonds as he kissed my hosed legs. He kept this up
while rubbing my breasts through the material of my dress.
I was feeling like the temperature was starting to rise in
the room.
My lover stood and walked away from me, allowing me to cool
down just a bit. I heard the familiar sound of a match
being struck and eventually the smell of burn sulfur made
it's way to me. I could hear him walk up to me and then
stand over me as he began to knead my breasts again. I was
moaning happily and completely lost track of what he had
just done until the first drop of hot wax fell on my skin.
It landed in between my breasts and a hot flash of pain
jolted through my body. I jerked an yelped into my gag,
struggling to get loose. It wasn't happening, the tie was
secure. More drops started to fall into my cleavage before
the first one started to cool. It was maddening. The pain
was increasing, but the fire that felt like it was burning
on my exposed flesh was also rekindling in other areas. I
was starting to get hotter than the wax that was falling
onto my chest.
Friday, January 26th 2001 - 05:11:18 PM
Name: bondager
Comments:Damn good story Trish.........you'd want to make me keep you
for myself and with that outfit WHY NOT?

We need more from you and you are a good writer
Friday, January 26th 2001 - 10:28:32 PM
Name: Dom/Sub
e-mail: none@msn.com
Comments:I like a lot of the stories here so I decided to contribute
an experience of my own.

I really love bondage and also enjoy pantyhose and feet.
I guess I got my start into these fetish as a child, I had
was able to be able to play tie up games with my mom and
I really seemed to enjoy it a lot it was during these games
that my focus seemed to revolve around there feet
especially if they happend to be wearing hose.
I used to love to remove their shoes, slippers to expose
their bound hose covered feet.
I was even brave enough to sneak a few sniffs but not so
close they caught on lucky for me they both had a pretty
strong foot odor.

When I hit my teens these games were caught off with good
reason the whole puberty thing going on and I think my mom
and aunt would have felt somewhat odd having me tying them
up and remoing their shoes.

It was at this point I felt the need to continue my games
and really enjoyed looking at any pantyhose feet legs I
could see.
I played some tie ups with my friends but never showed my
foot fetish it was hard because some of the girls we played
with sometimes had on hose and I wanted so bad to remove
their shoes but was afraid of being exposed.

I took a different approach I was bored one day and decided
to snoop through my moms room and I found her pantyhose
drawer she had alot of hose all kinds of colors and styles
I liked the ones she had with seems and the reinforced toe
ones for some reason they just looked sexy.
I would look at her hose every chance I could it was also
during this phase of snooping I happend to look in her
closet and saw her dirty clothes basket.
In there I found my saving grace moms soiled hose, I found
it funny that she had panties wrapped up in some and others
were balled up.
It seemed she just pulled them off however.
I went further and would sneak out a pair to enjoy, I would
smell them well doing my own thing.
I would try to see what kind my mom wore so the next day I
could have some fresh ones to use.
I did this for a bit then I wanted more so I got my hands
on a pair of moms hose she was going to wash them when she
saw they had a run she was going to throw them away but i
managed to save them for myself and she just thougt she
tossed them.
Soon I would wear these hose well doing my thing with her
soiled hose I managed to swipe a pair of my anuts dirty
hose too.
I then began to explore self bondage well wearing hose it
felt good.
I began to like the feeling of being able to be dominate
and yet when I put on hose I could feel submissive.
I hid this secret game for a long time.

During this time I had a best friend we grow up together we
had a shared interests he liked bondage not as serious as
We played sports together and chased girls together all the
guy stuff it felt funny I would be this rough tough guy but
once behind closed doors I could relax and let go well
doing myself bondage.

Once we finished high school my friend and I went to the
same college and decided to get an apartment together
rather then live in the dorms.
I had to be really careful of guarding my secert so he
would not find out.
I was really into bondage by this time I had a collection
of videos mags and my room and computer were all about
I had girlfriends whom I loved to dominate making them my
My buddy was just into sex with any and all girls he could
He teased me about my bondage fetish.

I had this fantasy of being dressed up as a woman and being
tied gagged and punished as a woman.
I enjoyed this fantasy for several months felt the need to
act it out but had no idea how or with who.
My logical choice was my best friend he knew me and I
trusted him we told each other a lot of very personal stuff
at this point in life.
I always wanted to tell him about my secret game but was
afraid he would freak out, I was really close at one point
when one night over drinking he told me he thought he had
gotten oral sex from a crossdresser at a rave party one
night but he said he enjoyed having oral sex done to him so
much he did not care if it was a guy or girl.
I really wanted to tell him but didn't.

This fantasy was bugging me I really wanted to feel this
and play it out but was also afraid if I did would it be as
good as the fantasy in my mind.

Well I decided to act it was close to halloween and this
would be perfect for me to dress up as a woman and nobody
would think anything of it.
The next part was how to get to the bondage part and who.
I decided to push my friend a little at the right moment.
I knew what turned him on and I figured at the right time I
might get him to help me but I also risked a big chance of
destroying a life long friendship and getting my ass kicked
as well.

I went out a bought all the makeup and clothes I would
wear, I got some fake breasts from a store that caters to
crossdressers and they gave me some tips on how to do a
transformation, I think they knew I was not really
halloween shopping as I tried to make them think.

I went to a local thrift store and bought some hooker
looking clothes and shoes and a black wig.
I decided to go as Betty Page although most people don't
really know who she is but it was worth a shot.

I went home and cleaned the clothes and shoes I washed the
wig and trimmed it to resemble Bettys hair cut.
I was excited at all this my friend knew who I decided to
go as he jokingly said I was his date for this party we got
invited to at this club they had a contest for costumes it
was 1,000 dollar prize he talked me into siging up.
I did figuring I may win.

Well Halloween day I spent the day shaving and preping my
I did my make up and dressed I had a short black leather
skirt and a lepoard print top I found some really awesome
pantyhose they were cuban heel they had seems from the
waist band all the way down to the heel which gave way to a
reinforced heel that went down to the toes they had a
reinforced pattern on the bottom like full fashioned
stockings they were black and not the best quality so I had
to be careful pulling them up.
I found some fullcut leopard print panties which I put over
the hose a little Irving Klaw magic.
I Looked in the mirror after dressing and was shocked I
looked pretty darn convincing.

My friend and I left he told me I was a sure thing to win
as I looked damm good he said if he saw me and didn't know
better that he would think I was a real girl.
I was touched and aroused as one part of my fantasy came
true he told me jokingly I had nice tits.
We laughed and once in the club we partied down I had a
couple guys hitting on me I told them I was a guy they
didn't believe me until they saw using the mens room and
one guy said he didn't care he would still sex me!

I was flattered but also freaked out.
I won second place I got beat by some guy who was alien he
was special FX guy for Hollywood go figure.
We left about 12:30 we both were pretty trashed.
A friend of ours drove us home my buddy was touching me all
over as if he did not know who I was we laughed as he asked
back to his place for a night cap.
He squeezed my thigh and winked at me with a serious look
my heart raced I wondered if he was just playing or what.
Our friend dropped us off we all went up stairs and had a
drink and a smoke then my buddy tells our friend that it
was late and he was tired.
Our friend left once he left my buddy who was high as kite
by this time locks the door and looks and says well now we
are alone he sits next to me and says you really look so
good dressed up that i am ashamed to admit I am finding
myself attracted to you like this!
He said he did not understand why as he knew we were
friends and that he didn't want to ruin our friendship.
But he really wanted me to give him oral sex.
I sat speechless I told him he was drunk and didn't know
what he was saying he told he did know and dropped his
pants to show me he was turned on.
I was frozen I told him we needed to talk he pulled up his
pants and began to ask me to forget about he was sorry he
was just kidding.
I told him I knew he was serious in his request.
He looked at me it was then I told him that I had this
fantasy I wanted to act out but was scared to ask him
thinking he would trash me.
He laughed and said this was to Fu--ing weird.
We talked about a couple more thingsafter that he had
sobered up some what as did I by now it was probably 3 or 4

He told me he would help me act out my fantasy.
He told me that if I really serious about being punished as
a woman.
I said I was he told me he was going to take me to the edge
but not hurt me.
I was excited at the way he became so forceful.

