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LuvumCats Ragdolls
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Name: Anne Didier
E-mail address: mowglysmadeforcat@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.madeforcat.com
I just paid a visit to your site. You can be proud of your cats. They are really gorgeous. Jefferson is very impressive. Good continuation in your passion and great success!
Best regards,
Monday, March 25th 2013 - 11:19:03 PM
Name: Lizzie Bell
E-mail address: lizzie_63@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle, i really cant thank you enough for my new best little friend Bob, Iím such a proud mummy i have not stopped smiling since we picked him up, he makes the perfect snuggle buddy :o) it was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous cats! Thanks again lots of loves a very very happy Lizzie and Bob! xxxxx
Monday, November 21st 2011 - 06:17:06 PM
Name: Claire Cook
E-mail address: Claire_mulholland@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Thank you so much Michelle for our beautiful Co-Co she has settled really well into her new home I have a 5 year old who adores her and a 16month who I really believe are going to be such good friends.
Co-co has such a lovely nature and is so gentile with my daughters I never liked cats but have fallen head over heels with her and we will be getting another in near future. Also I think anyone should no I am generally allergic to cats and dogs but I have found the rag-dolls I am fine with thanks to Michelle! who let me put my allergies to the test. However,my allergies maybe different to someone else's.
Michelle is so lovely and supportive and great at explaining my questions I really don't think I would find that in another breeder
many thanks
Monday, October 24th 2011 - 11:50:43 AM
Name: Cath Jacob
E-mail address: cath@cjonline.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://cathj.myarbonne.co.uk
Comments:Thank you so much for our lovely Cleo. She is the cutest kitten ever! As all our friends and neighbours have commented. She has settled in straight away and has a fab inquisitive, confident nature! Just wish the hubby would let us have another! Michelle is a brilliant breeder, the kittens are very well raised and used to be handled, some my Maine Coone wasn't!

Friday, September 30th 2011 - 02:58:49 PM
Name: Shelly and Andy
E-mail address: andy@hobsonpt.com
Comments:Popcorn is beautiful, and we were both so happy with Luvumcats service, we were kept in the loop always, and knew exactly how our gorgeous kitten was, and the handover was great too, we left knowing all we needed to know about our Ragdoll kitten.
Friday, September 16th 2011 - 07:58:31 PM
Name: rachael
E-mail address: rachaeldakin@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:hi michell. cookie is doing very well , had his little op last week , growing very fast and pretty face too ,
he is very bold for a rag doll , a right scamp. love Rachael xx
Monday, January 24th 2011 - 11:51:39 AM
Name: Aimee x
E-mail address: amorris1980@sky.com
Comments:lovely to meet u and your beautiful cats, can't wait to pick up Joey x
Saturday, January 22nd 2011 - 02:57:59 PM
Name: Tracy and Dean
E-mail address: tracemel@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle,
Wendy is settling in realy well, she is so much fun,she is so playful and very loving,everyone that sees her thinks shes adorable,thankyou so much for all your help and advice.
Merry Christmas to you all
Tracy,Dean,Chloe and Emily
Monday, December 20th 2010 - 08:02:02 AM
Name: tina/wayne darcy
E-mail address: wdarcy@talk21.com
Comments:picked up are beautiful boys the other day they are so qute,michelle was very helpful,telling us about their. diets and we got lots of information, from her i highly recomend luvum cats rag dolls.
Wednesday, December 15th 2010 - 08:21:57 AM
Name: michelle edwards
E-mail address: m.edwards20@btinternet.com
Comments:Thanks for our new kitten Holly. She is everything we hoped for and more! She is well behaved, gentle and very affectionate. We couldn't have asked for a nicer kitten. She has fallen in love with our little boy Jamie of all people, follows him everywhere and curls up next to him to sleep.

She is well intergrated with the dogs now and loves to play and chase with poppy the shih tzu puppy.

We can't thank you enough for the new addition to our family.

Will send some photos when i have uploaded them,

Thanks, Michelle
Wednesday, September 29th 2010 - 05:43:23 PM
Name: Pip
just wanted to say thanks ohh so muchums for letting me have Miki<33 she's the cutest sweeetest little thing ever, and she fits right in with our family:)
she's even sweet to our hamsters and plays with my baby rabbit:)
siiigh i fall more and more inlove with her every single day, she's so special<333

Thursday, February 25th 2010 - 11:32:25 PM
Name: Merlin, Buttons, Claire and Chris
Comments:Hi Michelle, just to wish you a very happy new year - may all your dreams come true, as you helped mine come true! Hope the brood are all well,
Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 01:31:19 AM
Name: Justine Doughty
E-mail address: justine.lautsch@hotmail.com
Comments:Your cats are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait till my husband and I have our own Ragdolls. :)
Thursday, November 26th 2009 - 09:48:58 PM
Name: Tracey
E-mail address: tracey-bowen@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle

cant believe paddington is 12 months already..he's grown into a stunning young man thank you xx
Monday, September 14th 2009 - 10:16:55 PM
Name: Debbie Stanger
E-mail address: debbie.stanger@btinternet
Comments:Hi Michelle
I would just like to thank you for Petal.....she is absolutely beautiful. You have been so helpful with all of your help and advice so I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your raggies to others. I will forward some piccies when she has grown a bit.
Kind Regards
Debbie x
Saturday, August 22nd 2009 - 08:21:13 PM
Name: lesley
E-mail address: lesley.simpson@parks.uk.com
Comments:Love looking at the website Michelle. Your cats are stunning and I always love seeing some of your babies out on the show bench. I know you adore your raggies so wishing you all the best!

Lesley (& Kermie) x
Tuesday, August 18th 2009 - 04:03:27 PM
Name: Rachel and Linx
Comments:Hi, Linx is sat here on my lap whilst I write this. He is purring away.
Thank you ever so much for this gorgeous boy, heis so sweet and one of the noisest purrers I've ever heard! And if he isn't purring he's meowing to be strokedwhich will then result in more purring.
I think he is definately going to be a lap cat!
Thank you again
Rachel and a lick from Linx x
Sunday, August 16th 2009 - 04:33:40 PM
Name: Julie
E-mail address: jdincalp@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle,
Just to say a great big 'Thank You' for Lloyd. He is such a fantastic kitten, so laid back & loveable.
He's a credit to you, thanks for this lovely boy, Julie X
Saturday, August 15th 2009 - 10:18:35 PM
Name: Toni Barwe
E-mail address: tonibarwe@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Mich,
Our little ragdoll boy is totally gorgeous,thankyou so much for letting us take him home with us. He has settled in so well,its like he's been here forever!Our first night was spent with him in the middle of the bed purring his head off. I think he is gonna be one spoilt little raggieboy! Will keep you updated on his progress. See you when I come back to get another one!
Toni xx
Saturday, August 15th 2009 - 10:15:29 AM
Name: Claire and Chris
E-mail address: chris@funky-fto.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle, Happy Easter!! It was Merlin's first birthday today as I'm sure you'll remember :-) He's getting more and more beautiful every day, with bags of character just bubbling over! He's such a cheeky wee thing and so adorable it makes your heart flip. Buttons was also 1 year old last month and he's just a great big melting pot of sweetness and softness, everyone loves him! Our lives are just so much richer with these 2 stunning boys around! I'll send you some updated pics soon. Hope all your brood are well,
xx Claire and Chris
Sunday, April 12th 2009 - 11:12:39 PM
Name: joan.swannell
E-mail address: Yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Dear Michelle How are you. Just to let you know that jasper the little blue point boy that you use in your advert is fine. He is such a lovely littlecat he hasn't grow very big. but he is so loving and follows stephen round the house like a pet dog.Just to let you know hes fine and being well looked after. Love joan and Stephenxx
Tuesday, March 31st 2009 - 12:32:02 PM
Name: Tracey
E-mail address: tracey-bowen@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle

Thank you for all your help & advice over our new Ragdoll 'Paddington' from you.Hes adorable & although only having been with us 5 days is already part of the family & a real character,following us everywhere,crying at 10.30pm to go bed and snuggles under duvet on his back purring!
Once i get him to sit still i will take photos and forward them to you!!
Thank you once again & Paddington will be well loved with his Forever Family!!!
Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 11:12:17 AM
Name: Claire, Chris, Buttons & Merlin
E-mail address: chris@funky-fto.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://funky-fto.co.uk/ragdolls/
Comments:Hi Michelle,
Buttons is now 8 months and Merlin almost 7 months - they're both the most adorable boys ever! We've had a few visitors to the house now and everybody adores them! Merlin converted a cat-fearful neighbour by lying next to her and purring and gazing at her with his big blue eyes - she's smitten now! I love them both more and more every day - I can't thank you enough for providing us with these fabulous boys,
hugs to you all from us all!
Wednesday, November 12th 2008 - 04:29:40 PM
Name: jenny and william Gwynn
E-mail address: will.sivgwynn@virgin.net
Homepage URL: http://Luvumcats Ragdolls
Comments:Hi Michelle, just a line to thankyou for our beautiful Ellie may, she has settled down fine quite a little mischief maker but in a nice way, thankyou also for your warm welcome and advice, i hope you did well at the show as your cats are a credit to you, i'll keep you up dated on Ellies progress, when i down load some photos i'll email them to you,
Regards jenny and william
Wednesday, November 12th 2008 - 02:28:45 PM
Name: Digby
Comments:My deepest heart felt condolences at the loss of your much loved Cat. We lost our Thora some months ago now, but the sorrow hasnt gone
Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 06:33:44 PM
Name: Deanna Esposito
E-mail address: deanna.esposito@btinternet.com
Comments:Hi Michelle!
I can't thank you enough for our absolutely adorable kittens Max & Leo. It is only 24 hours ago that we came to fetch them but they are settling in really well.
Will keep you updated on their progress.