Friday, March 9th 2001 - 01:48:09 PM
Name: Dom/Sub
e-mail: none@nowhere.com
Comments:He asked me to tell him where I kept my bondage gear.
I told him it was in my closet in my gym bag he went to get
telling me to freshen up.
I touched up my make up and used the restroom.
Upon returning he had some ropes laid out he had a bondage
tape playing in the vcr.
He said come here slut it was play time I walked over to
him he told me to sit in the chair he had in the center of
the room facing the TV.
I sat down he told me to put my hands behind the chair, I
did he tied my wrists tight then tied my elbows and tied a
breast rope around me securing me to the back of the chair.
He then tied my thighs rubbing them at first they slapping
them after he finished tying them I could see he was very
aroused he removed my pumps tickling the soles of my
stocking feet also telling me that my feet stank and he
loved to punished stinky footed whores like me.
My head was realing so far this was great I too was aroused
he then took off his clothes and then he took my penis gag
and said this will warm up your virgin mouth he put in my
mouth and buckled it so tight I thought my cheeks were
going to brust.
He then I was going to be his sex slave it was at this
point I beagn to struggle and mmpph he was loving it as his
manhood showed.
He told me he was going to get a toy of his just for me.
I kept up srtuggling and mmmpphing even after he left i was
so turned on.
He returned carrying a riding crop my heart stopped he
began to use it on my thighs and soon he opend my shirt
removed the fake boobs and put clothes pins on my nipples,
He would open them and close them on my nipples then her
would slap my thighs.
I was reeling so that I came on myself.
He figured this out and checked my panties and front of my
hose were soaked he got mad telling me I had no permission
now i was going to be punished!
He untied me and took me over to the kitchen table I told
to strip to my hose and bend over I was then tied bending
over the table he removed the penis plug and replaced it
with a ballgag.
Then he whipped me i was reeling as he used that riding
crop like a pro I had spit flying out of my mouth and tears
in my eyes as he worked me over he finished and left me
only to return he pulled my hose down and I felt something
being inserted into my backside it was cold and wet then i
felt it start to expand until i was thrashing around and
trying to scream it felt like i was being ripped open then
it went down a little.
My hose were pulled back up and I was whipped again.
He untied me and had me crawl on my hands and knees back
into the living more where he hogtied me and tighted the
ballgag so tight my jaws ached in minutes.
He had hogtied me so tight I felt numbness I tried to move
but he used so much rope that I was frozen he took some
pictures of me and when i saw the hog tie my hands actually
looked blue.
He then smelled my feet the only thing i asked him to do
for me as I wanted to see what it felt like but soon he was
whipping the soles of my feet with the crop.
Again I was crying and spiting wondering if I really wanted
this fantasy.
But it was to late.
I was then untied and retied into a kneeling hogtie I was
ring gaged it was at that point he put a condom over his
manhood and asked me if i was redy for him?
I didn't think he would take my back side as i was still
plugged and tied up.
He removed the ringgag and told me to suck him he helped
postion me I gagged and choked but soon got the hang of it
he took several pictures of me.
He came and removed the condom regagged me and went to go
clean himself.
I struggled and made gag talk I was feeling comfortable in
my new role.
He came back and removed the plug from my back side.
he then told me he was going to take me there soon!
I made whippering sounds he laughed and untied me he then
put a rope around my neck and lead me to his bed room.
I saw the pillows in the center of the bed I knew he was
I tried begging him through my gag he said I got shut you
up slut!
He ordred me onto his bed and he postioned me on the
He removed the rope from my neck.
He told me to strecth my arms out toward each bed post once
i did he tied them tight no slack i was pulled tight.
he then ripped a hole in my pantyhose he told me he liked
the way my legs looked in those hose he then spread my legs
out and tied my ankles stretched oout tight no slack her
then put a condom over my manhood to catch any spills.
I felt all my weight on the center of my body he told he
takes his girlfriend this way but there is one more suprise
he removed the ring gag and picked up his soiled underware
he told to open my mouth he stuffed them in I could tate
him and smell the musk male scent he said his girlfriend
loves to be gagged with his dirty underware.
He then took a roll of medical tape and wrapped it around
my head making sure the underware were deep in my mouth.
I was muffled good.
He told me to relax as he lubed me and soon he was taking
me it hurt i struggled he laughed and said his girlfriend
did the same thing the first time.
He finished and left me tied and gagged he then removed
the gag and this time I was given his bare manhood to suck
Once i had finished this task.
I was untied and forced to jerk off for him several times.
he then said the game was over.
I went and took a long hot shower my body ached all over i
had ropes marks and marks on my face for gag straps.
I thought of all whole thing over again and made some drain

The next day he gave me the photos i looked so helpless
espcially the ones he took of me tied to his bed with my
back side before and after the looks on my face were
awesome a true helpless damsel.

We talked about it he asked me if i wanted to continue this
on a regular basis.
I needed at this point to dominate my girlfriend as i was
And we decided we would play it by ear as we did not want
to feel or mess up our friendship.

Great site
Friday, March 9th 2001 - 02:34:15 PM
Name: Ginas Master
e-mail: Sorry Private@none.com
Comments:Hey cool site here Dom/Sub I can relate to some of the
things you expressed in your story.
I had some experiences with tying up female family members
and eventually caught the pantyhose bug and when my games
were caught off, I too went to some self bondage and
wearing hose.

I had a close group of friends who we played tie ups
together until we graduated from high school.
I began dating one of the girls in our group she lived two
house down from mine.
Her name was Gina she and I played everyday no matter what
she loved being submissive I guess.
The reason I say this is one day well wearing some
pantyhose and having tied myself up doing my thing Gina had
come over to study, I had forgotten about it and what time.
When She saw me she didn't look suprised but more hurt, she
came over to me removed my gag and began to untie me, she
then said that it was not right for me to be tying myself
up as that was what she was for!
She said I see you like pantyhose I too could have made a
point to wear them for you all you had to do was ask me.
She said if you love pantyhose that much you can wear them
well you tie me up that I don't care about but I never want
to see you tied up again as your my man and I want you
strong in other words not wanting to be tied up!
I felt dumb she had told me that from now since she was now
my girlfriend she would wear pantyhose and if it was too
hot then she would have some with her to change into.
I started to dress she told me to leave on the hose I was
wearing as she wanted to ask me about my feelings and she
thought it was kinky plus as she said they made my legs
even sexier.
I did as she asked and it was then I told her the truth
about my tying ang hose thing.
She listened and told me that she would have never guessed
about how hooked I was on this fetish.
She said after we finished I was to tie her up.
We worked on our projects and talked more about this new
aspect of our relationship.

We had a quik game of tie ups before she left I felt kind
of funny wearing only pantyhose while tying her up.
She was liking being able to see my arousal.
The next day as I drove her to school she showed me she was
wearing hose and there was a suprise to these hose.
I was going nuts all day as she teased me about them.
Once we got to my house and I had hogtied her she asked me
to remove her shoes and gag her last as she wanted to tell
me the suprise.
I removed her shoes and was bowled over by the smell it was
so strong and a huge lump formed in my pants she giggled
when she saw my face she said why don't you show how you
smell feet or are they too stinky for you as she giggled.
I was very aroused and smelled her feet she then said you
like the smell?
Oh yes it's great she said really well I am wearing my
older sisters dirty hose how about it you like smelling her
feet mixed with mine?
Yes and at this point I had enough questions and gagged her
mid sentence and ejoyed her feet.
I had decided to push this relationship to the limits as I
felt she was prodding me as if she wanted to be punished.
I had been kind of interested in the punishment thing,
nothing heavy no crazy stuff maybe some light spankings and
foot punishment.

We had a good session so I decided to really dominate her I
told her that she would be the only one wearing pantyhose
from now on she liked that but I asked her if she was up to
trying some punishment she smiled and I told her what I had
in mind she said ok she even suggested a couple things for
me to do to her.
I said we begin now she agreed and began to call me master
it sounded funny to us as we were new to the whole game.
I told her she was to wear her own hose and to bring some
of her sisters with her she said her mom wears hose too so
I said bring one dirty pair from mom and sister.
Her mom and sister were hot and I was curious about how her
moms feet smelt.
After she left I tore through my house and found some
plastic clothes pins and and a old leather belt from a coat
and a fly swater these would be the first punishment tools.
I happend to be cruising past the laundry room and saw my
mom had some soiled hose in her basket so I grabbed the
nastiest pair and went to my room where I planned my game
for Gina.

The next day was a Friday and my mom and Ginas mom always
went out together they were good friends because my dad and
Ginas dad both left them for younger women or in my dads
case a stripper.
So they were the divorced moms with teenagers club.

Gina told me she had the hose and she was excited about
tonight and that she wanted to please her master so much.
I told her I was ready to punish her!
Our moms took off and Gina came over and this was going to
be great.
We had said once inside she was to only call me master, I
had her strip to her hose, and persent me with her mom and
sisters dirty hose which I smelled I told her I was
disapointed in her moms hose.
She would be punished she was ready I took out my ropes and
tied her to my computer chair with her legs spread I then
decided to use the clothes pins on her nipples she was
gasping as i let them clamp her nipples.
I then taped her mouth shut and took the leather strap and
began to swat her thighs switching to the fly swater the
whole time verbally telling her she had better bring
smellier hose from now on then it hit me.
I decided to teach her how to find smelly hose.
I picked up her moms hose and told Gina she was going to
learn how to pick out good smelling hose she shook her head
no as i approached her she mmmhhppped and whined but she
was tied to good.
I told her she was only going to be punished worse.
She stopped moving i took the foot part of Ginas mom hose
and held it over Ginas nose and ordered her to smell she
tried not to but soon she was weakly inhaling I contiuned
to verbally command her to smell I had her sniffing the
crotch panel and the final act of humliation, I then took
her sisters hose which were very smelly I told her liked
these she did good then made her smell them she was
protesting as i made her smell them longer and made her
agree she liked the smell finishing off by makiing her
sniff her sisters crotch panel it was musky like sex.
Then for a final treat I took my mom ripe hose my mom had
smelly feet I knew this from my own experience so she
looked at these hose as I placed them over her nose I asked
if she liked smelling my moms feet she was going to say no
but stopped and nodded yes she began to inhale deeply she
was trying to beat me at my own game.
I had her smelling my moms crotch panel as I also knew my
mom never wore panties when she wore hose.
Gina seemed to like sniffing my moms scent she began
grinding her hips on the chair and making sex sounds!

I then decided if Gina was horny to give her a treat and
rmoved her gag and gave her something else to suck on.
During this I put my moms hose over Ginas face with the
crotch panel right on her nose!

After that I took Ginas sisters dirty hose and tied them
over her nose and went and found a pair of my moms dirty
panties and stuffed Ginas mouth with them and taped it
shut after that I told Gina she was sucking on my moms
dirty panties!
Gina made some mmphs she nodded yes by now she was inhaling
her sisters foot odor.
I was going nuts everything I had done only humliated her
for a bit or she was not going to let me break her.
I hogtied Gina and whipped the soles of her feet and
tickled her still keeping the panties in her mouth and her
sisters hose over her nose.