Kind regards Deanna
Sunday, July 13th 2008 - 02:23:15 PM
Name: Jennifer Febry
E-mail address: jennyfebry@talktalk.net
Comments:Hi Michelle,just to let to know that Mwangi is settling in very well,thank you for all your help and kindness every body adores him ,you are so right am thinking one Ragdoll is not enough!!!
Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 08:43:58 PM
Name: Becci Palmiero
E-mail address: becciaulds@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle! Love the new website! Hope all is going well for you. The kittens look gorgeous! We're thinking about getting a friend for Cosmo. . . . He's very well & totally cheeky by the way! Love Becci & family xXx
Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 06:51:47 PM
Name: Nicola and Tom
E-mail address: butterfieldnc@aol.com
Comments:Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful little bailey blue, we our hoping very much that he will grow up to look like his gorgeous dad Thornton. He is such a loving little character, after just 1 month of him living with us the house would not be the same without him. he is currently sat on my knee as i am typing and i have 2 other cats asleep in the room with me which means that one must be causing trouble somewhere.

Thank you so much for our beatuful liitle boy x x
Sunday, March 9th 2008 - 11:18:00 PM
E-mail address: trace247@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle and Family,
Just wanted to let you know that our Princess Rio is doing well and is growing into the most beautiful ragdoll! She was neutered last week and everyone at the vets adored her! She has endless energy and always into something. She is such a fantastic addition to our ragdoll family and we couldn't imagine being without her now!
Thank you for putting the photos I emailed to you on your website.
Take Care,
Saturday, March 8th 2008 - 11:31:45 AM
Name: Clare Hancock
E-mail address: merlinpawscats@yahoo.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.merlinpaws.co.uk/
Comments:Hi Michelle,

Love your re-vamped site!!
Your cats are stunning, you must be so proud of them all.
Thankyou for all your advice and help over the past couple of months, you are are a fantastic breeder!

Love Clare
Monday, November 26th 2007 - 03:35:42 PM
Name: wendy
E-mail address: hairlooms@btinternet.com
Comments:we have birmans at present, 3 in fact,they are very much like ragdolls. its a small world because you live opposite to my mum and also your brother services my rayburn! i was talking to him about cats a few weeks ago when he serviced our rayburn and realised you were his sister.also we spotted his van last year in november on the way to the cat show at the nec, and we were so pleased to have found a rayburn engineer. my mum told me after you moved in that you bred ragdolls. god forbid i dont want to loose any of our cats but would definately consider ragdolls. would love to meet your boys and girls sometime if that is ok with you. regards wendy and julian
Sunday, October 21st 2007 - 11:28:18 PM
Name: Helen & Gaz
E-mail address: ladyhels@btinternet.com
Comments:Hi Michelle
You'll be pleased to know Layla has settled in fine and is getting up to all sorts of mischeif! She is a little diamond and a great assest to our family. She definitly loves her food and i'm sure it wont be long before she's not so little anymore.
Many thanks for your help when we collected her, she was a angel to travel with.

Keep up the good work

Helen, Gaz, Pacha and little Layla xxxx
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 - 11:01:01 PM
Name: Rachel & Dave
Comments:Hi Michelle & Dave

Hope all is well.

Cracker and Monty have settled in really well.

Cracker never stops eating and Monty is such a cutie with a wicked personality. I don't think I have ever known a kitten with such a BIG voice. Monty seems so much like Thornton and has a wonderful gentle nature. Cracker is full of mischief but absolutely adorable.

Many people just can't believe the size of him, he really is going to be a monster.

Will keep you updated with some pics as they get bigger.

Many thanks for these FANTASTIC cats.