I was fustrated so I removed the panties and hose I untied
Gina she went and used the bathroom and we had drank some
She told me at first she was grossed out but what I did to
her but she began to be turned on by moms smells.
She asked me to not be mad it was not my fault it made her
We began playing again i hogtied Gina again and had her use
her mouth on me while I smelled her sisters hose.
From there I heard some noise it was our moms they were
home Gina said quick untie me.
I said no Gina said please I took my hand ball and pushed
it in her mouth and taped it in Gina looked paniced she was
afraid to protest I tighted her bonds and as final touch
pulled my moms hose over her head I heard Gina pouting
almost crying at this point I slapped her ass and turned
off my light and shut my door, going downstairs to see our
I felt so excited at seeing our moms knowing Gina was
hogtied in her pantyhose on my bed upstairs.
I sat and talked with them Ginas mom asked if Gina and I
were not together tonight I told her we were earlier but
Gina was invited to go stay the night with her cheer leader
Her mom said well romeo looks like you get to sit home and
wash your hair just jokingly she knew Gina and I had been
dating for a while now.
I said yeah to bad I 'll be bored all night!
My mom and Ginas mom went to Ginas house about 15 mintues
I went back upstairs and turned on the light and said she
is in here Gina just started freakng out.
I went to her and said realx it's ok I was only messing
around they went to your house.
Gina was sobbing I removed the hose from her head and the
gag she begged me never to trick her like that again!!!
Seeing the tears in her eyes I agreed!
I told she was going to sleep here tonight as I filled her
in on the lies I told.
Gina asked me if I was planning on keeping her hogtied all
night I told her maybe she begged me not to she said she
would be good and do anything I wanted.
She was back in her slave role she winked and I went back
to my master role.
I stuffed the ball back in her mouth and taped it shut, i
took her sisters hose and pulled them over Ginas face and i
went and smelled Ginas feet and Jerked off until I felt she
had enough.
I then untied Gina she got cleaned up and we stayed the
night together.
We fooled around and I made sure she sucked me to sleep she
didn't seem to mind.
We contiuned our relationship and we pushed the limits Gina
would see or find something and we would try it Gina had
stolen dirty pantyhose from all her girlfriends so I knew
how every girl in our group of friends feet smelled.
I am still with Gina today we attend the same college we
share a place together.
And I Gina has gotten me some dirty pantyhose from her new
friends and she is working on trying to get her girlfriend
to play with us.
Gina said she and her friend would be my slaves and her
girlfriends fantasy is to be forced to have sex with
another girl I think I can handle that and Gina said I
could smell her friends feet as she was clued in on to my
SO If it goes down and is worth posting I will!

Sunday, March 11th 2001 - 11:15:53 PM
Name: No Name
e-mail: None @private.net
Comments:This happened to me when I was 15.
I had friend he had an older brother who owned his own
carpentry business, so I worked for him and he was teaching
me the trade.
During the summer my friend and I would accompany his
brother on jobs upstate.
Well this one summer I figured it would be no different my
parents cleared me to go as they knew with who I was going
to be with and what I was going to be doing.
My friends brother was really cool he partied with us and
got us things we were to young to get.
I was supposed to leave the morning after school let out
and the next morning my friends bro called me and asked if
I was ready told I was he said he was on his way to get me.
When he arrived at my house I noticed he was alone my
friend was not there it was not unusal but he said this was
a big job and had hired extra help.
I got in his van and off we went we talked he told me my
friend was going to ride up with the new guys to make sure
they didn't get lost.
I was not worried as I had no reason to be yet.
We arrived and were staying in a smalll cabin , our job was
to build a new cabin and make the small cabin a storage
I settled in each room had two beds my friends bro said he
would bunk with me, I didn't care.
We ate lunch and talked he had brought a tv and vcr with
him he hooked it up and had a large bag of movies so he
said we will just kick back until the others get here.
He grabbed some beer and we began drinking he popped in a
tape it was a straight porno nothing kinky.
I was aroused by the tape but kept cool my friends bro who
I will call J from this point on asked me if I liked the
tape sure it was ok I said.
He got two more beers and we watched another tape it was a
bondage tape my first time seeing this and for some reason
I really got turned on but kept my cool, he had all kinds
of porn I saw bi gay and just about everything in between.
J asked me what if anything I liked about the tapes soon he
had me talking about sex and my fantasy's
He wanted to know what I thought about when I jerked off
and if I would ever do or try some of the stuff on the
I could see he was horny this made me nerveous I tried to
change the subject but J was hot he kept on pushing me to
tell him more now I was getting scared so I just kept
trying to steer the conversation away.
It was during this point J sat next to me and put his hand
on my crotch!
I jumped up and told J that was not cool.
He said it was not cool that I got him horny and was not
going to let him get off!
I told him he was nuts he was the one putting on pornos.
J turned red I was done for he grabbed me and put me up
against the wall and started choking me he told me he would
stop if I agreed to suck him off.
I agreed he let me go and forced me on my knees and dropped
his pants and I sucked him off.
Once he was done he told me to strip naked I did he then
had me pose in sexual postions as he probed and fondled me.
He then told me to sit in the chair he went into his bag
and took out ropes tape and a ballgag and several dildos!
I was scared I tried to talk J out of this he slapped me a
couple times and told me it was just me and him no else was
coming it was a trick to get me alone far away from help.
He told me I was going to be his sex slave and if i was
good he would not kill me.
He then pulled my arms behind me and tied me to the chair
he used the ballgag on me I was crying and drooling all
over he laughed and began to fondle me.
J made dress in panties and a wig he smeared my face with
make up I was beaten and raped several times the first
I was tied to the bed so he could sleep.
In the morning I was showered and shaved by J he then had
me dress in thigh hi's and panties he applied more make up
but took his time so it looked good the whole time i was
tied with some phone cords J brought.
Once he had me dressed i was forced to give him oral then i
was hogtied and ballgagged well J went into town, I tried
to struggle free but he kept me tied with the phone cords
and added ropes over them he connected and rope to the
ballgag strap and yanked my head up and the ball was so
deep in my mouth that I thought he broke my jaw.
He held me hostage for 2 months I was raped tortured
humliated as he kept me dressed as a woman and whipped and
sometimes beaten.
He had me hogtied and gagged all the way home after the two
months he released me with threats of releasing the photos
of me doing thigs to j and being raped J had forced me to
sign a paper saying I asked him for this type of sex as i
was gay and consenting to everything on the video tape and
in the pictures.
For about a year I said nothing i was scared I quit hanging
around my friend as i was afraid to see J but then one
night a very close friend of mine who also worked and hung
out with me and Js bro.
He came to my house he was bruised and had lipstick on he
was crying and freaking out.He told J had just raped him
and beat him up.
He told me he saw the tape of me being raped he begged me
to help him.
So we called the police and my friends parents and my
parents my friend and I spent the next two days telling
what happend me I had more to tell.
J was arrested the cops found a bunch of stuff including
the tape of me pictues and the paper i was forced to sign.
When we went to court my friend and I told dropped the bomb
but what really sealed Js fate was when Js bro said that J
had been molesting him for a long time!
J went down for life with no parole!!
After the trial i tried to kill myself and ended up in a
hospital my friend was not so lucky he shot himself in the
Js brother killed himself 3 months after our friend shot
I got out of the hospital a year later as I too wanted to
die, I am still in thearpy after all these years, I trust
no one and hate being around people.
My computer is my window to the world.
I felt I had to share this stroy to ease some of my pain.
Tuesday, March 13th 2001 - 05:32:13 AM
Name: ?????????????
e-mail: Private@Very Private.com
Homepage URL: http://Private
Comments:I have story to tell that happended to me 3 days ago, as I
am still a little mad please forgive any errors.

I am a blue collar guy and have an apartment about 1/2 mile
away from a major university.
My girlfriend Marie called and asked me if she and her
cousin could move in with me as they were both going to go
to the university.
Marie promised her and her friend Letty whom I knew would
pay rent and bills also buy food and keep my place clean,
as Marie knew I spent plenty of time in the military and
loved things very clean and did not take no bullshit.
I felt obligated as she was my girl.
Well a month later I moved up two floors in my building to
a three bedroom two bath figuring that I had to have my own
bathroom and Letty could have her own room and make the
other room into an office.
They moved in 2 weeks later and it took some getting used
Marie and Letty were holding up their end of the bargain
and things were pretty good as I had Marie in the same bed
so sex was good as was our bondage games when Letty was
gone or sleeping, I loved to see Marie dressed up in gater
belts and full fashioned or cuban heel stockings!
I have to say Marie has a mouth made for a ballgag too
Marie and Letty were both 5ft 6in about 125 pounds good
size tits brown hair brown eyes and pouty lips spanish
Things were great about a couple months down the road Letty
began dating this guy he seemed like just a normal college
guy, I did not like him as he was a smart ass but I
tolerated him.
I had gotten called out to do a welding job out of town for
a week and that's when all hell broke loose!
I called my house and there was no answer then it said the
line was disconnected.
I was on a ship at the time and was going nuts wondering
what the hell was going on.
I got back to my apartment and it was trashed I mean like a
huge party went on bills were piled up rotten food and then
I noticed all my stuff was gone TV, computer radio cds
tapes anything of value they trashed my uniforms I had
saved to remember my time in the military and they stole
all my good clothes!
I was pissed off ready to destroy.
I went looking in Lettys room her clothes were there as
were Maries.
I called the police and then went and saw my landlord she
was pissed off when she saw the place and about my wild
I told her where I had been she told me about the things
she saw and heard while I was gone!
She believed me when I had her talk to my boss who vouched
for me being with him.
I promised her I would fix the palce myself and pay her
whatever damages the police took a report of my stolen
property,and I called my renters insurance agent to see if
I had a leg to stand on.
Once that was done I went looking for Marie and Letty I did
not find them for two days.
By this time my place was completely redone and I was
actually starting to rebuild my life.
I found them at a girlfriends house they told me that
Letty's boyfriend found out I was gone and invited all his
buddies and friends over for a party without the girls
knowing it!
Once he showed up he had slipped them a mickey and he and
his friends tore my place up.
Marie and Letty went to get help but passed out in the hall
and were dragged back into the apartment.
Marie said when she came too Letty's boyfriend told his
friend to put them in the closet and lock the door her
shoved them in my bedroom closet and locked them in.
The next morning they broke out and fleed to a friends
house until I got back they were scared and not sure how to
report this.
I was still pissed off not so much at the girls but at that
little jerk then I asked the all painful question were they
raped they said no but they were groped and fondeled!
I took them to the police station and then they were sent
to the hospital for drug tests and rape tests.
Everything came back ok they were drugged with roofies the
cops were looking for this guy and his friends.
Well the cops busted the punk and his pals at a pawn shop
trying to cash in my gear.
They were arressted and booked on all kinds of charges we
had to go pick out these jerks out of a line up.
They got slammed with jail time.

My girlfriend Marie and Letty felt really bad and tried to
make it up to me, I was gald they were not raped but I was
pissed off at them for not listening to me about that guy!
One night after all this was done Marie asked me if there
was anything her and Letty could do to fix things.
I had somethings in mind and then thought against it but
the devil in me wanted his pound of flesh, so I told them I
did have something in mind Marie saw the look in my eyes
she knew it was something involving bondage.
I told her and Letty that if they wanted to make it up to
me clean the slate that they both had to be my slaves for
two months!
Marie agreed as she was already my slave, Letty said what
slave your nuts!
I told her it was not what she thinks in fact Marie would
explain it to her.
Marie told Letty they would be sex slaves basically.
Letty said two months I said yes but she had to be here she
was not free to go out or date just school work and home
like Marie, she would also have to dress as Marie did i
would buy her some outfits.
Letty said ok just two months right?
I said two months for you Marie is my slave for life right
and Marie said yes dear!
Letty was shocked to see Marie so submissive.
I said we start now Marie go and change loan Letty a garter
belt and some stockings I told Letty to wear her slut shoes
as she calls them and to do their make up.
I sat back Marie got Letty ready Letty came in wearing a
black garter belt and some black cuban heel stockings and
her zebra print heels her her nipples were hard she said
how come she couldn't wear a bra I told her slaves don't
talk back she looked defiante i told Marie to go a get the
bondage equipment.
Marie left and came back I ordered her and Letty into the
Living room where I had Marie tie and ballgag Letty over my
coffee table then I introduced Letty to my riding crop
druing this time I had Marie hogtied next to Letty and
gagged with a dildo!
I told letty she was a slave and she would be punished if
she did not do as she was told.
I untied Letty and hogtied her as tight as I could making
her ballgagged mouth the tighest I could!
She was not happy Marie Was punished and was made to give
me oral while Letty's face was between my legs her
expression was pricless!
I told Letty if she wanted to be good I would have Marie
untie her and she would take her turn giving me oral!
Letty nodded her head Marie untied and ungagged her then
Letty promised me she would be good not to punish her
I told her to shut up and suck she was good then I made her
and Marie share the work!
I then made them hug each other and I tied them together
and took the double dong and made each hold an end in their
mouths well i whipped their asses and feet.
They were good Letty was tied up in another hogtie for
complaining I made Marie tie her and gag her with Maries
wet panties.
Then Marie and I had sex in front of Letty!
The first night went ok Marie was told to train Letty well
I was at work Letty was humilated by this order as Marie
was happy to do it!
Marie had to suffer the tight hogties and gaggings now she
could give some back!
Every night Marie would show me what Letty learned soon
Letty was into things she knew her place.
Now I pushed Letty and Marie tying and gagging them both
tightly spankings and breast bondage.
I like mouth filling gags I had the pleasure to get my
hands on a couple pump gags and those mouths looked great I
bought another mouth spreader to use on Letty as Maire
already had one.
I took pictures of Letty and Marie, I have a good feeling
that Letty will stay our slave after the two months is up
Marie told me Letty enjoys being dominated by me and she is
turned on by all this bondage and discipline.

Saturday, March 17th 2001 - 03:09:12 AM
Name: bondager
e-mail: lando_mollari@hotmail.com
Comments:No Name and Private

I'm glad to read your stories and glad that you no-name can
get rid of the hurt. As promised your story is safe here but
would request that you spread the news to others about this

Sunday, March 18th 2001 - 04:42:21 PM
Name: Henry
e-mail: nonono@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey everyone. Tonight me and my girlfriend got into some tie
up games, so I think I will start posting them here.
Are real names aren't Henry and Michele, just to let
you know. We live in New York. I am 15, kinda short,
brown hair. "Michele" is 13 (almost 14), a lil taller
than me, and brown hair. We are both attractive, but not
exactly the hottest people in the world. So anyways,
on to the story. Tonight we went to her house, and took a
walk, went to play some pool near the bowling alley,
and just hung out for a lil while until it got dark. Then we
went to the park, and up in the playground, to a place
where we could lay down. It was absoultely freezing
outside, but we decided we would fool around anyways.
She layed down and we both took our shirts off, and
pulled our pants down. I was wearing green boxers, and
she was wearing leopard print panties and a white bra.
Despite what you all may think, we really do love each
other, and we are doing this because it brings us closer,
not because of uncontrollable hormones (even though
she is sooo hot!!!!!!!! :) - ANYWAYS, she was giving me
a handjob and I was fingered her, and I wanted to try
to tie her up with her socks. A few times earlier in our
relationship I had put one of her socks in her mouth,
but never tied her up. I undid her shoes and took off her
socks and took one and tied her wrists behind her
back. Then I tied her ankles. She moved around a lil bit but
couldn't move. I asked her if I could put a sock in
her mouth but she said no. I pulled her panties down and
her a few spankings and she let out a little scream.
After that I layed on top of her and made her give me a
handjob with her tied hands. After that, I fingered
her until she had an orgasim. By this time we were really
cold, and decided to go home. So i untied her and we
talked about what we did. Once we got home, we
decided to rent the movie Chucky (we rented it because
of an inside joke which I don't really feel like explaining)
- ANYWAYS, we were watching the movie, and we stuck
each others butts (that sounds gross but hey, you'll
love the feeling!!!!) We also made out and all that
other stuff to. After this we were tired, and we decided to
down and get a lil sleep for bout 45 minutes. Well we
were drifitng off, I took off her sock, pushed it between
her lips, and tied it behind her head. It dosen't
sound look a good gag, but really it worked well, she could
talk. She moved her hands up to her face and tried to
push the gag off, but I kept her hands down my her sides.
She let out a lil grunt and pushed her hands down my
pants and started squeezing. I squeezed her nipples and
she stopped doing that. We both felt each other until
she drifted off to sleep, leaving a nice puddle off drool on
my shirt. It was cute :). Well after that her mom took
me home. Not much else to say I guess. Well bye bye
Friday, March 23rd 2001 - 11:49:18 PM
Name: !0ngh
e-mail: ka@jasjkl.net
Comments:A friend told me about this dreambook so i decided to share.

I am a teen who ties up and smells my moms feet.
I know it sounds gross and sick but i can't help it.
Without telling everything personal, I can really only shar
some things.

It started very innocently the tie up stuff and then as I
got older my mom tried to end it but because of my
condition she felt compelled to allow me to keep do this to
I guess i have always liked feet my mom said I used to like
to touch her feet when she wore nylons way before the tie
up stuff.
But some things happened in our lives when I was young and
got my condition and now i am here.

I remember when I started smelling moms feet i was 8 she I
had just finished tying her to our recliner and I noticed
she had on hose i removed her slippers and this funny smell
hit me but i liked it.
Mom was gagged she looked at me in horror as i smelled her
slipper she shook her head no and even struggled to get
free but she was not getting free she tried to kick her
slipper out of my hand but her feet were tied tothe
footrest so she had to watch as I began smelling her feet
she was very upset with me when i untied her she yelled and
screamed and even hit me.
I felt really bad and ashamed.
Well time passed and soon moms feet hose or bare although I
perfer hose were being smelled by me.
She felt guilty with some help from me and my doctors.
I knew she was uncomfortable with me just sitting next to
her and removing her shoes and socks and smelling her feet
she tried to play it off but then she told me she would
like it better if I only smelled her feet when she was tied
So when i tie her up which is just about everyday i get to
smell her feet i even got it so she always wears hose
sometimes when shes tied and gagged she looks so happy and
she don't seem too care that i smell her feet either.
She tells my doctor what i do and they make me tell them
why i like these things but i don't know why and don't care.

my aunt moved in so mom has been only letting me tie her up
when my aunt is gone.
but the other day my momm came home and caught me smelling
my aunts feet she let me tie her up.
my mom freaked in me but my aunt told she knew about it as
i told my aunt everything.
my mom said good now she don't have to be tied up all the
my aunt told she didn't mind but now i think maybe my mom
is a bit jealous.
My doctors are going to put me in this hospital soon so i
can break out of this stuff and learn to act like normal
kids somday.
Monday, April 16th 2001 - 12:35:47 AM
Name: bondager
e-mail: lando_mollari@hotmail.com

It's a shame that your mother and aunt don't understand
fully what you are doing and going to the hospital may or
may not cure you.

Just remember one thing and that is only you have the desire
to change and no one can make you change. The people who are
to help you only look on the negative side and usually try
to change you using reverse psychology and telling you that
you are an aberration to society and do not fit in.

But honestly, no one fits into society as there is no one
criteria to follow. I can guarantee you that your mother,
aunt and the hospital staff all have fetishes but they have
learned to hide it so they can merge into society.

It's like the old saying "people in glass houses shouldn't
throw stones" or "the fault you see in others is the same
fault you've got" they are just as kinky as you are but they
will never admit it.

Lastly, everyone is protected here as you can see by the
abscence of negative remarks

Monday, April 16th 2001 - 11:08:49 PM
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Comments:A few 'thumb-nails' would improve the fiction.
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Comments:Follow the above url to my new dreambook True Stories of
Females Bound and Gagged with Underwear. No censorship so
come post! Thanx
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Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 06:55:32 PM
Name: stephanie
e-mail: beth_beth@hotmail.com
Comments:my mom worked as a runway model before marrying dad. at age fourteen I`m five foot nine. I look about seventeen it makes the other girls jealous.

these girls jane and geri from school, they would always grab me tickle me in the locker room get me alone tell me I`m pretty, would grab my arms twist me around during a shower.

summer times almost here schools out soon. jane says come over to her house for lunch after morning classes. I walked
over with jane and geri to her house.

its raining today, I took my runners off in the hallway. I`m wearing jeans, a white t-shirt. the floor is hardwood, cold on the feet. I`m wearing beige pantyhose. my mom, me both have slender well shaped feet long toes high arches.

we ate lunch, then jane says come upstairs see her bedroom.
so I went upstairs, geri`s behind us. we all went into the room. theres a chairs in the middle of the room ropes draped over the back.

heard both them giggle twist my arms back. this isn`t fair, I says to jane. her and geri tied my wrists behind me used a length of clothesline. ouch its too tight, I says to them.

jane pushed my chest down flat on her bed. I felt them unbutton my jeans unzip my fly, peel my jeans off each leg.
I`m wearing white satin thong panties, I knew that.

my pantyhose I`m wearing are nudes sheer waist to toe. jane and geri were both feeling me squeezing my bum. jane says to me that my fucking tits are juicy. I`m a c-cup.