Best wishes, Rachel, Dave and Family.
Thursday, October 4th 2007 - 04:59:28 PM
Name: Sarah
E-mail address: mintymuzza@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle,

Arrived home and wee Tom has settled in well! He is getting spoilt rotten by all the family! Thanks for making the Murray family very happy!

Il keep you updated on Toms progress!

Thursday, July 26th 2007 - 04:06:55 PM
Name: mima
Comments:well done, lovely cats, beautiful!
Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 10:56:27 AM
Name: Becci
E-mail address: becciaulds@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle! Has been all this time and I've only just looked at your website for the first time in months. Lovely to see Cosmo there! Hope you're all doing well. Cosmo is lovely, naughty and huge! Funny to see the pic of Lily. Is just like looking at a pic of Cosmo!! Love from us all xXx
Tuesday, May 15th 2007 - 12:43:37 PM
Name: Gail Williams
E-mail address: umshumbwe@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle, Good luck with your babies, let me know what you have, you know these Raggies are addictive!!
Hope to see you at a show soon.
Gail & Stuart williams
Umshumbwe Ridgebacks
Brynpurr Maine Coons & Ragdoll Cats
Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 01:25:02 PM
Name: Rachel Thomas
E-mail address: grahamthoma@googlemail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle, ..if you get this it means my IT skills are improving! Anyway I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. I look at your website often and your cats are really beautiful. I hope all goes well on the 6th and look forward to hearing all about your new arrivals in a few weeks. Rachel Thomas, Milton Keynes
Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 07:17:48 PM
Name: Sue Bennett
E-mail address: t-s.bennett@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle,
I've got round to visiting your site at last,will have a look at your gorgeous cats.
look forward to hearing from you.
Take care,
Thursday, February 22nd 2007 - 11:24:23 PM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: Asssgerrard@aol.com
Comments:Hi Michelle. Got Misty home safely, very good in car.
She's been exploring, terrorising the fish in my aquarium, also managed to melt the tough hearts of two teenage boys!
Not very cool.
Saturday, December 16th 2006 - 11:17:44 PM
Name: Becci
E-mail address: becciaulds@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Michelle! We all just wanted to say thank you so much for our gorgeous Cosmo. He's an absolute monkey, always up to mischief with our children. He's turning into a very large boy! Couln't imagine being without him and we'll be back in the future for another of your babies! Love Becci & family xXx
Monday, November 20th 2006 - 01:47:25 PM
Name: ian and alex
E-mail address: ian.krawczenko@virgin net
Comments:hi michelle just want to say thanks for the 2 lovely kittens we had from you they really rule the roost
Saturday, October 14th 2006 - 12:06:35 PM
Name: Leanne Charles
E-mail address: leannecharles@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle and Dave

Thank you for the most beautiful cat in the wold. He is loving his new home and all the attention! Thank you also for being very kind to us when we came to pick him up on Saturday.
All the best
Leanne and Paul
Monday, August 7th 2006 - 02:16:44 PM
E-mail address: jan.ball@gmail.com
Comments:What a day I had yesterday!
I got to my new home and spent most of the time sniffing about, finding lots of interesting places and toys, being cuddled and putting the dog in its place! I don't know why these folks have a TV 'cos they were watching me and making silly baby noises at me all evening. Mark stayed downstairs with me all night and I had a great time bouncing on his tummy till 4am!
Lots of love
Magnum xxx
Saturday, August 5th 2006 - 10:17:41 AM
Name: Jan, Mark & Katie
E-mail address: jan/ball@gmail/com
Comments:Hi Michelle & Dave,

Thanks for the hospitality on Saturday. We were blown away by your magnificent Raggies - they were more beautiful than we had anticipated. I don't know which one of the three of us is counting the days until we collect Magnum more! Names are also being suggested for Raggie number 2!

Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 09:10:49 PM
Name: Marco
E-mail address: info@marvabel.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.marvabel.nl
Comments:Dear Michelle,

It was lovely seeing you and Dave on the seminar last Sunday. It is always nice to talk Raggies isn't it?
Love your raggies & website and nice to see Ria on your web page :-). Take care for now and see you soon
Wednesday, May 17th 2006 - 05:57:26 PM
Name: Nikky
E-mail address: nikky@valleycat.fsnet.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.valleycat.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Hi Michelle
Great site, Congrats on getting you 1st choice Prefix.
carn't wait to see the photos of Ria's babies.

Thursday, May 11th 2006 - 08:17:12 AM
Name: Deb
Comments:Hi Mickey,

Nice site *winks*
Wednesday, May 10th 2006 - 08:33:46 PM
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