I was blindfolded scarve tied across my eyes by geri. I told the girls we should get back to school we`d be late. that made them both giggle and laugh.

on my tummy feel my elbows squeezed together till touching, then feel them roped tightly together to keep them that way.
my chest expands shoulders strain to accomodate. its too tight I says.

they both helped peel my pantyhose off then jane made me kneel on the bed. I`m wearing a white thong white bra felt embarrassed and naked.

while I`m kneeling each my legs were roped ankle to thigh as tight as possible it seemed. I wished I could see what they`re both doing. jane made me lay on my tummy, I`m on her bed and geri and her are pushing my knees apart wide.

I`m scared complained I didn`t like this wished we could go back to classes now. stupid twit, jane says to geri. we`ve been planning this for awhile now. getting hold of you alone.

I felt rubber in my mouth a rubber dildo, jane says to me suck on it hard. slides rubber in and out of my mouth. jane wants me to see what little boys do to little girls when they start dating. my heads turned trying my best sucking slurping gobbling hard.

jane says I`m a good cock sucker, says to geri look how good I am. I felt rubberball pushed in my mouth. its making me groan moment it pushes my tongue flat. the straps dangling from it are very wide.

felt the corners of my mouth pulled back my lips sealed and flattened around the balls size as the straps are cinched. stephanie looks pretty tied-up and gagged, jane told geri.

the girls made me stand then sit on a chair. my waist was lashed tightly to the back of the chair. then my arms were pulled over the back of the chair. I felt each of my ankles pulled up onto my seat, crossed lashed together tightly.

I`m a tight neat package, the chairs and me were dragged into the hallway. put in front of a mirror so I could watch myself tied-up and ballgagged awhile.

jane pushed the dildo in my pussy while I sat propped up on the seat. told me be a good girl till she comes back.

Thursday, May 16th 2002 - 10:34:31 AM
Name: mike
e-mail: gordianknot57@earthlink.net
Comments:Self bondage Hide & Seek

I have an idea for an adventure ( in real time ! ) which I call self bondage hide & seek.

I am in the S. CA area, willing to travel within the S CA area to play if there is a female out there who would like to find me bound & gagged, if you can !

Would work this way, You would give me 5 choices of somewhere for me to go, I would pick one, go there and bind & gag myself to await your potential finding of me.

I would leave you clues as to which location I am at. We would establish a fair "range" for you to search in. I will be in that location bound and gagged with a release timer of some sort set up.

The objective would be for you to find me before the within a time limit. If you can,

then you get to keep me that way and "torture" me ( no serious S & M tho ) for 3 hours.

If you find me, there are no obligations on your part, other than to release me at some point.( at least I hope you will untie me )

By no obligations, what I mean, is that you do not have to complete any sexual activity concerning myself.

Please understand, I enjoy sex, but for this game, I am about the thrill of being caught, the anticipation of what will you do to me.

( hmmm..... will you really unbind me, or leave me to found again ? )

you might find me, laugh & take pics & be done, you might find me, spank me and be done, you might find me, "torture" me and be done - any of these or any else you might choose to do to me ( if you can find me ! ) w/out any sexual release for me.

If you do not find me in time, then I will take you out to a nice dinner and some entertainment.

Either way, its a win/win situation.

also, if you wanted and had a friend ( female) who you wanted to assist you in the search to find me etc, no prob !

If we enjoy the game, we could play again in the future.

If your wondering about switching roles, that would be up to you, when & IF you decide you want to.

of course we could meet first, your choice where, to talk a lil, allow you a time to know me a lil first. or talk on the phone, I'll provide my number to you.

so e mail me if your interested.

Are you game ?
Friday, August 16th 2002 - 10:47:25 AM
Name: Lisa
e-mail: Bound4enjoyment@aol.com
Comments:My Sister the Goth

My older sister was never a very popular girl, she was plain looking and slightly over weight. When she was 17 she decided that she wanted to get into Goth, To be accepted I suppose. It started off mildly with the dark clothes and then she dyed her hair black and started wearing heavy make up and weird lipstick. Mother wasn’t real happy but she didn’t try to stop her from her new pass time. She figured that it was just a stage that she was going thru. She found a few friends but I don’t think she was really considered part of the group. But at least she had someone to hang out with. Then she got the hand cuffs. The first time I saw them she had them hanging from her belt. Mother ask her what they were for and my sister said that they were just for decoration. My mother said that she had better not find out that she had used them for anything else or there would be hell to pay!

About 2 weeks later I was sleeping and I heard a strange sound in my room. It was a sort of Mummmf. I opened my eyes and saw someone in my room. I turned on the light and found my sister standing there. The reason she was making the strange sound was because she had a big red ball in her mouth and a strap went through it holding it in place. She turned around so that I could see that her handcuffs were tightly attached to her wrists, keeping her hands behind her back. She had tears coming from her eyes and she was shaking her head.

I jumped up and un did the strap holding the ball in her mouth. I ask what had happened. It seemed that a couple of her Goth girl friends had dared her to put her hand cuffs on “ just for fun” When my sister had started to put them on in front they had said to do it behind her back and like a fool she had. My sister always wore the key to the cuffs around her neck. After a while she had ask her friends to set her free. One of the girls had said ok and removed the key and gone behind my sister. The girl started to tighten the cuffs and when my sister tried to protest another girl forced the ball into her mouth and strapped it tight. The girls tesaed her and tickled her and then left her alone. Fortunately it was only a few blocks home so my sister walked all the way handcuffed and gagged.

She told me that there was another key for the cuffs in her room on the shelf in her closet, she couldn’t reach it and pleaded with me to get it for her. She was afraid that our mom would punish her if she found out what had happened.

“ You bet your ass I’m going to punish you! “ Mom was standing in the door and she wasn’t pleased at all. She steped into the room and grabbed my sisters arm and led her from my room, then she returned and took the ball gag from my hand and left, “Go back to sleep Lisa, I’ll take care of your sister”

I heard my mother scolding my sister as she led her down the stairs to her bedroom. “ I told you there would be hell to pay if you ever wore those hand cuffs! Now you’re going to find out just want I meant.” I heard my sister start to say something back to mom and then I heard a Mmmmmf sound and then it was quiet. I didn’t hear any more and I fell back to sleep. I figures that mom would give her a stearn lecture and that would be the end of it.

The next day was Saturday so I slept late and when I got up I found a note on my bedroom door.
“ Your sister had a hadr night learning her lesson, Don’t bother her until noon, then get her up so she can clean the house.” I didn’t think any thing of the note and did as it said.

At noon I went to my sisters room and knocked on the door, “ Time to get up sis” I heard the Mummmff sound again and I opened her door. She was face down on her bed. The handcuffs were still firmly attached to her wrists and the gag was tightly strapped into her mouth. Her ankles were tied to the corners of the bed with pantie hose, causing her legs to be spread wide. Her butt was bare and I could see that mom had given her a good spanking. The key to the handcuffs was laying between her legs only about 6 inches from her hands.

I unlocked the cuffs and again removed the ball gag from her mouth. As I was untieing her ankles I ask her if she was ok. She rolled onto her side and smiled weakly at me and said, “ I’m great, that was more fun than I’ve ever had. Want to try it?”

I could hear her running the vacume cleaner from my room, I lay quietly on my bed wondering if anyone would hear me if I screamed, probably not, the gag was pretty tightly strapped into my mouth, I wondered if mom would spank me to when she come up stairs and saw my tied to the bed.
Monday, November 11th 2002 - 04:20:29 PM
Name: Tom
e-mail: Bound4enjoyment@aol.com
Comments:This is a true account of something that happend while I was in the Marine Corps.

My Initiation

I was in my early twenties and had been in the Marine Corps for 3 years when I got selected for duty at a ceremonial unit in Washington DC. The unit did parades every Friday night during the summer. I reported there in April and spent about 2 months learning all of the special marching techniques that were required. Finally the parade season started.

The first Friday night of the season I wasn’t on the roster to march and was told I would stay in the barracks and observe. The dark blue uniform blouses that marines wear are very prone to attracting lint and need to have it all removed before the parade starts. This is done by patting them down with masking tape. There was always plenty of masking tape available.

On the night of the first parade, around 5:30 pm, every one was getting ready for the evening. I was sitting at a table in the common area of the barracks when about 6 guys rushed me and forced me to the floor. My arms were forced behind me and they used the masking tape to tape my wrists together, Lots of masking tape! My ankles and knees were also bound. I was yelling my head off and some one stuffed a washcloth in my mouth and tape was wrapped around my head about 10 times to hold the cloth in place.

They then stood me up and carried me to a pole that was near a window overlooking the parade field. I was then taped to the pole by at least a dozen rolls of masking tape. They even taped my head to the pole so that my only view would be the parade. The tape started at my ankles and went all the way up to my neck. I was basically a mummy!

The leader of the group the attacked me said that we wanted to make sure that you watch the whole parade without being distracted and that this was an initiation to the barracks.

The parade started at 6:30 and finished at 8 pm. I struggled fiercely but when the guys came back after the parade I was still securely taped to the post. The guys took their sweet time changing out of their uniforms and didn’t release me until almost 9 pm.

Strangely enough I was a bit disappointed when they removed the tape, I think I would have been happy to have spent the whole night bound and gagged.

Saturday, February 15th 2003 - 11:12:39 AM
Name: karen jump
e-mail: kaz@kazjump.com
Homepage URL: http://www.kazjump.com
Comments:Really cool site, xxx kaz
Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - 09:04:21 AM
Name: http://beam.to/stspz
e-mail: perseus@stspz.com
Homepage URL: http://www.divinesexpectations.com


Once when I was fourteen my parents insisted (over my objections) that I babysit their best friends` boys who were twelve and ten -- much too young for a cool guy like me to have anything to do with. They were going to some meeting or something where they`d be gone for a weekend. Finally I relented (as if I had any choice) and solaced myself with the $25 I was going to earn.

That night the guys got bored with television and started acting up and wrestling around. Pretty soon we were all in a big pile on the floor and between the two of them they managed to get me pinned pretty well. They were both strong, well-built kids and even though I was bigger, if they worked together, they could usually pin me. That`s when the younger one said Let`s tie him up! Yeah! Great idea! the older one said. Now this is where it gets weird: in order to tie me up, one of them had to go and find some rope. That meant there would only be one of them holding me down and I wouldn`t have any trouble getting away. Sure enough, the younger one ran off for rope, leaving the twelve-year-old sitting on my chest with his knees on my arms. Like I said, he was a strong kid, but it would have been easy for to flip him off me. But for some weird reason I still can`t figure out I didn`t do it. I just lay there and pretended to struggle a little. In just a few seconds Donny was back with a whole handful of clothesline and the two of them flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed my arms and made me cross my wrists behind me. Again I struggled a little bit but not enough to keep them from doing what they wanted with me. They tied my hands real tight and then flipped me over on my back and this time it was the younger one that sat on my chest. Now we`re in charge! he said and pinched each cheek like people sometimes do to little kids. Coochy, coochy,coo! he teased. What do you think we should do to him? he asked Mike, his older brother. Mike said, We could keep him tied up for a long time. Even when we go to bed. Donny seemed to think for a few seconds and then said Nah, I got a better idea. Let`s torture him!

Now here I have to try to explain something. I had gotten the strangest feeling when we were wrestling and they had pinned me down. It was a feeling of great contentment and happiness I guess I would have to say. Just a feeling of rightness, I suppose you could call it. And when Mike was holding me down while Donny went for the ropes I felt the same way, too. But once I was tied and truly helpless the feeling became even stronger. It was a sort of tingle in my chest and belly. Hard to describe it, but it felt really good to me: deeply pleasing and almost hypnotic and when Donny said what he did while he was sitting on me that thrill went through me like an electric shock. I know this sounds strange, but it was so exciting to be completely helpless like I was and not be able to keep them from doing whatever they wanted to me. It was scarey, too, but I guess that was a part of the thrill I felt.

Donny unbuttoned my shirt and Mike brought a tray of icecubes from the kitchen and they worked me over with the ice from my neck down to my belly button. Then Donny (he seemed to be the one with all the ideas) said Let`s take his pants off! Remember that they hadn`t tied my legs yet and I had wanted to I probably could have kept them from depantsing me, but instead of struggling I even lifted my butt up to help them to ease my jeans off! They continued with their ice play up and down my bare legs and on the bottoms of my feet, too. After a while Donny got up on me again and sat astride my hips and began to give me a sort of massage on my chest and belly where I was all wet from the ice. And then`s when it happened.

After a couple of minutes Donny felt it under his butt and said to Mike, Hey! He`s got a boner! and Mike said No kidding! I was very embarrassed because in my family stuff like that was never discussed. But these guys didn`t seem to have any problem with it at all! Donny scrambled off me and they inspected my erection, still in the confines of my underpants, and then Donny said I know! We could play with him and see if we can make him squirt! and Mike said Gosh, do you think we should? Sure, Donny said it`ll be great! Let`s fold out the bed and put him on it!

They had a big old couch in the family room, where we were, that folded out to make a double bed and they unfolded it and got me up onto it and made me lie on my back on my tied hands. Once again I barely struggled as Mike sat on me while Donny slipped my undershorts down my legs and off. I remember I felt a rush of pride when Donny said Oooo, it`s a nice one! just as my hard-on bounced free. Donny spread my legs wide apart and tied each ankle to the corners of the heavy metal frame of the bed. Then they made me sit up and untied my hands. They pushed me back on my back and stretched my arms out to the corners of the bed at the top and tied my wrists to the frame. I was now completely naked and securely spread-eagled to the bed. The knots were real and they had stretched me out so that I could feel the tension in my legs and arms and chest and belly. I cold raise my head and look down across my belly and see my boner pointing up at me. Who`s gonna do it? Mike asked. We both will, Donny said and added Go get some stuff. Mike ran out of the room. Donny got up on the bed next to me and ran a finger over the tight muscles of my abdomen. This is gonna be so great! he said, and put his hand on my boner, made a little fist around it and squeezed gently. Oh, god, but his hand felt good on me: the first hand other my own that had ever touched my hard prick.

Mike came back with what looked like a tube of toothpaste and said It was where they always keep it. Donny took the tube and squeezed out some of the stuff onto his hand and I saw that it wasn`t toothpaste at all but some sort of clear stuff. He reached over and began to put the stuff on my cock. When I felt his warm slippery fingers close around me and start their slow, tight up-and-down movement I arched up off the bed and said something like Unnnnh! and heard them laugh.

They were both now squatting on either side of me and seemed very excited by what they were doing to me. How far do you think he`ll shoot? Mike asked. Further than you, I bet! said Donny. Mike looked a little hurt and said Well, he`s a lot older, too. Donny was taking long, tight strokes on my lubed shaft with both hands now, and the pleasure was shooting through me like nothing I`d ever felt before in my life. But then he suddenly stopped stroking me and said We don`t want to go too fast. It would ruin the torture.

They took turns on me then. A few long strokes and then a long pause. Then another couple of strokes and another pause. At first I had thought that they were just going to jerk me off, but that wasn`t the plan. The idea was to torture me by keeping me hard and giving me just enough strokes to get me almost there, but always stopping before I could finish. Donny, despite being the younger of the two, seemed to be the director, just as he had been all along. Mike, though, seemed to have the better hands. Donny was good, too, but Mike always got me closer much quicker whenever it was his turn and I felt like I was going to pass out from the feel of his hands on my cock.

I don`t know how long they tortured me like this. It seemed like a very, very long time, but probably was not more than an hour. In the end they had an argument. By this time I was begging and pleading for them to let me come and Mike said that I had had enough. But Donny wanted to go on some more. Mike said it was too cruel and Donny finally gave in.

Mike did it for me. He gave me long two-handed strokes while Donny lightly tickled my balls with his finger tips. When I came I my spunk shot up in a great arch and some of it landed on my chin. No question but that it was the greatest orgasm I had ever had up to that time.

Before they had let me shoot they had made me swear that I wouldn`t do anything to them in revenge for what they had done and that I would never tell anyone what we had done. I was so stiff and sore when they finally untied me that I could hardly move and I just lay there for a long time while they resumed watching TV. I`m not sure, but I think I heard them playing with themselves, or each other, for a while before I drifted off to sleep. I remember thinking that I wasn`t going to give nearly as much of an argument the next time I was asked to babysit these two torture experts!

Later that night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, I gradually woke up to find my arms being gently pulled up and tied to the bed frame again. I pretended to be asleep and let it happen. When my wrists were tied, whoever it was went down and did the same to my legs. Then I felt someone settling over me and sitting on my belly. I could tell he was naked by the touch of his warm, smooth skin against mine. A dark shape leaned over close to my face and tied a gag around my mouth. I could tell that it was Donny. He bent even lower and whispered into my ear. You got off easy before. But Mike`s asleep in the other room and you`re all mine now!

Oh, how that sweet tingle shot through me when I heard him say that!

I remember I looked at the digital clock next to the bed just as he got started. It said 2:17. I looked again after he was through and was untying me.

It said 4.56. It`s funny, but whenever I think of that time with Donny I start to sweat.

Sunday, September 14th 2003 - 01:46:22 PM
Name: Eagle
e-mail: Maxa9999@aol.com
Comments:i hate to say it but the story by perseus is just a copy of another story that is on Gromets site, in it the characters are older and the tormentors are two girls but its almost line for line exactly the same, however this story does keep the difference between the older and the younger one the same which the other one didnt, but its a great story and i hope this site doesnt die like alot of them
Wednesday, September 17th 2003 - 05:45:45 PM
Name: elysha
e-mail: somewhere@someplace.com
Comments:well one day i decided 2 have a party while my mum was out 4 the nite but that was one big mistake. one she kicked everyone out she said now u r gona pay 4 this and told me 2 strip down 2 by undies i was wearing a bra and a g-string.

she started off by hand cuffing me bhind my back then putting a leather strap around my arms 2 stop me from moving then she told me 2 kneel down and den she tied my legs to gether and rand a rope down between my bum and up threw my vagina then hogtieing me 4 the rest of the weekend.
Wednesday, April 14th 2004 - 05:50:33 AM
Name: amy
e-mail: girlpower_626@hotmail.com
Comments:If any one wants 2 add me i love talkin bout ur stories i have msn so add me. girlpower_626@hotmail.com
Thursday, April 15th 2004 - 06:26:20 PM
Name: bondagelover_2004
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Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/bondagelover_2004/cdsinbondage.html
Comments:Hi all please visit my dreambook and post stories about CD's in bondage, share the experience and the fantasy.
Tuesday, November 9th 2004 - 03:37:24 AM
Name: faith
e-mail: faith1800011@yahoo.com
Comments:i have always been into bondage never tryed it but always whanted to
Saturday, July 12th 2008 - 11:35:36 PM
Name: Jason
e-mail: Jason@hotmail.com
Comments:It was many years ago. I was dating a girl called Rachel and she asked me to go and meet her mother at home (actually it was a scottish castle).

She said my mother has a hang up about men in kilts, so please can you wear one. And boots too in case we go for a walk.

That evening I came to the castle and was shown up to a room by the maid where the kilt - a black dark tartan lay on the bed with black boots to match.

I dressed into these and went downstairs, where I saw Rachel in a stunning black shirt and red top together with her mother and Aunt Mavis, both suitably dressed and looking stunning.

As I tottered down the stairs - 6 inch heels were what I was used to - Aunt Mavis came up behind me and twisted my right arm behind my back. I bent forward over a table and she grabbed my other arm and it joined the first one behind my back.

Rachel then came along with some rope and tied my wrists together and then my elbows.

I was then marched into the lounge and forced on to my knees in front of her mother.

I was forced to walk on my knees over towards th fireplace where I was pushed on my stomack and my ankles were tied together and then brought up to my wrists and I was left in a hogtie.

Her mother then said: So you think women are the weaker sex do you. Wrong boy. And with that she thrust a ball gag in my mouth.

I was left there squirming trying to escape until I agreed to submit.

They then untied me and we had a great evening together.

Quite an experience

Then one morning, Rachel's mother came down to breakfast and asked me if I would be her escort to the Club that evening. Only stipulation was that I had to wear a skirt.

I went upstairs and put on the red skirt she had laid out.

The maid tied my hands behind my back - as was usual

Strange I thought as we travelled in the taxi - a women's club.

When we arrived, I was taken into a small room where I was searched for contraband. I was then tightly re-bound, ball gagged, blindfolded and returned to my owner - Susie, Rachel's mother.

Hobbling down the corridor - in six inch heeled boots, I was taken to the gym where my hands were released and my blindfold taken off.

"You will be wrestling with Jen this evening" Susie said.

I looked at Jen and realsied this was a mismatch.

She was a gorgeous Amazon, tingling with muscle wearing a short leather skirt - very much like Xena on TV.

I got into the ring rather reluncatntly and heard there were bets on how quickly Jen could tie me up.

I advanced to the centre of the ring and Jen grabbed my outstretched hand and whisked it behind my back. I went forward on my knees and she pushed me to the ground and sat on me.

It was a no contest.

She had rope dangling from her waist and soon had both my wrists tied tightly together behind me and in a flash I was hogtied.

"One minute, ten" said one of the bystanders. "Bit slow by your standards Jen."

I was released and escorted from the ring to the red room

There I was tied up Japanese style.

Jen took the rope, laid it in the middle across my neck, (having first tied a loop off in the middle) and wound it around my arms to my wrists. She then twisted my wrists behind my back and tied them together with the ends of the rope and then connected the rope ends with the loop dangling from the middle of my neck.

I was then led into the main room where I was paraded around and a score was made of the ropework. I noticed a number a girls and crossdressers similarly tied up.

We came last and I found myself released and told that as Jen lost, I could tie her up that evening.

I took her wrists behind her back and tied them tightly - she winced.

I then took her to one of the side rooms and pushed her on the bed and hog tied her. I removed her shoes and tickled her until she submitted.

We had a great night together.

What happened to Rachel's mother? I saw her tied tightly to a pole in the middle of the main hall, with some Amazon torturing her with a feather.

At the end of the evening Rachel's mother was returned to the taxi, hands tied behind her. I was free and so got to escort her into the castle.

Once in the castle, I had my revenge. I took her to her room, ball gagged her and hogtied her - and thn had fun.

In the morning I released her

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 01:53:43 PM
Name: Jason
e-mail: Jason@hotmail.com
Comments:It was late at night in the hotel room and there was a knock on the door. As I opened the door, a gorgeous lady with two girlfriends stood in front of me pointing a gun.

They told me to strip and put on the skirt they laid on the bed - which surprisingly was my size. Then they had me put on the boots and blouse.

I was then turned around and tight rope tied my hands together behind me. A gag was forced into my mouth and I was pushed out of the room into the corridor to the lift.

I was "escorted" into the lift and forced to my knees.

They took me to the car, still suitably tied up.

The lead girl then started to shackle my feet and put a hood on me.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the castle and was led hobbling into the lounge. Aunt Mavis and Rachel's mother were there - and I was forced onto my knees in front of her.

"Well done Gemma" her mother said and then I realised that my girlfriend Rachel had another sister.
Friday, June 8th 2012 - 02:55:30 PM
Name: Rachel
e-mail: Rachel@hotmail.com
Comments:Jason and Mum have told me about this site and so I thought I'd add my bit too

Before I met Jason, Mum and Aunty Mavis often used to tie me up. But after Jason came, they switched to him

Somehow Mum thinks men in skirts look brilliant.

Having tricked Jason into wearing a kilt when he first met Mum, we connived to get him to wear skirts too.

One evening he came round and went upstairs to change into his kilt when Sofie our maid suggested a skirt be laid out instead.

When Jason got to the room he was shocked - a kilt was OK - but a skirt was for women.

But Sofie sweet-talked him saying she would lose her job if he didn't and fluttered her eyelids at him. She even turned the sob-story on telling him that she had to tie him up too otherwise Mum would sack her.

And he fell for it.

Sofie tied him up - and wow - how effectively. Wrists together behind his back and elbows too.

She then wound a piece of rope around his torso tying it off at the top of the skirt.

She then tied his ankles together leaving enough rope for him to walk in those 6 inch heel boots and she escorted him down to Mum.

Mum was gobsmacked - and made Jason kneel down in front of her.

He was then forced to lie on his stomach in front of the roaring fire and then hogtied.

She then turned him on his side and lay down next to him and tongue kissed him and played with him - arousing him but stopping just short of him cumming.

She the released his legs and led him up to my bedroom - where I was allowed to play with Jason - and how I wound him up. He was pleading with me in the end to let him cum.

Aunt Mavis snuck into the room later on and seeing what I was doing overpowered me and tied my hands and feet behind my back next to him on the bed - so we were both facing each other side by side. She stroked by skirt down and then connected our necks together with a rope so we were within kissing range.

She then played with us - teasing me unmercifully and arousing me.

Jason she aroused too - then disconnected our necks and left us both hogtied on our stomachs.

The next morning, Mum came in and said she needed two servants for lunch and would either of us like to volunteer and so be freed - otherwise we could spend the day like this.

Not much of a choice but we agreed - and both of us had to dress up in a frilly French Maid's dress for the day. Jason looked superb.

However when Jason wasn't working, I was allowed to handcuff his hands behind his back and play with him.

By the end of the day he was exhausted - and after the last guest went I tied him to the post in the lounge - on his knees.

He dropped into bed at 10.00pm and fell off to sleep.

I wonder what he dreamt of...............
Friday, June 8th 2012 - 02:58:06 PM
Name: Gemma
e-mail: Gemma@hotmail.com
Comments:Let me get in on the act too.

Mum and Rachel told me about this site and they have written on it as has Jason.

I share my mum's fetish of men wearing skirts looking lovely - especially if they are tied up and helpless. Perhaps it is a genetically inherited fetish.

Having kidnapped Jason (as he told you earlier) I did the same to my Rachel's second boyfriend Bob.

However, I wore a mask and me and the girls overpowered him one night at the hotel he was staying in

We knocked on his door that evening and said we were "room service" - at 10pm at night - what a fool.

As soon as we got in, I drew a gun and he put his hands up.

The girls expertly stripped him and dressed him in a brown midi skirt and white blouse. They also put 6 inch heel boots on him - and then proceeded to handcuff his hands behind him tightly.

We then hooded him and took him into the corridor and down in the lift.

As I was still wearing my policewoman's uniform - skirt and boots etc, I told reception that we had just arrested a thief and were taking him down to the station for questioning.

He struggled but the three of us had him easily under control and placed him in our police car.

We drove down the road into the Underground garage where my normal car was - and we switched him into that and drove to the castle.

Poor guy was really frightened when he saw Rachel - as we had tied her up and ball gagged her too - locked so no one who didn't have the key coudl open it - sitting in a chair unable to help him or get free.

Eventually we freed him and told him it was Rachel's idea of a joke.

As Rachel was tightly gagged, she could say nothing intelligible - and so we let him take her upstairs - still tied up and gagged where he took his revenge.

We heard her squealing unintelligibly into the night as she was very ticklish and she could not tell him that it was all my idea .................................

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 02:59:08 PM
Name: Jennifer
e-mail: Jenny@hotmail.com
Comments:As Jason told you we met at the Club.

And, as he said, I overpowered him and tied him up in just over a minute.

I then took him over to the Japanese bondage competition, which I lost - on purpose because I really fancied being tied up by him.

He looked so gorgeous in his skirt and blouse - it just turned me on.

Having lost the competition, I was tied up by the Club enforcer (men are not allowed to tie up women in this club) by having my wrists tied behind me in a reverse missionary position and shackles around my boots limiting how fast or far I coudl walk.

Jason took me to the prisoner's room laid me on the bed then put his hand up my leather skirt and wow how that turned me on.

Not content with having me like this - at the end of the evening Amy, a girl who had a crush on me asked if she could have me for the night

No problem Jason said becasue he was going to deal with Susie that night. And as I was still tied up there was nothing I could do

Amy hooded me and took me to her car and then off to her home.

I was forced into the house - and although I am strong, when you are seriously tied up, you are as weak as a lamb.

I was laid on my back on the bed and my legs spreadeagled to the corners of the bed.

Then Amy mounted me - and I was tortured for the rest of the evening until she fell asleep on me

Thanks Jason, there will be a payback time
Friday, June 8th 2012 - 03:00:20 PM
Name: Susie
e-mail: Susie@hotmail.com
Comments:I had a soft spot for Sofie but does she looked beautiful tied up.

One evening I told her to go and get changed - the clothes were on the bed in Jason's room

Jason was there too - already skirted and bound by Rachel

Sofie was then dressed in a red midi leather skirt and matching boots and released the hogtie on Jason and took him downstairs.

We took them both to the courtyard and they both got into the car but first Sofie was tied up and she was stretched across my knee where I carressed her.

We took them out for a drive, with their hands tied to the Vixen Club.

I released Sofie and she escorted a bound Jason into the Club

She was asigned one of the rooms and I have never seen a girl be able to get a man to climax without going but she did this for a full hour.

I then tied Sofie's hands behind her - and this time she was ballgagged and then we (Jason, Sofie and I) left.

"Sofie - that was your treat for being so good" I said and she beamed.

When we arrived back at the hall, we released Jason but left Sofie tied up.

"Jason, you too have been good and she's yours for the evening".

Sofie blanched and and with that Jason took her upstairs.

Jason climbed on top of her - still in his skirt and began to nibble her ear. He ran his hands all over her and then hogtied her.

It was time to pay her back

We heard her squeals into the night..................

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 03:02:42 PM
Name: Jane Doe
e-mail: JaneDoe@hotmail.com
Comments:As I lay there, Loren smiled at me and said:

"I have this fetish about boots and skirts" she said

"I know you find us girls pretty all tied up in skirts and boots, but I find men attractive in skirts and boots and tied up too - just like you are"

So I'd like to propsoe that in the office, I will be a submissive secretary doing all your bidding and wearing skirts and boots and when we are in your house too, but in mine, you will submit to my will. Deal?"

"Deal" I said "but this isn't your house so you should release me"

"No" she replied "I paid for the room so it is as if it is my house".

As I was tied up, I really couldn't argue - especially when she put her hand under my skirt and started fondling my private parts.

A week later, we had our next date - and she invited me around - and I had forgotten our deal.

As I came into her house, I saw Loren and her sister Gwen - both dressed to kill (black skirt and boots with a red blouse)

"Your kit is in the bedroom" Gwen said.

"What do you mean?" I replied and then remembered the deal.

"Let's go out" I casually suggested.

"No" they both said - " but if you'd rather we'll play poker for it.

Every time you lose, we chose what your wear and every time we lose you can tie a part of us up: First feet, then ankles, then gag followed by our wrists. And then you have won"

That gives us four forfeits and you seven (in adittion skirt, boots and blouse you have to change into)

"What do these girls know about poker" I thought. "I'll beat them easily"

So I said: "OK"

The first hand I won -and thought - this will be a walkover

I chose to tie Gwen feet togther, as she was the stronger of the two. At least if I had her tied up, I coudl overpower Loren more easily.

The next one Gwen won and she chose me to change into the skirt laid out. Little did I know they had marked the cards!

The next hand Loren won and I had to change into the blouse. I caught a view of myself in the mirror and I thought I quite fancy myself!

The next hand Gwen won and I had to change into the boots.

I was beginning to feel nervous as they won the next hands and my feet and ankles were sooon tied.

Wow could Gwen tie tightly

The next round I won and chose to tie Gwen's knees and surprisingly I won again and so took to gagging her

Loren won the next round and I was gagged.

It was the last hand as Gwen won it and my hands were swiftly bound behind my back.

As Gwen had won, Loren untied her and Gwen Loren's feet and the carried me to the bedroom.

I was laid on my back as the two of them lay either side of me and started to play under the skirt and I lay on my back.

They ungagged me and both started kissing me.

"You see Jane - I think we should call you a girl's name when you are like this - we found out how much we liked this when our Scottish cousin came to visit five yaers ago.

Being a year younger, he tried to boss us around until we got tired of it.So one day we turned on him and tied him up.

He looked so pretty in the kilt that we both decided we must do it again sometime - but so far we haven't found any man to play the game."

Gwen hands were pretty active and I was soon gasping in delight

"What do you say to another adventure like this?" Gwen asked

I wasn't really in any position to protest - but did I want to anyway.

Suddenly, they turned me over and hogtied me - and used my bum as a card table as they played poker again - for the right to tieme up next time we got together.

When I protested that this wasn't fair - I was simply ball gagged.

Three hours later they freed me - but what an evening that had been.

Tied up in a skirt by two little vixens was exhiliating
Saturday, September 8th 2012 - 08:28:47 AM
Name: Sandy B
e-mail: arsandy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Mum made me tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. I always must kneel when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste. Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Had to get that out. I COULD NEVER DISCUSS THIS WITH MY COLLEAGUES.
Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 08:39:00 PM
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Name: Rhonda
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Comments:What happened was so unexpected, if it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe it could happen. It was summer, and my husband's sister asked me to spend the summer at her farm, watching her 2 sons, and my stepson would be with me. She and my husband are business partners, and had to be gone for several weeks on a project they had. My stepson was reluctant, saying there was nothing to do in the country to pass time, even tho he and his cousins get along great. Since we have only a 2 bedroom townhouse, it was better, spacewise, to go th the farm, so I agreed. I don't work fulltime, just some occasional journalism activities, freelance style, so no job would be affected. All went well the first week, so on Friday night, I took the boys out for pizza. After returning home, they went to do whatever activity they had in mind, and I watched some very boring TV. After about an hour, I heard some thumping and banging coming from upstairs, and went to investigate. Opening the door to my youngest newphew's room, I saw him sitting in the floor, with rope around his ankles, a bandana tied around his mouth holding something in his mouth, and his arms behind him. "Okay, boys, I don't approve of these tie-up games, but if you're going to play them, be quieter. Also, be careful, don't tie too tight". "Aw, Aunt Rhonda, we do this all the time. No one gets hurt." the oldest said. "Yeah, Rho (this is what my stepson called me), he ain't hurt. Are you, Jeff?" Jeff shook his head, assuring me he was okay. "Hey, Aunt Rhonda, you want to try it?" "NO!" I told him, and went back downstairs. About an hour later, it was all quiet upstairs, and i decided to go to bed. I put my shoes back on, a pair of wedge-heeled sandals that matched my summer dress I had on, and climbed the stairs once again. As I went down the hallway, between the rooms of my nephews, I heard, "let's get her", and both doors burst open and I was tackled. I struggled as I went down, with one boy sitting on top of my legs, another on my back just above my bottom, and one was standing in front of me, my stepson, judging by the sneakers I was looking at. I coould feel ropes wrapping around my ankles, and my arms were trying to be forced behind my back. I shouted, 'I told you I didn't want to play. Now get off me and let me up!" Thats when my nose was pinched shut, causing me to open my mouth to breath, and a huge wad of cloth was crammed into it, followed by tape to hold it in. The tape was plastered down really snug, with several more strips following. After my nose was released, i gasped for air, and my arms were successfully pulled behind me, and I felt a lot of rope winding around my wrists, at least halfway to my elbows, then it was cinced tight, and an almost brutal yank to further tighten it, the I could sense knots being tied. I was now thoroughly tied hand and foot, and gagged effectively. I heard them high-fiving each other, then my stepson said, "let's finish tying her up, then we'll take her Charger for a drive." I tried to protest, as none were yet licensed drivers, altho the oldest newphew was 16, and my stepson had his permit. The only sounds I could make were muffles 'mmmpppphhhs'. I was helped to my feet, and while standing, my younger nephew stuck his head under my dress and began tying my legs above the knees. The older one was tying my elbows together even tighter than my wrists were tied. With each boy helping to steady me, I was made to hop into the room I was using. I was sat on the edge of the bed, then my legs were lifted, then I was rolled onto my stomach, swung onto the bed fully, and my legs were raised way up behind me, and I could feel a rope being tied to the elbow rope, then my ankles were pulled painfully close to my elbows, the tied off. My back was arched enough to cause tremendous amount of discomfort. "I'll be right back" the oldest said, and left the room. I noticed my stepson and the yunger one using cameras, one a video, the other a digital, and taking a lot of photos. The oldest returned carrying a box, and from the box he pulled a black leather blindfold, which he then buckled tightly around my head, eliminating my ability to see. Then, to my horror, I felt hands under my dress, pulling down my lacy panties. I tried to struggle, but it was useless. Some sort of strange object was pushed into contact with my vagina, then began to softly vibrate. It was held in place with tape, and then a voice whispered in my ear, "hope you enjoy mom's little friend. Supposed to give you a real good feeling." I then heard my stepson say, "let's go for a drive", then I sensed them walking away, then silence. By now the vibrations were having an unwanted effect; I actually was enjoying them! Before too long, I began to climax, over and over, and over, until I was so exhausted I just lay there, trembling, and occasionally twitching in an othr orgasm. My body was soaked with perspiration, my muscles were screaming in agony, my hands and feet were going numb, and the buzzing vibrations continued incessantly. At last I heard voices and footsteps, and finally sensed someone else in the room. "Holy shit, yu guys, you really did it. I thought you were just bullshitting us." Us? Who's us? I again tried to protest, but began to climax again, which took total control of my body as I jerked and twitched until finished. "Damn, I think she just came, dude. Wonder if we can make her pop again?" Someone then reached under my dress and switched the vibrator onto 'high' and it really began to drive me wild. One orgasm after another followed, leaving me unable to do anyting at all. At last, someone switched the damned thing off, then my ankles were released from my elbows. "Time for the real deal, now" I heard, as I was dragged over the side of the bed til my knees hit the floor, my dress was flipped up, and someone rammed an erect penis into me and began to thrust like a madman. I could hear several voices urging him on, and as soon as he was finished, another took his place. So began a summer filled with repeated rapes, sodomy, forced oral sex. humiliation and degradation. I was untied at nights, locked into a small dark storage room in the cellar with no outside access, only one dim lightbulb, a folding cot, and a bucket with a toilet seat attached. Every morning I was brought out, allowed to bathe and tend to personal issues, then forced to dress in whatever attire they could create from my sister-in-law's vast, kinky, wardrobe. Most were too small, as I am 4 inches taller than she, I have 38C breasts with a 25 inch waist to her 22, and she also is fanatical about working out and running, and I seldom do. They paraded an endless stream of teenage boys with raging hormones in to violate me, and even on a couple of occasions brought in grown men, usually men who looked very down on their luck, possible even homeless. How my ordeal was kept secret for so long is beyond my understanding. As many who paraded thru, no one ever let the secret out. Most of my experience was video'ed and photographed, and my will and spirit was broken. Only when my husband and sister in law notified the booys they were on the way home did it end. I was bound to a pole in the cellar, then wrapped with duct tape, and the boys stole my car and fled. It was found 2 states away, wrecked, but the boys are still on the loose.
Monday, May 13th 2013 - 02:12:27 PM
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